Let’s get to know more about the BenQ MS504

If you are looking for a projector to serve you in a small or medium room with considerable amount of light coming in, then the BenQ MS504 is your ideal projector. It is an affordable projector with some impressive features. The projector comes with a high contrast ratio of 13000:1 and is designed to give you ample brightness with its 3000 ANSI Lumens. In addition to being affordable, the MS504 is one of the most eco-friendly projectors available in the market.

Using the projector is easy. It has a user-friendly interface that allows just anybody without much technical knowledge to operate it. The projector offers very clear images even in lighted rooms. I tried to use it to project texts and to play movies. Both worked perfectly. Therefore, this projector is ideal for both entertainment functions and official functions such as delivering a lecture. A look at the Amazon BenQ MS504 review online will tell you that it is highly rated by those who have purchased it.

BenQ MS504 Specifications:

SmartEco capability: A key feature of the Ms504 projector is its SmartEco capability that allows it to use minimal power. The technology is designed to optimize the projector’s power consumption depending on the prevailing conditions such as lighting and video contract. This allows the user to save on energy and continue to get the best performance from the projector. This feature is very handy for heavy users such as schools.

3D Capabilities: The second impressive feature of the MS504 projector is its 3D capabilities. The projector comes with a ready 3D stereoscopic capability. The users can be able to enjoy exciting 3D movies projected using this device. All they will need is to purchase 3D glasses and invest in a good sound system to connect to the device. 3D compatibility is critical in modern devices and the MS504 has not disappointed.

Inbuilt Template Designs: Another great feature of this device is its inbuilt template designs to assist in teaching. The project comes ready with teaching templates that include letter design, worksheet, musical staff and coordinate chart. These templates will be useful in enhancing learning experience using the projector.

BenQ MS504 SVGA DLP Projector, 3000 ANSI Lumens


  • easy to use interface
  • energy saving ability
  • can be used in lighted rooms
  • can easily project in small or medium sized rooms
  • comes with teaching templates



  • The projector does not have a HDMI port, therefore, it is impossible to connect with a TV and watch HD videos.
  • It does not have an inbuilt sound system, requiring the source to have good sound.

Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design:  The project comes in sleek shiny grey color with nice finishing on the surface. The shiny black surface will ensure it looks new for quite a while. It measures 13.7inches length by 11.5 inches width by 5.7inches height. It has a standard 190W lamp with the lens measuring F=2.56-2.8, f=21-23.1mm. This enables the projector to achieve images of between 30” to 300” comfortably. The projector is also relatively light, weighing only 4 pounds. This makes it easy quite portable and stylish. BenQ have done a good job to make the design of this projector quite elegant.

4starsPerformance:  A look at the BenQ MS504 reviews available online indicates that it is a good projector. Most users mentioned that the projector could operate for long hours without overheating. It is also bright enough to be used when the lights are on or in full daylight. The projector also has very clear images suitable for both watching movies and in classroom situations.   Teachers who have used the projector agree that it is optimized for the perfect classroom performance. The students can be able to see the images from far, if it is a small room the projector does not distort images, and the templates come in very handy.

5stars-300x53Price:  The cost of the MS504 is quite fair compared to what the projector offers. The projector can do most of the basic things required of a projector such as connecting to the key sources. However, if you need more functions such as HDMI connectivity and full HD, you will have to consider addition some money to get the higher versions such as the MS524. Nevertheless, customers who have purchased MS504 feel satisfied with the price. The fact that it has some useful additions such as energy saving mode, and useful features such as the templates, makes it an economic projector to have.


Final Verdict

From the BenQ MS504 review, none in need of a projector that falls within its budget range should hesitate to purchase it. The project comes with almost all the features required in an ideal modern projector. This projector will especially be useful for learning institutions. Its energy saving capabilities will save a lot of money. However, even the domestic users who have used the product have all praise for the device. It also features on our list of the best 3D projectors for a small budget.

For those shopping around for a projector, it is time to get the MS504. Even for those using an outdated or malfunctioning projector, the MS504 will be a perfect replacement. The projector is assured to give you the best of services at an affordable price.

BenQ MS504

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