5 Reasons to Add Battle Rope Training into your Fitness Routine

5 Reasons to Add Battle Rope Training into your Fitness Routine

The battle ropes training method is a new get-fit trend that fitness coaches are using to help their clients work out. However, their use is not that new, despite the recent uproars on social media.

Long before, ancient Egyptians used the ropes to enable them to do various things including pulling carts and many other activities.

So, what is new about the training method?

The training method consists of two thick ropes that you have to hold while exercising. Your work is to form wave-like shapes by moving them off and on the ground. The routine comes with a variety of benefits.

Here are some of the reasons you should ask your fitness coach to include it in your routine.

Best way to lose fat

Loss of extra/excess body fat is not a one-day affair. It requires one to commit to it for extended periods depending on the structure of your body.

According to some research by a Canadian agency, they said that using battle ropes in the form of 3 reps, each of 25 minutes, for four days in a week, could increase the number of sit-ups and press-ups you do.

Below are some of the benefits you’d get from battle rope training exercise:

In addition to losing fat, the same exercise will help you in developing the critical muscles that your body requires.

Suitable for Equal arm strength

Have you ever met an all-rounded athlete that uses both arms while playing? If they are playing soccer, they will use both feet to kick the ball.

Let me tell them their secret: they do many battle ropes-related exercises. People who do it the right way to eliminate any probability of imbalances on both arms.

Both arms will work independently; hence, you develop the required strength for both sides.

You can do it for long

The best thing about battle ropes is that you can use it when you are coming to the end of your workout session.
Additionally, you can also use it to add variation to your routines. For example, depending on your level of training, you can do various workouts with it.

Since you can do the same exercise for long periods, then it will be beneficial for reducing lactic acid accumulation in your body.

Works on stability

5 Reasons to Add Battle Rope Training into your Fitness Routine

Other than working on your arm strength, the thing with the ropes is that they can help you work on your balance.
Remember that as you move the ropes, you will have to be in a lunge position; hence, it will target almost every other muscle that you would not reach when doing other exercises.

You will also develop strength for all the weak areas of your body as long as you increase resistance, which will push you to use extra force in moving them.

Improves your cardiovascular health

One benefit of the ropes is that you can use them to lose extra calories without having to do many other exercises.

Your heart tends to increase your heartbeat rate when you move the ropes. That will prevent cholesterol accumulation around the heart area.

Additionally, increased cardiovascular health, it will also make your body lean and increase the number of packs you have on your stomach area.

Learn more about heart facts and myths here.


5 Reasons to Add Battle Rope Training into your Fitness Routine

The battle ropes routine is fun as long as you do it right. Note that more on benefits of battle rope training can be learned here.

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