BenQ TH670 Review – A Low priced 1080p Projector

BenQ TH670 Review BenQ promised with the BenQ TH670 an all-in-one projector that could perform just as well playing movies and games, as it does with office presentations. This was a bold claim, and one that is not unfamiliar in the world of projection, but rarely true, so I decided to put it to the test. After a short wait, I finally managed to get hold of one to see what it could do. The following is my BenQ TH670 review.

Main Features of the BenQ TH670:

There are 3000 lumens here and a lamp life of 4000 hours in normal mode compared with 10,000 hours in ECO mode. Resolution is a full HD 1920x1080p and video modes contain resolution options of 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 576i, 576p. 480i, and 480p with a full 3D mode option. The HDMI connection is available with a wattage of 330 and a voltage of 100v-240v. Contrast ratio is 10,000.1 with a standard 120.1 zoom and manual option. Digital keystone has vertical correction and the speakers are 10.0. W Mono.


  • Lamp life is huge here. Up to 10,000 hours when using the product in ECO mode so you’ll never have to change lamps
  • Full HD with a great many resolution options that all display crisp clean images
  • 3D technology. Very important in today’s market and the contrast ratio of 10,000.1 enables greater clarity than than on 3D TV’S
  • Amazing sound. This has become a feature of BenQ projectors and the BenQ TH670 is no exception to that rule
  • Easy set-up
  • Especially good with video games, taking one inside the game as if playing for the very first time
  • Genuinely portable


  • Digital keystone can only be adjusted vertically, instead of the usual standard horizontal and vertical adjustment options.
  • Heavier than other benQ projectors but the difference is negligible and it’s still incredibly light for a HD projector


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

BenQ have become famous for their portability and do not let us down here. The BenQ TH670 measures 19.8 inches in length, 15.4 inches of width and a 12.8 inch depth so is very easy to take around to friends houses and office meetings alike. The weight is 8.8 pounds, which as previously stated, is not the lightest portable projector on the market, but by no means the heaviest and shouldn’t pose a transportation problem. The design is classic BenQ: sleek, snappy, well finished and displaying obvious exquisite workmanship.


My main concern on this projector was the lumens. 3200 lumens usually guarantees great picture quality no matter what the light and at 3000 lumens the TH670 falls just below that figure. So, upon flipping the on switch and putting in a Blu-ray with the curtains wide open and bright sunlight coming in, I settled down to watch. My first check was at full HD 1080p mode and I’ve got to say I saw no distinct lack of image clarity. Repeating this test using all the resolution modes the performance of the TH670 was outstanding so I wouldn’t be too concerned with the 3000 lumens specification. I also put in a few video games and hooked up the PC to test the graphics in a well lit room and the BenQ TH670 also performed wonderfully.

To test the zoom I experimented by enlarging the screen gradually while zooming in from the lowest level up to max zoom. While you will see distortions and dark spots passing 100:1 zoom ratio, this level of zoom is rarely used, so doesn’t represent too much of problem.

Going into 3D mode I wanted to see how the images where, on faster type shoot em up games that require a high frame rate. In some projectors one can see gaps in the pixels and corner distortions during this type of usage. The TH670 responded incredibly well, maintaining beautiful clean clarity all the way through. There was no lag and with the 10,000.1 contrast ratio pictures appear brighter and even more crisp than normal 3D.

Upon pausing my games I realized something that hadn’t occurred to me before; that I couldn’t hear anything. The fans in projectors can often be quite loud, but the BenQ TH670 is almost completely silent. This will be an especially good thing for office presentations, as nobody likes to hear the droning of fans while speaking publicly.

The next test was the most important one. Did BenQ overstep the mark in declaring the TH670 a perfect all-in-one projector? Could it really perform just as good displaying pie charts and text, as it does movies and games. In this area, the lumens seemed to perform more like 3200 than 3000, with the text looking brighter and clearer than I expected. My company earnings pie chart could be seen in amazing HD clarity and clearly showed earnings had improved this quarter. The BenQ TH670 is absolutely an all-in-one projector, that does everything, and has no real weak points on a performance level.

Set-up is very easy: place the projector down, turn on, use the keystone to adjust the image, and then your ready to go. It’s as simple as that.

Final Verdict:

If your looking for a projector that can be used for anything whether your at work or at home, then the BenQ TH670 is the perfect projector for you. And the price isn’t bad either; costing much less than alternatives with the same specifications BenQ have done an astounding job fitting advanced features like 3D, 10,000.1 contrast ratio and 3000 lumens into a very competitively priced machine.

 BenQ TH670

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