BenQ HT1075 Review – It’s Awesome!

BenQ HT1075 reviewBenQ HT1075 has for years been rated has one of the best home theater projectors costing less than a thousand bucks. The projector is an advancement of the W1070 and there are many aspects that you will appreciate in it. With the new BenQ HT1075, you can experience cinematic quality in your home hassle-free. It delivers 2,200 lumens allowing you to enjoy accurate, crisp as well as long distance colors courtesy of BenQ Colorific technology.

-The projector is low costing but delivers a great home theater image
-Produces bright sparkling picture which is ideal when you don’t have a light-controlled home theater to put it in
-Spectacular full HD 108p picture performance
-BenQ is designed with SmartEco Technology to save more on power
-It comes with flexible zoom and lens shift so you can enjoy extra installation freedom -Users can enjoy a one-time setup
-the on-board speakers are not that powerful
-because of compact size, gets heated quickly


Overall Impression:


Size and Design:

With the BenQ 1075, home entertainment is just a button away. The projector is packed with new generation wireless projection capability; a feature that gives you 100 inch of 1080p of uncompromised Full HD fun. Measuring 12.2 x 9.6 x 4.1 inches and weighing 6.3 pounds, the projector is highly portable and can be great for home use. With 100″ picture under 8ft, HT1075 gives you flexible projector placement options. It comes with horizontal as well as vertical keystone features thus you can place your projector nearly anywhere.


Main Features:


10W Immersive Sound Performance
HT1075 comes with an inbuilt 10W resonant chamber speaker that is expertly tuned to enhance the projector’s audio playback quality resulting in deeper base tones, giving you a truly immersive audio performance with no stereo speaker wiring troubles. With four preset sound modes and an equalizer setting, you are able to match to the music of your choice and attain optimal audio enjoyment.
Fluid Cross-Room Streaming
HT1075 has a wireless coverage of up to loo feet at a line of sight and also comes with four inbuilt antennas for the best streaming quality through cabinet doors and/or from one room to the next. The projector also has the ability to deliver latency-free performance which is ideal for playing fast-action or motion-sensing games.
Full HD 1080p Picture Performance
With BenQ HT1075, you can experience true-to-life image quality courtesy of the 1080 Full HD optimized optical system. The system is made up of a projection lens comprising only glass-made lens elements. That way, you can enjoy your favorite HD multimedia content with the best clarity as well as sharpness; right from Blu-ray DVDs al through to video games plus any HD broadcasting.
Flexible Zoom & Lens Shift for Extra Installation Freedom
With the HT 1075, there no need of changing your home decor to accommodate your projector. The model is built to free up your living space and that is facilitated by the 1.3x flexible zoom which supports remodeling-free projector installation; and that can be done with an impressive range of projection. The projector uses the hardware Lens Shift feature to correct the position of a projected image by vertically shifting it by 110 to 130 percent without even sacrificing an inch of the image quality.


Final Verdict:

The HT1075 is an outstanding projector as it combines great image and a good bargain price. The projector produces bright, clear image accompanied by great color and factory cinema settings. It is a product you would want to test and never feel guilty about it. BenQ Ht1075 is worth every penny.

BenQ HT1075

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