BenQ W2700 Projector review – One of the BenQ’s Newest 4K Model

BenQ was always on the list of top projector brands with various models. They always bring the latest features and successfully rule the projector market with some other big names like Optoma, Epson, Viewsonic, etc. But they were somehow lagging behind when it comes to affordable 4k projectors. However, they have other 4k models on the market. But they are big in size and expensive.

To overcome the problem, BenQ recently introduces two affordable 4k projectors with smaller sizes (W2700 and W5700). They will be the best for your home cinema. In this article, we are going to review W2700 as it is smaller and cheaper than W5700. Actually, it is an upgrade to W1700.

BenQ W2700 review

Things We Like
  • Promising Resolution
  • Good Picture Quality
  • Huge Color Range
  • Backlit Features in Keys
Things We Didn't Like
  • Produce little noise
  • Lens shift could have been better

W2700 is from CinePrime series. It is a true 4K projector as it comes with many features along with HDR UHD. It can zoom up to 1.2X. If we talk about the UHD features, it comes with Razor-Sharp True 8.3 Million pixels. The output video quality is superb as it is optimized with HDR10.

BenQ W2700 Specifications

BenQ W2700 Review


The design is very good. It is clean and compact. the ratio of the projector makes it even more convenient to set up the projector even in a tight space. It can throw a 100-inch image from only a 2-meter-distance.

As there is no lens shaft function in W2700, you need to do some work to set up the projector. It only comes with vertical keystone adjustment. But don’t worry. You just need to do some geometrical calculations. Once the projector is set, you can enjoy the full facility of a 4K projector.

Picture Quality

BenQ W2700 comes with HDR Pro, Cinematic Color, 100% REC-709, and 95% DCI-P3 color space support which ensure great picture quality. BenQ CinematicColor™ technology is integrated which brings extra quality to the picture. These features keep a balance between brightness and contrast. We used our MacBook Air as a primary source to display HDR movies to W2700 (Check our article if you don’t know how to connect Macbook to a projector).

The quality of the movies we displayed through our Macbook was quite satisfying. We were amused to see the sharp picture in a comparatively cheaper 4k projector. It supports 3D as well. You can view 3D in home theater and enjoy a full theater experience.

W2700 supports HDR10. When appropriate content is detected, it switches automatically. We liked how the deep black feature maintains the black level of pictures. It has a contrast ratio of 30,000:1, which is quite good. 1,07 billion colors ensure the optimum level of color accuracy.

Lamp Quality and Life

The lamp life of BenQ W2700 is normally 4000 hours which is not satisfying though if you compare it to its competitors. However, the lamp life can be extended to 10,000 hours in Eco mode. If you use it in SmartEco mode, it can be even extended to 15,000 hours.

These all are claimed by BenQ. However, we always saw that the lamp expires before these “dead-value”. But if you are using it in your home theater, I will suggest you use the projector in Eco mode to save the battery lamp.


It supports HDMI to switch the power sources. It features USB Type-A 3.0 Port which is very fast (almost 10 times than USB 2.0) in transferring the data compared to USB 2.0. You can share media files through a pen drive without worrying about the USB cable.

Build Quality & Structure

benq W2700 review back side

BenQ W2700 comes with a plastic body as like the W1700 though it feels sturdy. It weighs 4.2 kg which is almost the same as W1700. The dimension of the body is 380mm x 127mm x 263mm. So this is obviously a portable projector and can be a good solution for your outdoor tour.

You will find the navigation button, manual control, focus shifting keys, and zoom on the top of the projector. The keys feature backlit which helps to control the device in a dark room. You do not need to put any other light on the keys to press the keys in a darker room.

It has adjustable legs so that we can get a perfect projection angle. I really liked the back part of the projector. The design is pretty smart and stylish. You will find every connecting port with the source port here. You will find a 12v supply port, 2 HDMI ports, a service port, USB 3 (type A) and media reader port, and an audio output port.

It comes with two speakers which are also mounted at the back. Each speaker outputs 5w. The sound is a little bit better than W1700 and TK800.


To be honest, this one is one of the best cheap 4k home theater projectors. The features BenQ are providing on such an affordable budget is surprising. I personally like how they integrated the coolest color technology to make the picture quality even better from W1700. However, it could come with better lens shifting. We also see that it produce some noticeable noise during a silent part of a movie.

Let us know if you love this BenQ W1700 projector review by commenting below. See you!

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