5 Great Walking Aids If You Have Problems with Mobility

Great Walking Aids

Mobility problems can be experienced by anyone regardless of their age. This is because such problems not only result from old age, they can also be caused by injuries or disabilities.

This may reduce a person’s freedom, making them feel dependent on other people for tasks they would have done comfortably without aid.

Walking aids are tools designed to assist people to regain their independence and enjoy their freedom despite their mobility problems. They provide help to reduce pain and boost self-confidence and esteem for individuals.

Here are five great walking aids for people with mobility problems:

1. Walking Stick

This is one of the most basic walking aid for people with mobility problems. It is also known as a cane.

The good old walking stick helps to alleviate pain and reduce pressure from the injured muscles or joints as well as damaged nerves. This helps the user to walk without straining.

However, using the wrong walking stick or using it wrongly can cause more harm to the user. It is very important for one to know how to use a walking stick.

2. Crutches


Crutches like the walking stick, help to reduce pressure on the injured foot by transferring weight from the foot to the upper body. They also help one to maintain an upright posture while walking.

Crutches can be used in pairs or singly. They are recommended for temporal and permanent mobility problems.
There are different types of crutches; underarm, forearm, or platform that can be used by people with disabilities.

3. Wheelchairs

Great Walking Aids

Wheelchairs are walking aid devices designed for people who are not allowed to subject pressure on their lower limbs. They are suitable for people who have severe mobility problems and cannot walk at all or for people with mild mobility problems but need to cover long distances.

There are different types of wheelchairs designed specifically to suites the users’ needs such as standing wheelchairs that help the user to maintain an upright posture and sports wheelchairs.

Here are several types of wheelchairs you can look for:

Wheelchairs can be moved electrically, or manually by the user or someone else.

4. Zimmer Frames


Zimmer frames are also known as walkers. They are metallic frames with four legs to provide stability through the wider base and weight redistribution.

Some walkers are designed with wheels to help the user slide instead of lifting. The user moves by lifting or sliding the walker and placing it further in front then step to reach it and repeat the process.

There are different types of walkers; there are those designed with a seat, to help the user rest the knee or the entire body, and brakes as a safety measure.

Walkers, like the cane, can cause more harm if not chosen and used accordingly.

5. Mobility Scooters

Great Walking Aids

Mobility scooters resemble a wheelchair. They are mobility devices designed with four to five wheels, a seat on top, and a battery to power them.

The user places their feet on a footplate and uses handles to move and control the direction of the scooter. They are mostly used by people with mobility problems who also do not have upper body strength or stability.

First-time scooter users are trained on how to use the mobility device.

Consider using one of these walking aids if you’re experiencing trouble with mobility.

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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