5 Tips to Choosing the Best Crossfit Bag

Over the years, gym bags have become a must-have necessity for fitness enthusiasts around the world, owing to their effectiveness at storing related items.

Therefore, if you are unable to make the best decision regarding your purchasing needs then here are the top five tips for choosing the best CrossFit bag worth giving a try.

1. Size

It is crucial to check if all your items will fit into your crossfit gym bag. You may need a list of all the items you will be carrying to your gym to help you make the best decision regarding the size of your bag.

When visiting your CrossFit gym, you need a significant space for carrying your sleeves, belts, and clothes among others.

Besides, you may also need a separate compartment altogether for carrying a water bottle. Moreover, if you are planning to shower soon after completing your workouts, then you will also need enough room for a wet towel and your wet clothes that should not mix with your valuable items like your phone.

Therefore, considering the variety of items you may need to carry during your CrossFit gym, it is clear that size is one of the key aspects to bear in mind when making your purchase.

2. Material

Now, when it comes to material, you might have heard that nylon is probably better than polyester. Also, perhaps that is the truth because nylon is not only more durable but also more breathable as compared to polyester. 

Consequently, it is advisable to keep away from generic fibers such as cotton.

For the interior lining, on the other hand, you can check out a variety of vinyl materials such as polyurethane coating.

Lastly, it would help if you considered metal over plastics when it comes to the zippers and hinges of your CrossFit bag.

3. Style

Is it a backpack or duffel? Well, it is fair to say that style largely depends on your personal preference and the two most common options are either a backpack or a duffel.

One of the best things about the duffel bags is that they allow you to organize all your items in one place.

Additionally, they are also easy to slip into the locker. However, on their downside, the duffel bags are never a viable option if you will be biking to the gym or walking a long distance.

Only the backpacks fit the bill with this regard. Ideally, style should be one of the easiest decisions to make.

4. Cost

Just like any other item, the cost of your bag is a key factor when making your buying decision. Remember you are going to own this bag for as long as it exists, so it is essential to have a quality item that matches its price.

Again, it all goes down to your budget. It is worth choosing a quality product at an affordable price whenever possible.

5. Strap Features

Are you after one strap over the shoulder bag or multiple straps? Having two great options of carrying your bag with a shoulder strap and dual hand straps is great.

Besides, you should ensure that the shoulder strap is comfortable and this is even better if it features additional padding.

Just for fun, below are some essential things you need for gym:

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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