Detailed Comparison: Benq W1070 vs Optoma HD141X

BenQ W1070 vs optoma hd141x

Benq W1070 vs Optoma HD141X

With the high influx of projectors in the market, it can be difficult for someone to settle for a good projector that has just the right amount of brightness and amazing image consistency. From the differences and comparisons, both projectors are good for entertainment. Most people think that budget projectors mean those that are underpowered which is not true. Like anything else in consumer electronics, most modern home theatre projectors continue to get better and models like the BenQ W1070 and the Optoma HD141X really stand out. Whether you want to entertain guests with your new projector by watching movies or playing games, this article will help you decide which the right projector is for you as we compare the Benq W1070 vs Optoma HD141X. You will get an insight on the specifics before you decide on either of them. Read along to discover which projector best suits your needs.

Optoma HD141X Review

The Optoma HD141X is a very powerful home theater projector that comes at a pocket friendly price tag. With excellent brightness, this Optoma model lacks the lavish features that come with the more expensive projectors but its picture quality is good and its price tag can’t be beat by any other model out there of that quality. The HD141X is similar in design to the Optoma HD26, the only difference being their cases where the latter has a black case while the HD26 model has a white case.

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector


The Optoma HD141X produces detailed and bright images with good contrast and well saturated colors. It produces over 3000 lumens when it is in its brightest mode which is enough to light up an average sized room. Nevertheless it can also emit over 1000 lumens when in Cinema mode for a classier picture. The home theater projector can also work with any source of 3D (it is full HD 3D), including set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. It uses DLP links and it is compatible with most inexpensive and widely available 144 Hz DLP link glasses. The projector also comes with a VESA 3D sync port which means you can add emitters and infrared glasses and or an aftermarket radio frequency if you wish.


-Beside its affordable price, this machine comes with an inexpensive lamp that is sustainable. The around $180 lamp lasts up to 6000 hours in ECO mode or 5000 hours at full power. That makes it very easy to maintain.

-Its low lying input lag of about 33ms makes it a great choice for gaming too. At about 60 frames per sec, 33 milliseconds is only 2 frames. Although it is not that great for projectors, it is awfully close.


-When adjusting color balance, the projector does not have separate control for bias and gain on each color. That makes it difficult for a user to nail down a good grayscale which is very important for a home theatre.

-The Optoma has a 2x speed color wheel which means rainbows are a probability with the projector.


BenQ W1070 Review

The 3D projector includes onboard speakers and is small enough to fit in a small man bag. Nevertheless it is capable of producing fine and high quality images. Its black levels are worth its price tag and its colors are excellent too. Its images quality beats any Pico projector out there. Although this W1070 cuts some corners, you perhaps will not find any other better big-screen at its price tag.

BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070) – 3D Home Theater Projector with Lens Shift Technology and RGBRGB Color Wheel


Unlike many projectors that have adopted the space-age design, the BenQ architect is meant for boardroom meetings. It is silver and off white in color and measures 9.61 inches deep,4 inches high and 12.28 inches across.


The BenQ W1070 features a 2000 lumen brightness and boasts a DLP DarkChip3 which is great for a home theatre projector at its price tag. The 3D feature on the projector is unexpected at the level, and as you will find out it is not just a tacked on stocking filler, but very well implemented. Unlike the Epson 3020 however, its active infrared glasses are not included. Currently a pair costs around $90 on online stores. For occasional movie watchers who need to pack the home theatre projector in a closet, inclusion of an onboard 10watt-speakers will be helpful. In addition to that the BenQ comes with Blank mode, which gears down the light if no input source is detected and then wallpaper with a message “save up to 70% of your lamp power .It is time to play your part in saving the earth.


-The BenQ W1070, offers high quality images at a very affordable price including, excellent color accuracy and respectable black levels. The 3D playback is also excellent.


-There are no 3D glasses included when you buy it which means you have to buy. Each costs around $99.


BenQ W1070 vs Optoma HD141X – Detailed Comparison

Benq W1070 projector makes use of liquid crystal display technology while Optoma HD141X digital light processing technology for display. This helps the projectors display images of different contrast and colors.

Picture quality is a key feature of any projector. Benq W1070 has a contrast ratio of 10000:1, whereas Optoma HD141X has an incredible contrast ratio of 20000:1.

The Optoma HD141X projector has 3000 Lumens that allow it to provide and maintain more than the average brightness. It has a long lasting bulb that allows the projector to be used for about 6500 hours. On the other hand, Benq W1070 projector has approximately 2000 Lumens, with an average bulb life of about 3500 hours.

In this era of smart phones and tablets, it is important to have a projector that allows compatibility with your devices. This allows you to view images and enjoy live motion pictures with your guests as you project the on a screen. Benq W1070 comes with two HDMI ports, though its compatibility is restricted in terms of connectivity to mobile phones. Conversely, Optoma HD141X has two HDMI ports and its compatibility to tablets and smart phones as well thanks to it’s MHL compatiability. This feature will make you enjoy your projector more without having to dent your budget.

Benq, apart from supporting 3D applications such as NVIDIA 3DTV, it also offers support for 3D broadcasts if available. Optoma has a VESA 3D sync port that offers 3D support giving you the advantage of connecting to your play station and other various video game consoles.

Portability is also as much important as picture quality. Both Benq and Optoma are comparable in terms of weight and size with each weighing almost 5.5 pounds. Their portability makes each of them easy to carry around. Both come with 10-Watt audio speakers. Benq has an additional stand-by mode feature called Eco Blank, which turns the screen black when an object is not cast for more than three minutes. Optoma unfortunately lacks a similar feature.

In terms of price, Benq projector has a price tag of at least $600. This projector brings out quality pictures with brighter colors and high contrast. Optoma HD141X has a price tag of at least $500. This projector offers 3D compatibility, and high resolution. The two projectors are reasonably priced and one can easily enjoy quality entertainment without straining their savings. The benefits definitely supersede the price tag.


Bottom line

At around $600, the Optoma HD141X offers a great value in a budget home theater projector. It is a good beginner machine due to its 3D features and offers a good performance in Cinema mode. On the other hand if you are seeking big and excellent looking pictures at a pocket friendly price, very few home theater projectors come close to the BenQ W1070. Neither of the two are likely to disappoint, however, due the presence MHL compatibility which the W1070 lacks, we prefer the Optoma HD141X.

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