AAXA P4-X LED Pico Projector Review – Some Fatal Flaws

AAXA P4-X LED Pico Projector

LED projectors are very hit and miss, because the technology costs a lot of money, so companies need to cut costs elsewhere to provide a product at an affordable price. This projector does come at an excellent price, so I found myself wondering what was not included and whether LED’s benefits, would be worth that. This AAXA P4-X LED Pico Projector with 90 minute Battery Life, 125 Lumens Review, will weight up the pro’s and con’s, to ultimately advise buyers, as to whether this is a good deal. (Manufacturer’s Site)


  • LED technology
  • Very Portable
  • On-Board media player for file sharing
  • Good accessories
  • Connections to most devices
  • 2000-1 contrast ratio


  • Battery’s are not included and a full charged last only 90 minutes
  • Native resolution 854×480
  • Questionable build quality


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

I like that the design of the P4-X is not as thin as some of the other super-portable projectors, so it will be more durable. The measurements are 5.6 inches in length by 2.7 inches of width, and theres a depth of 1.2 inches, so it’ll be easy to transport. The weight is 1.7 pounds, which will not represent a burden at all. It comes in an oblong shape, with vents at the front, next to conveniently placed SD card slots. All in all, it looks good, and is so small that it’ll fit into any room.



The P4-X is not an HD projector, so you’ll get a resolution of 854×480, which will disappoint some, but there’s DLP technology included, to raise the picture quality. Just to take you through what DLP technology is; it’s the way the projector distributes the color and pixels out, to be translated onto the screen. The P4-X has a Texas Instruments color wheel, which is very good and combined with the 2000-1 contrast ratio will produce a clean, crisp picture with great clarity, but short of HD quality.

Also serving to improve the picture above its 854×480 pixel resolution is vibrant color technology. This means the P4-X has technology included on it, which will increase the range of colors it’s able to show. Therefore, images will be more realistic than even on some HD projectors

There are some benefits to LED technology. Firstly, there will be no warming up time to reach full brightness, like you would experience with a bulb. So, you can get started with what you’re doing, right away. LED light sources, also last longer than bulbs, so replacements won’t be an issue. What you have with LED is basically a machine that will run almost forever.

The connectivity of the P4-X is outrageously good. Whether you have a phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or any other device, this will connect to it. And, the P4-X has an onboard media player so you can share files, share photo’s, video’s. view presentations, stream, and play games. Game playing is a particular strong point, with fast response time and frame rate, serving to create an outstanding game playing environment.

The lithium Ion batteries last 90 minutes and are rechargeable, but unfortunately they aren’t included with the P4-X. However there are some good accessories like a tripod. wall charge, and a VGA Adapter cable.


Final Verdict:

Although the resolution is not HD, its still good, and is improved by vibrant color technology and an excellent contrast ratio. So, the colors are likely to be as good if not better than HD. The connectivity is there, and the built-in media player will enable buyers to stream, share photo’s, play games etc, very easily, and much faster than on other projectors. LED technology will improve the lifespan of the P4-X, compared with other projectors, and there’s no warm up period waiting for bulbs to fully brighten. The accessory’s will prove extremely useful too.

AAXA P4-X LED Portable Pico Projector

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