ASUS S1 LED Review

ASUS S1 LED Review

Many people are familiar with Asus products, especially its laptops. The company’s capacity to design capable projectors is depicted in its S1 LED, a small, pocket projector designed to fit on an average-sized palm. It features a nice metallic case and a finish befitting the Asus brand.

The ASUS S1 LED was quite appealing in terms of its physical appearance and its innate features. The rounded corners made it easy to carry around and minimized the chances of dropping it accidentally. Given its 200 lumen lamp, the projector featured ample brightness, but not what I would deem satisfactory. The images were also somewhat hazy. However, it held its own surprisingly well and picture contrast was acceptable. The in-built fan was also quiet, making the viewing experience distraction-free. Given its low pricing, it would be safe to state that as a pocket projector, it’s more rounded in terms of the standard features it offers, although the S1 misses out on a few qualities.

ASUS S1 LED Specifications:

LED – Modern projectors are now equipped with LED functionality as a minimum. The ASUS S1 LED features a 30,000 hour lamp, which minimizes your maintenance costs while the LED reduces the blurry effect of motion pictures. It is important to note that LED projectors cannot be replaced, so once the bulb burns out, that’s game over for the projector.

HDMI/MHL port- this feature facilitates connections with other devices, making the ASUS S1 LED compatible with your other gadgets.

Long-life battery- the battery lasts for a maximum of 3 hours and is rechargeable. Interestingly, the battery also doubles as a charger for other devices.



  • Long LED lifespan
  • In-build rechargeable battery that also doubles as a charging device
  • HDMI/MHL ready
  • Lightweight, at only 0.75 pounds


  • Scaling artifacts undermine the focus of images
  • The 200 lumen lamp is not bright enough for varied use
  • Limited connectivity
  • Missing keystone adjustment


Overall Impression:

5stars-300x53Size and Design: The S1 LED measures 1.3 x 4.3 x 4 inches (H x W x D) and weighs a paltry 0.75 pounds. If you factor in other accessories like the power adaptor and the carry case, the weight shifts slightly to 1.1 pounds. This makes the device a pocket projector that is ultra-portable and very handy. Buyers of the S1 can also expect two carrying cases that satisfy their carrying needs.

The S1 is also encased in a metallic silver shell giving it a neat finish. Furthermore, it is stylishly designed, featuring rounded edges that ease carrying and enhance its appeal. Its design also incorporates a rechargeable battery that can last 3 hours before requiring a recharge. Users can also charge phones using the projector, making it a versatile tool.

The ASUS S1 LED also features a HDMI/MHL port that facilitates connectivity to compatible internet-enabled devices. Its USB port also facilitates connections to other media devices.


4starsPerformance: The S1 is easy to install and use. Provided you have the right connectors, then installation should be a breeze. Among the standout qualities regarding its performance include uniform brightness. Although the projector may not be bright enough for every user’s liking, it maintains uniform brightness, making the bright areas on the screen more pronounced as one would expect.

Notably, the color balance on the S1 was remarkably acceptable while viewing data images. Despite the limitation in brightness, the colors were still eye-catching and the projector handled the image details fairly well. However, based on my ASUS S1 LED review, texts on PDF or PowerPoint slides lacked the sharper focus that one would expect from brighter and more technically advanced projectors.

The 200 lumen lamp on the device only facilitates light use, either at home or when you need to use it as a teaching aid. Furthermore, given its 854x480p resolution, and 16:9 aspect ratio, the S1 cannot be said to offer cutting edge functionality. The device offers a bare minimum in terms of brightness and resolution.

Scaling artifacts are also more pronounced on this device, thereby reducing picture quality by softening the focus on images. Rainbow artifacts (green, blue and red flashes) also tend to appear while viewing motion pictures. However, they are not very obvious while viewing still images. Some people may find such artifacts as a bothersome inconvenience while others can make do with them. The device’s native resolution also tended to enhance the scaling artifacts. However, many different models that are more expensive and advanced face similar issues.

As a standard projector, the S1 does not feature keystone adjustments. The implication is that tilting of the projector could distort images and when you cannot adjust images accordingly, it could quickly become annoying.

Overall, the ASUS S1 LED boasts some intricate touches such as its in-built rechargeable battery, HDMI and MHL capabilities, wide display size in excess of 100 inches and modest image quality. These qualities would hopefully make up for its downside as far as the average shopper is concerned.

5stars-300x53Price: The ASUS S1 LED is priced at approximately $307 on Amazon. The projector could be an object of envy for other aspiring projector buyers, especially those to whom text quality is not a major or pressing concern. The S1 may not offer the ultimate creature comforts in terms of the viewing experience, but it does feature modest qualities worth considering.

Final Verdict:

Affordable, stylish and from a reputable brand, the ASUS S1 scores heavily on these fronts. It misses out marginally in terms of performance. To be fair, what more can you expect from a 0.75 pounds projector? Keeping this in mind, the S1 LED also features on our list of the best affordable LED projectors. Give this device a closer look if you are looking for a stylish, sturdy, portable projector.


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