Best HDMI Cable – They Are Not All Equal!

TV technology has changed a lot, from needing a lot of wires to achieve HDTV to only one wire. With the development of technology, we have grown to see the cables lessen throughout the years. Furthermore, with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), you can have all the signals needed without the additional wires.

Still, with so many tech brands to choose from, it makes it difficult to pick which one to buy. We understand your needs and have compiled a round-up of the 10 best HDMI cables for you to use.

Best HDMI Cables Comparison Table

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Feature 2HDMI input3D-readyfast/easy setupworks w/latest laptopsHDMI/MHL
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4.5/5 stars4.5/5 stars
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best hdmi cable they are not all equal

What Are HDMI Cables?

HDMI cables are an interface where digitally formatted signals are carried so that they don’t have to undergo conversion. HDMI cables are composed of 19 wires that are separated. These wires function to carry high-speed digital information like audio and video.

According to different sources, there are up to five types of HDMI cables. Namely, the standard cables, standard cables with Ethernet, Automotive standard, high-speed cables, and high-speed cables with Ethernet. Each of these standards and categories undergoes regularization by HDMI Licensing, LLC.

That means that each of the cables in every category is going to be similar to everything in the other categories. Most of the HDMI cables included in this round-up are high-speed cables with Ethernet, while a few are not. Another thing is, all of the cables reviewed here can handle 3D, 4K, and Deep Color Display technology.

Best HDMI Cable Review

1. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable

Produced with gold-plated connectors to ensure that you get superior conductivity. Aside from that, the connectors are resistant to corrosions the connection is male to male. It has an optimal transfer for digital signals and low distortion at the point of contact.

Furthermore, this product provides sound and video quality that is better than the original. Finally, the HDMI cable comes with black PVC outer that is durable to provide a layer of protection against outside hazards.

The AmazonBasics HDMI cable has been the most cost-effective cable to this day. It understands your need for value. The most appealing feature of this HDMI cable is that it’s affordable and provides everything you need in an HDMI cable.

Aside from that, the cable has built-in Ethernet. This means you don’t have to use a separate cable for connecting to devices with the Internet. We feel this is one of the best HDMI cables because it reduces the number of cables to connect to your home set-up. At the moment, utilizing HDMI cables with Ethernet is not common.


  • Comes in different lengths
  • Has built-in Ethernet feature
  • Relatively affordable HDMI option
  • Gold-plated conductors prevent corrosion
  • Can handle 4K signals


  • Very basic cable build
  • No additional gas injection
  • No high-purity copper conductors
  • Very minimal design quality
  • Cable length until 25ft

2. AudioQuest Pearl 2m

The AudioQuest Pearl HDMI cable has high-performance and provides the best resolution for high-quality video. Aside from that, it transmits 4K, 3D, a video that provides magnificent dynamics and color that will make your eyes pop out from disbelief. In addition to this, the Pearl line is able to cater to 120/240/600 Hz by delivering the data it needs for displays. Finally, the Pearl line uses air-filled foam made out of polyethylene for maximum insulation.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B003ME9CZ0]

The AudioQuest line was the winner of the last Best HDMI Cables awards. This makes the HDMI cable a worthy opponent. Aside from that, the Pearl series is one of the more affordable options in the HDMI cable competition.

Another great feature of this HDMI cable is that it is certified for safety in in-wall installation. This is a great feature because this cable is considered premium. Aside from that, the cable is RoHS certified, which means that it does not contain lead materials. Despite not being the cheapest option, this doesn’t mean that it will break the bank either.


  • Cable uses gold-plated terminals
  • Does not contain lead
  • Safety-certified for in-wall installation
  • Recent winner of awards
  • Cable length above 25ft


  • Overkill for short distances
  • Not the cheapest options
  • Braided cable costs more
  • 65ft cables perform less
  • Only offers a 5-year warranty

3. Blue Jeans FE Bonded Cable

Something a lot of people don’t know is that most HDMI cables are created the same, with the exception of a few features. The difference between this HDMI cable and that of more common brands is that this cable is manufactured in the USA.

Most cables are manufactured in China, but the Blue Jeans company does not, it tests its connectors in China. Aside from that, the company patented the Belden-bond technology, meaning they are paired.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B0026S4YO2]

The Blue Jeans company has been proud to say that most of their products are manufactured in the U.S. Aside from that, they have patented Bonded-Pair technology, which was manufactured by Belden. He is a well-known manufacturer of cables in the United States.

The Bonded-Pair technology by Belden ensures that the connection between the wire insulator on two wires is secure. Usually, the connection of 28-AWG is fragile, and this technology secures it. Another feature of the BFC FE HDMI is that it has Ethernet. This allows you to connect to devices that require the Internet without using extras.


  • Has patented Bonded-pair technology
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Comes in 14 lengths
  • Comes with High-Speed Ethernet
  • Relatively cost-effective HDMI cable


  • Product warranty is 30-days
  • Website information is disorganized
  • The metal used is unclarified
  • Connectors break after mishandling
  • Can’t run high-speed video

4. Cmple Ultra High-Speed HDMI

This HDMI cable is the first uncompressed video and audio interface. It is compatible with any product that has an HDMI connector and delivers an interface for any audio/video that is enabled with HDMI.

This cable supports multiple channels of digital audio in one cable and can support 8-channel audio that has extra bandwidth to accommodate other requirements and enhancements. Aside from that, the connector has a gold finish, which reduces the chances of corrosion.

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The Cmple HDMI cable is an affordable option in between all the options. It is able to run any video signal you use. However, it is not as durable as its alternative options.

Aside from that, Cmple doesn’t provide a lot of support options either. Looking at the product warranty makes it pale in comparison to AmazonBasics and AudioQuest. Despite these negative reviews, the Cmple HDMI cable comes with a High-Speed Ethernet connection.

Specifically ensures that you can maintain 10.2 Gbps and watch high-resolution videos at 1080p and higher. Besides that, provides better and more advanced color options than its competitors.


  • Has high-speed Ethernet connection
  • Provides more advanced colors
  • Maintains 10.2GBPS bandwidth speed
  • Supports compressed digital format
  • Also supports an uncompressed format


  • Has no additional support
  • Doesn’t have braided cables
  • No high-purity copper conductors
  • In-wall installation not advised
  • Product-warranty is 30 days

5. dCables Hi-Speed HDMI Cable

The dCables HDMI cables have been tested and certified to be used with devices that enable HDMI. The cables are 28AWG that makes them durable, but it’s flexible enough to be installed despite difficult conditions.

Another great thing about this brand’s HDMI cable is that it can take up to 10.2 gigabytes per second. This means it carries two times more of the required bandwidth to transmit a 1080p signal. The connectors are gold-plated.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B005AZSCW8]

The dCables HDMI cable provides support for color features and advanced audio. Aside from that, the cable is cost-effective and gives you a build quality that is decent. The cable also sizes up to the compliance standards issued to High-Speed HDMI cables.

The cable comes with Ethernet to reduce the number of cables you use. In addition, it offers a better connection than most WIFI connections, which makes it easier to stream movies. However, not a lot of devices use an Ethernet connection. Finally, the cable is RoHS certified, which means that it does not contain hazardous materials.


  • The product is RoHS certified
  • The cable that’s decently built
  • Conductors are oxygen-free copper
  • Certified against unlawful duplication
  • Gold-plated connectors prevent corrosion


  • Braided cables are unavailable
  • Doesn’t have long lengths
  • Input joint can break
  • Quality is quite questionable
  • Other options more reliable

6. Mediabridge HDMI Cable

The Mediabridge cable is tested individually at the assembly line to make sure that the cables reach peak-level performance. Most competing brands do batch testing, which is not an efficient way of testing performance. Each cable is tested with devices that support 4K at 60hz.

Aside from that, the cable is able to support all types of 2.0b HDMI functions. Finally, the HDMI cable comes with a lifetime warranty for future problems that arise.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B0019EHU8G]

Similar to most HDMI cables that come with Ethernet, Media bridge’s HDMI cable tends to devices that need an Internet connection. This component allows you to reduce the number of cables in your home set-up. Aside from that, the cable is up to date with the latest developments.

This especially means it supports 4K, 3D resolutions, and advanced colors. However, the cable lacks some designs that make it durable. Aside from that, the cable is not RoHS certified, which means there could be hazardous materials in it. Another thing is it is HDCP certified from duplication.


  • Supports 4K and 3D
  • HDCP certified from duplication
  • Comes with High-Speed Ethernet
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • 50ft cable is CL3-certified


  • Cable is not RoHS-certified
  • Cable is not braided designed
  • Does not include gas-chamber
  • Cables do not last
  • Has no major issues

7. Monoprice Select Series

The Monoprice Select series is an HDMI cable that makes sure you can use all the signals provided in the latest features specifications of HDMI. The ends of the cable have ferrite cores, which are magnetic blocks.

The ferrite cores suppress the electronic noise of EMI/RFI by absorbing unnecessary high frequencies and converting them to low-level heat. This method is the simplest and most inexpensive way to suppress noise which does the job better.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B001F37I06]

The Monoprice Select HDMI cable is certified under HDMI Licensing, LLC, as a high-speed cable. We feel that this deserves to be on the list of best HDMI cables because of its affordability, its impressive feature list, and great build quality.

However, if you are looking for a cable that extends to more than 15ft, then you may prefer using a cable like AudioQuest Pearl, which has a higher build quality. Similar to most of the HDMI cables on this list, it comes with built-in Ethernet. However, it only works if you use it with devices that utilize internet connections.


  • 24-karat gold-plated cable connectors
  • Supports compressed digital formats
  • Affordable HDMI cable option
  • Has strong feature lists
  • Includes triple-shielding in cable


  • No braided cable design
  • Build quality is moderate
  • Longest length is 15ft
  • Not ideal for long-distances
  • Doesn’t last very long

8. Monster M1000 HD-4 Ultimate High-Speed

The Monster M-1000 series has provided a cable to give you every detail without compromising the quality. Aside from that, the cable is able to provide uncompressed 1080p/120Hz. With this, it provides high-quality audio/ video without having to convert digital to analog signals.

Since the rise of HDMI, it has increased its demands slowly and has required higher bandwidth. It transfers large amounts of digital data without signal degradation and signs of bit errors.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B000JVCPEY]

The Monster M-1000 is an HDMI cable with large silver-coated conductors to make transfer easy. Aside from that, it has ultra-high-density quad layers to prevent interference from RF and Em.

Another thing is that the cable also has a nitrogen-injected gas chamber to ensure that your signal strength is consistent. The cable is able to support 3D colors, as well as 4K-resolution which is only compatible with the technology that supports these features.

This cable can help you hear and see every detail of what you’re watching or playing your games. Aside from that, this cable is ideal if you want long-distance connections.


  • Cable length is long
  • Ultra-high-density quad
  • Large silver-coated connectors
  • Nitrogen-injected gas chamber
  • Large multi-stranded copper conductors


  • Overkill for short distances
  • Not a cost-effective product
  • Installation is quite difficult
  • Monster does not refund
  • Connector fall apart easily

9. SIIG Pro HD Hi-Speed HDMI Cable

The Siig Pro series is an HDMI cable that is able to connect to the latest HDMI-equipped technology, as well as HD televisions. Aside from that, the cable is able to support 3D video with HDMI-equipped video and digital audio that is uncompressed.

Another great thing about this cable is that it comes with copper conductors that are oxygen-free. The conductors are also gold-plated to deliver video quality and stop signal loss which is ideal.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B002J9HBOI]

The Siig Pro HD cable is certified as a high-speed cable with Ethernet. It has a braided cable design which makes it more durable compared to its other competitors. The cable only comes in three lengths, which makes it ideal for shorter distances.

Something we didn’t like in this cable is that it cannot sustain 10.2GBPS if you go for longer cables. However, it is certified for safety with an in-wall installation. It is not CL-3 certified, because that certification is reserved for longer cables. More importantly, it is RoHS certified which means it does not use hazardous materials.


  • Has braided cable design
  • Is RoHS certified cable
  • CL2-Certified for installation safety
  • High-speed with Ethernet connection
  • Has three different lengths


  • Long lengths aren’t available
  • Not CL3 Certified Cable
  • Has a premium price
  • Not HDCP certified cable
  • Other cheaper HDMI cables

10. Twisted Veins Three Pack

The Twisted Veins series is guaranteed to work with most HDMI-enabled devices. Aside from that, it carries signals that reach up to and include 4K/60Hz. The Twisted Veins series offers different versions of HDMI cables that go from very short to extra long.

Another feature is that the cables have a range of elbow adapters from 90 degrees to 270, and are configured right or left. The cables come with a lifetime guarantee and refund.

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B014EV0G3G]

The Twisted Veins HDMI cable comes in 3ft, which makes it compact and easy to travel with, but is not ideal for long-distance connections. Aside from this, the ties that come with the product make for easy storage to keep the cables from getting bent.

The cables have a braided design, which means it lasts much longer than cables without. Aside from that, it comes with a 90-degree angle adapter to help your cable fit hard-to-reach places. The adapter can also be used to keep your setup neat. Finally, this HDMI cable sets itself apart with the additional adapter accessory to help improve your home set-up.


  • Has braided cable design
  • Contains a 90-degree angle adapter
  • Ideal for constant traveling
  • Provides sturdy build cables
  • Connector avoids potential corrosion


  • Cables are not 2.0
  • Cables are too short
  • Image provided is static
  • Noise overlays the picture
  • Does not unravel easily

Important Takeaways for HDMI Cables

All the HDMI cables are adequate and have their own features that set them apart. Specifically, the most important feature for an HDMI cable to be the best in its value. These are our main takeaways on the best cable.

Overall Winner:

The Monoprice Select series has proven itself to be the best out of our ten reviews. With its price to its features, we believe that you may find the most value out of this HDMI cable. This is why it’s the overall winner.

Best Budget-Friendly Option:

We know that not everyone can afford the premium options. This is why we scoured the Internet for affordable options. We believe that the AmazonBasics HDMI cable is the cheapest option that can compete with other more premium HDMI cables.

Best for Long-Distance Connections:

We noticed that some of the HDMI cables weren’t as effective with longer lengths. On the contrary, AudioQuest Pearl has shown that it can maintain a good speed even with its length. In-wall installation is safe because of the CL3-certification

HDMI cables are now becoming a necessity in the ever-developing technology of our world. With the different options to choose from, we put together what we believed were the most value-centered cables that would make it worth spending on.

We know that there are some flaws with these choices. However, we hope that with the different cables that you find the best HDMI cable for you.

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