BenQ W1070 Projector Review

BenQ W1070

Featuring a native resolution of 1080p and a contrast ratio of 10000:1, the BenQ W1070 makes for a great home entertainment projector. We were disappointed with the low color brightness of 2000 lumens in our BenQ W1070 review. Yet this projector has many redeeming qualities and is a serious contender as a medium priced 3D+HD projector.

BenQ W1070 Specifications:

Great Connectivity: The W1070 comes with two HDMI sockets which reduces the hassle of plugging in the cables as you switch between HDMI devices. So you can have your PS4 and Blu-Ray connected to the projector at the same time and switch between them by just using the remote. It also comes with a RCA audio output which lets you connect the projector to your home theater system for a full multiplex experience.

Low Power Consumption: Economic use of power is a standard feature on all BenQ projectors as they use their trademarked Smart Eco Technology on all their devices. The W1070 also comes with an eco-facts label which certifies the projector as eco friendly. As the projectors can last the user for a few years, a power saving device is a better option in the long run.



  • Twin HDMI ports
  • Easy set-up
  • Low lag when gaming and a high refresh rate
  • Backlit Remote


  • Low on brightness
  • Poor speakers

Overall Impression:



Size and Design

Small, light with serious aesthetic qualities. Most users who purchased this device swear by its looks. It also has multiple connectivity options which are great for lazy people who hate getting off the couch to change devices.




The colors are great from the start with the device require little to no set-up. Thanks to the ISF certification, the projector quickly calibrates to any room making this device specially suitable to novice users. The 3D performance of this device is above-par as well. It handles CGI graphics really well.




The BenQ W1070 works exceptionally well at its cost. Most clients who bought the gadget were content with its build quality and general fucnctionailty. It is generally modest and lies on the more reasonable end of the projectors market. So unless you have some particular brand or establishment necessities, there is no motivation to pay a higher value and give this jewel of a projector a miss.

Final Verdict:

The BenQ W1070 is a stunning little device. The majority of the components and specifications of this little box are the type that projector lovers have needed to (and still do!) pay a huge number of dollars for. To get the specifications and quality that this projector gives at this price is a normal user’s fantasy. All in all, it is a great projector for the price.

BenQ W1070

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