Best Gaming Projector on a Budget (Setup, Screen, Input Lag)

Best Gaming Projector on a Budget

Back in the old days gamers used to go to Arcades for the best possible experience. The advent of large screen TV’s changed all that, and gamers where able to stay home and still receive some amazing looking graphics.

These days 50 inches simply isn’t enough so TV’s are out and Projectors with massive screens of up to 300 inches are well and truly in.

More and more gamers are turning to best gaming projectors not only for the larger screens, but also because they offer both 3D and 2D game play along with some excellent special features that really bring the best out of any game.

But which one do you choose?

Best Gaming Project On A Budget Comparison Table

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Which Projector is the best one for gaming, if you happen to be on a budget?

I decided to compile a top 5 list and you’ll be surprised to read that all of these projectors come at affordable prices while providing you with their tremendous capability’s. So, without further delay, the top five Best Gaming Projectors on a Budget are…..

Best Gaming Projector On A Budget Reviews 

1. BenQ Gaming Video Projector (HT2150ST)


The BenQ best Gaming Projector (HT2150ST) is one of the most popular models on the market and it won the 2016 Editor’s Choice Award from Projector Central.

We think this projector is a great investment for people wanting a serious gaming experience.

You don’t need to have a large gaming room for a hardcore gaming experience – just 5 feet of projection space and the short-throw will give you an impressive 100-inch screen in high resolution.

As long as your set-up is good and your surface is flat, this best gaming projector will not disappoint.

The reasons this projector is winning awards and impressing gamers and sports fans are clear. Read Full Review…

2. Optoma GT760A 720p 3D DLP Gaming Projector

Optoma GT760 review

Although it’s a truly great Projector for gaming I couldn’t have placed it higher on the list because unlike the top pick, it simply isn’t Full 3D. Sure the Optoma GT760A is compatible with all formats of 3D, including Sequential, PC, and Blu-Ray and when you go into 3D Mode the images you see are fantastic.

But, with a Native Resolution of only 720p these fantastic images aren’t quite Full 3D images so they’re a little less clear than on the previous two systems.

Due to the 720p Native Resolution you also see a slight drop off in quality from the previous two while in 2D Mode. The Contrast Ratio is higher though, so blacks a whites appear in a clarity equal to that of even of the HT2150ST, and the Texas Instruments Color Technology produces over 1 billion colors, helping the GT760A to perform well above it’s 720p pixel count.

Interestingly the GT760A has a higher Lumen count than either of the top 2, so if you like to play games with some light in the room, then you’d be advised to buy this.

There’s 3400 Lumens in total and they perform incredibly well, so you can throw up to 100 inches of images on an average afternoon with the curtains open while maintaining clarity.

The short-throw is 90 inches at 42 inches back, which is pretty good, and the Speakers are 5 Watts so they’re better than the HT2150ST. Read Full Review….

3. Optoma GT1080 1080P 3D DLP Gaming Projector

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Gaming Projector Review

Numbers three, four and five on the list are both cases of flawed genius.

Both could well have been in the top 2, if not for slight problems and when compiling a list like this where all Projectors are clearly excellent; the small things matter.

The GT1080 produces some wonderful 1080p 2D images and this is down to the inclusion of Texas Instruments color technology so just like the GT760A, you get over a billion colors.

The Contrast Ratio on the GT1080 is actually is the best on the list at 25000-1 so maybe this is your number one if you like dark mysterious games because the lag time is low and the response time is fast.

The problem is that unlike the three previous systems, this one isn’t immediately 3D. The GT760A wasn’t Full 3D, but atleast you could get 3D images straight out of the box because it has all the things needed for 3D images.

The issue with the GT760A was that at 720p the 3D was of a lower quality than Full 3D, but the issue with the GT1080 is that until you go out and buy a Transmitter, you’re not getting 3D at all.

The 2800 Lumens also don’t perform that great, so you’ll need darkness while you’re playing too. The 3D was very disappointing considering the fact that not only does the GT1080 have the best Contrast Ratio on the list, but it also has the best short-throw.

You can get 100 inches at only 1 meter back which is nothing short of incredible.

The GT1080 is a beautiful & best gaming Projector with great 2D images, and some exciting special features, but the Lumens and the 3D mean that it’s not without it’s stumbling blocks. Still, I strongly doubt buyers would be disappointed by a purchase. Read Full Review….

4. Benq HT2050 1080p

BenQ HT2050 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector (2015 Model) review

The Benq ht2050 is not a projector that is specific for gaming but it is a great Projector and games look excellent on it.

The Benq has a lack of distortions and 2D and 3D pictures which are not quite of the HT2150ST standard but are still excellent.

It’s Full 3D, so again, all you need is glasses to view 3D because the ht2050 already has everything it needs inside to Broadcast 3D from a Blu-Ray Player, Console or PC.

The Benq also has a great throw-distance so you don’t need a very large room to play games in. From 2.5 Meters back you can get a screen size of 100 inches and that’s 100 inches of supreme clarity too.

If you don’t have External Speakers and don’t want to go out and buy some then the Benq should probably be your number 1 here. This is because although the images are marginally better on the Epson, the Benq has 10.1 Watt Mono Speakers that sound great and are perfect for games.

There’s very low lag, fast responses and superb looking large screen graphics too, so this is an amazing best gaming Projector. The lag is a little less on the HT2150ST, the pictures are better and an MHL connection is present, so I had to place it ahead of this Benq, but buyers will not be disappointed. Read Full Review….

5. ViewSonic PJD5255

ViewSonic PJD5255 Review

I couldn’t have been more pleased by the performance of the ViewSonic in 2D, because it’s right up there with the top three on this list in terms of 2D quality.

The pixel count is 1080p, and although the Contrast Ratio could have been higher the DLP SuperColor technology inside produces sharp and intricate colors that jump out of the screen.

The Speakers are also amazing, and are by far and away the best Speakers on this list. ViewSonic has enlarged the Speaker Chambers so sound is delivered with less muffling and in a more pronounced fashion than you get on the other systems.

As well as including 10 Watt Speakers, they’ve also put in Amplifiers with huge power and excellent range so that what you end up with is the kind of cinematic sound many gamers will not have previously experienced.

There’s low lag, fast responses, easy operation, and connections like VGA and HDMI. The problem is that you don’t get 3D gaming and so the PJD5255 couldn’t rise any higher on the list despite it’s magnificence.

Even with the GT1080, you could go and buy a Transmitter and eventually get 3D gaming because it accepted all 3D formats.

The PJD5255 though, is only compatible with Blu-Ray 3D, so 3D gaming is impossible. The PJD5255 offers buyers genuine quality and some excellent game play using the 2D mode.

It’s also very cheap and the Speakers really take it to the next level in terms of game play. If it where 3D, perhaps it would have been number 1. Read Full Review….


I’m sure that while surfing the net, you’ve seen how many best Gaming Projectors are available at the moment. Well, now that I’ve whittled them down to the five best, all you have to do is choose.

The BenQ HT2150ST clearly has the best 3D images, and marginally the best 2D images, but the speakers aren’t great.

Meanwhile, the Speakers on the PJD5255 will blow your mind, but there’s no gaming in 3D.

Maybe you like the 100 inches of screen size at only 1 meter back on the GT1080, or perhaps the great all-round features of the Benq or the Optoma GT760A got your attention.

Whichever one you choose you’ll be incredibly happy with your purchase, so read carefully and pick the best one for you.

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