Best Gaming Projector Under $200

All you gamers out there listen up. Times are tough, which makes relaxation time even more important. So, if you’ve only got 200 dollars in your back pocket i’m here to tell you that all is not lost. Yes, you heard that right. All is not lost and you can actually get an exceptional Projector for your games without even spending the whole amount.

I’m going to be telling you about 3 Projectors that all cost very little money and will take your games to the next level. The big screen ultimate gaming experience level. Now believe me, not all Projectors under 200 bucks are this good.

There are some heaps of garbage you can buy at a cheap price, but I’ve filtered through all of those and come out with 3 gold nuggets.

Wanna hear about them? I thought you might

1. Android WiFi LED Projector, Portable Multimedia

Android WiFi LED Projector
As you can imagine, for under 200 bucks there’s some issues here, but first the good news. Being an Android Projector, you can directly access the internet on this. So, you can play all of your facebook games, and any other online games without needing another device. So if you wanted to play online games, then your days of carting around your laptop from place to place are over. If you did want to connect your PC or Laptop, then there’s a VGA Port you can use to do that. You also have two HDMI connections which means you can hook up your PlayStation and your Xbox both at the same time.

It’s also very fast for the money. You get 8GB of Flash Memory and 1GB of RAM inside. These both serve basically the same purpose, which is to store huge amounts of complex data for a short time. This takes the pressure off the CPU, thereby improving performance and speed. Games play incredibly fast and with hardly any lag time. It’s not as good as you’d get for 500 dollars, but for around 120 dollars this is outstanding.

The bad news is that the resolution is only 800 by 480, but you can upscale to 1080p making this not so much of a thing. You’ll need the lights out because there’s only 1200 Lumens. But with 20,000 hours of lamp life and a screen size of 100 inches from 8 feet back you’re getting an outstanding Projector for the price.

2. Ogima BL20 Video Projector 2600 Lumens Home Cinema Theater

Ogima BL20
Right after finding the Android WiFi LED Projector, it occurred to me that despite the great gaming performance, people might like a few more Lumens.

What can I say?

I like to help and also as an expert in projection, I don’t have much of a social life, so I decided to seek out one that had a bit more light.

At 2600 Lumens you don’t have to view the BL20 in complete darkness. In fact you can get a good picture in evening moonlight and with the blinds drawn in the afternoon. So there’s a little more portability here too. And while it’s louder than most Projectors, you do get 3 Watts of Audio Output and up to 200 inches of screen size. The Lamp Life is Equal to the Android at 20,000 hours and you also get the same extended range of connections. These include: HDMI, VGA, USB and SD. So you can hook up all of your Games Consoles, Phones and Tablets. The only difference is that you can’t access the internet directly on the BL20, whereas you can on the Android.

These are two practically identical machines. Even the resolution at 800 by 480, up-scaled to 1080p is the same. And you’ll be pleased to know that the BL20 has an equally low lag time with a fast-paced gaming environment. This is achieved through the color technology on the BL20, whereas the Android creates speed by using it’s internal memory.

3. Flylinktech RD-806A 2800 Lumens Projector

 Flylinktech RD-806A 2800 Lumens Projector
You get a pretty impressive throw distance here. 200 inches from 6 metres back. So, if you do like gaming in the backyard then this is probably your best bet. You don’t need a huge backyard to get large screen action and with 2,800 Lumen’s you don’t need it to be pitch black outside. This one also has the ability to project onto a ceiling and at 1280 by 800 native resolution the up-scaling is better because there’s not so much of a leap to 1080p.

For the extra light and the better picture, you do have to put up with a lower speed than with the previous two, but I still enjoyed gaming on this. The frame-rate is acceptable and the connections are all there. Interestingly, as well as a Tablet,. Phone, Computer, Laptop and Games Console, you can also connect a Hard Disk to this for storage. It weighs more than either the Android or the BL20 so there’s less portability in that sense. But, the Flylinktech is clearly the easiest to navigate and the quickest to produce pictures out of the box. So if you where taking it to a friends house you’d be playing games within five minutes. The other two can’t boast that.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. An afternoon in the life of a lowly Projector reviewer has produced for you the three best gaming Projectors under 200 bucks. Not bad hey? The upside for me is that I’d usually be spending this time having my daily argument with fellow experts about LED vs LCD technology. The upside for you is that you might get a great deal out of this. These really are three gold nuggets for under 200, and buying any of these for gaming would be a money well spent. Read carefully again, all of the information and choose which one is right for you. God speed gamers; may you utterly destroy all of your enemy’s (within the game of course). Goodbye for now.


Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt from Texas has been the best-selling author in 2014. He was the most appreciated writer in 2015. Different organizations have honored him with different awards and memberships as well. He is a tech shop owner and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering.

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