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benq ht2050 vs w1070

If you’re reading this BenQ HT2050 vs W1070 comparison article, because after your research you’ve come down to a choice between these two, then you’re doing something right. Sure, they have their flaws, which I’ll discuss, but overall these are two of the best projectors out there. We’ll get down into the details though, and come out on the other side with a greater understanding of how they both work.

 Optoma HD28DSEBenQ HT1075
Brightness3,000 Lumens 2,200 Lumens
1920x1080 1920x1080
Contrast Ratio30,000:110,000:1
Lamp Life4,000 hours - 8,000 hours (eco-mode)6,500 hours (eco-mode)
HDMI PortYesYes
Aspect Ratio16:9 (HD)16:9 (HD)
Image Size(cm)106 - 775103 - 596
Lens ShiftNoVertical
Speakers10.0 W Mono 10.0 W Mono
Audible Noise29.0 dB31.0 dB
Size(cm) (HxWxD)11 x 31 x 2210 x 31 x 24
Weight2.6 kg2.8 kg
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Portability and Design: BenQ HT2050 vs W1070

The W1070 measures 3.93 inches of height, has a width of 12.20 inches, and a depth of 9.44 inches. The ht2050 on the other hand is 4.72 inches in height, by 14.96 inches of width, and comes at a depth of 11.02 inches. So, both would be classified as portable, but we’re not by any means talking about the super-portability of some projectors we see today. Portability is however helped along by the 10 Watt speakers, which means a sound system will not be required, and by the HT2050’s 100 inch range. The HT2050, at 10.6 pounds is slightly heavier than the w1070’s 5.8 pounds, but this difference is a very small amount, and neither one will prove a burden to carry around. We’ve reviewed the HT2050 here.

Performance: BenQ HT2050 vs W1070

The picture on the HT2050 is nothing short of amazing. It’s full 1080p HD, with a contrast ratio of 15000:1. Latency is the time delay between action and reaction, so for example: the time it takes for information sent from the color wheel, to be processed. The HT2050 has zero latency, which is outrageously good, and it means fast-paced scenes and especially games will be very smooth. There’s also 100 feet mobile coverage, so you’ll be able to place the projector inside the home, while watching outside in the back garden. Incidentally, it’s the same mobile system BenQ put in the HT1075, and they also sell it separately, which makes the H2050 good value for money. On top of all this, there’s uncompressed 1080p streaming capabilities. Without going into jargon, uncompressed HD is superior to the compressed HD you find on most systems. The W1070 is also 1080p full HD, but has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, two-thirds that of the HT2050. It produces over 1 billion colors, and latency is to a minimum. It’s great, but it doesn’t have the ‘Wow Factor’ of the HT2050. The W1070 is however priced around $100 lower than the HT2050, and buyers should bare that in mind. Here’s a full W1070 review we wrote last year.


The industry standard recommendation for screen size in ambient light for a projector like the HT2050 with 2200 lumens is 120 inches. For optimum image quality you’ll be looking at placing the projector 5.77 feet away with a 60 inch screen. BenQ have claimed the short throw to be 100 inches from 2.5 feet, although you won’t get this, because the color brightness is not equal to the white brightness. With the W1070 you won’t get anything like this, and you certainly won’t get its 100 inch short throw, but what you will get a good picture on a 50-70 inch screen size, placing the projector 3 feet back.


The speakers on both of these are the same 10 Watt speakers BenQ also put on the HT1075. And, BenQ have continued their vertical shift lens option, so buyers don’t import distortions like rainbow artifacts by using the Keystone Correction. For 3D on the HT2050, BenQ certainly learned what works well and what doesn’t, as they chose the same 3D system as on the TH681. This means there’s no cross-talk, and pictures have excellent depth and clarity. There’s some cross-talk on the W1070, but the 3D is equally good and there are marginally less distortions on the W1070. Both projectors are labelled 3D ready, but have 1.4a 3D technology, so you’ll be getting a full 3D 1080p image in each eye.



If you have the money you should buy the HT2050, because it has a higher contrast ratio, and 100 feet of mobile coverage, which gives it greater versatility, and with its better lumen performance, you’ll get a larger screen size, at optimum clarity. But, the W1070, is a very good projector, with 1080p full HD and full 3D too, so if you don’t have the extra money, you can still purchase an awesome projector.

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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