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Best Projectors with Long Lamp Life

  One of the characteristics that define a good projector is the lamp life. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of replacing the projector lamp after a few years of service especially with the difficulties of finding the exact spare. To prevent you from going through this, here are 5 projectors with long lamp

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Optoma X316 Product Review – An Affordable 3D Projector

  Agreed, the Optoma X316 is not the best looking projector in the market today. But does it provide a good bang for the buck? Read on to find out. The device is great on price and the specifications are impressive as well. Optoma is known to produce powerful high brightness projectors and this device

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Bluetooth Connectivity with a Wired Normal Projector?

Can a normal wired projector be converted to a Bluetooth projector? Yes it can be done. Wired projectors are soon becoming a thing of the past and anyone buying projectors in 2016 should surely go with a wireless option. But what about people who bought a normal wired projector years ago and would like Bluetooth

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BenQ MH740 DLP 3D Projector – 4000 Lumens = Super Bright!

Any projector with about 3000 lumens (what’s this?) of color brightness is considered powerful/bright, but the BenQ MH740 DLP 3D projector comes with a color brightness of 4000 lumens in full HD. Couple this with fully functional 3D capabilities and you have a winner on your hands. This device has many cool features to make

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Acer P1173 DLP Projector- Product Review

The ACER P1173 is a powerful DLP projector that works well in both small and large spaces. The images produced are bright and accurate thanks to the SVGA resolution chip and a 3000 lumens OSRAM bulb. It can also be used as a 3D projector (glasses need to be bought seperately) while producing a sound

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