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BenQ MW526 ReviewBenQ is one of the leading industry players in the manufacture of projectors. The firm is renowned for the manufacture of high quality products and its quality workmanship. The MW526 is expected to match these exacting standards and comes in a comfortable business-like carry case. The device is tailored for business, home use, and educational purposes.

Based on my analysis, I can attest to the fact that the projector offers the perfect blend of price, functionality and features. Its high contrast ratio, bright lumen lamp, multiple connection ports, and compact build make it very versatile. It was also easy to set up and use. As a result, my learning curve was very short. As such, I would recommend it to aspiring buyers.

BenQ MW526 Main Features:

SmartEco technology- this power saving feature optimizes the projector’s lamp to provider an ideal viewing experience in terms of brightness and color quality.

3D compatibility- business users intent on creating immersive and appealing presentations will enjoy this feature. Movie diehards will also find that the 3D allows them to experience a thrilling cinematic experience.

3200 lumen lamp- a bright lamp enhances image quality. As a result, users can make good use of the projector without having to worry about the effect of external lighting on the functionality of the projector.



  • Long lamp life, which reaches 10,000hrs in eco mode
  • 3D ready
  • Large image display


  • Low sound quality from its 2w speaker
  • Image distortions
  • Rainbow artifacts seem to occur at full mode


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The BenQ MW526 measures 8.7 x 11.1 x 3.7 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 4.2 pounds. Business users intending to use it for off-site conferences or meetings will theMW526 to be the perfect complement owing to its weight. Home users will also find the compact build of the projector quite appealing.

Additionally, its rounded edges give it a comfortable feel. However, be prepared to do a bit of tidying up, as the projector is only available in white. This implies that it reveals dirt more easily than, say, a black projector.


5stars-300x53Performance: A projector’s power consumption can quickly ramp up your energy bills. Furthermore, if you use a projector constantly at full power, your energy costs can mount quickly. Thankfully, the BenQ MW526 features power saving technology dubbed SmartEco. This feature minimizes the device’s power usage. In fact, when the projector is in standby mode, it only uses up 0.5 watts, which is negligible. As such, you can expect to make reasonable energy savings whose cumulative value over time would be significantly high.

In the same vein, the longevity of a lamp can be a major factor fuelling the sale of a projector. If you’ve ever used a projector before and had to replace its lamp, then you understand why a 10,000-hour lamp life is a big plus. A replacement lamp could equal the price of a projector. Thus, having a projector whose lamp can last for many years would minimize the maintenance costs of your projector.

The BenQ MW526 also boast a 13,000:1 contrast ratio that enhances blacker scenes in movies while ensuring that whites are crispy and appealing. Indeed, the beauty of a high contrast ratio is the improved picture quality that viewers can experience. A projector’s contrast ration also comes into play when the viewing distance is increased. Under normal circumstances, the farther a viewer is from the display screen, the softer the images tend to become. This is not the case while using the BenQ MW526, as its high contrast ratio reduces color softness, which in turn enhances picture quality regardless of the viewing distance.

For teachers intending to use a projector, text clarity is a major determinant of the projector to invest in. Thus, as an educational tool, the MW526 assures users of clearer texts. By incorporating DLP technology, the projector emphasizes the details in texts, thereby making them more pronounced and visible to learners. I tested this assertion in my BenQ MW526 review and noticed that texts displayed using PowerPoint were sharper and fuller.

Moreover, the images display size impacts a user’s viewing experience. The fascination with bigger screens is evidenced by people’s quest for bigger screens. In relation to projectors, the larger the display size, the better the experience, although this may not hold true to everyone. While using the MW526 for watching a 3D movie, I was able to adjust the display to 130 inches (measured diagonally). This translated to a more immersive experience as the broader display did not impair the image quality. This was very commendable. The device has an image display rating of 53″- 146″, meaning you can stretch it a bit further than I did.

5stars-300x53Price: The MW526 is available as a mid-range projector, which in terms of features is within the price range of similar competing brands. Business users, teachers, and home users are bound to derive incredible value from this reasonably priced projector.

Final Verdict:

You can’t go wrong with a BenQ projector. They are one of the most trusted and popular manufacturers in the projector market. In general, you will find that BenQ projectors are a tad over-priced but the MW526 is an exception. It performs superbly within it’s limitations with high lamp-life and ample brightness. If you looking for an affordable BenQ projector, don’t give the MW526 a miss.

BenQ MW526

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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