Best Laser Projector – Top 9 List Compared and Reviewed

Purchasing a laser projector can be surprisingly affordable, or it can break the bank. When you choose to buy, deciding on whether it is for home or business use is a good starting point. After that, you should determine whether you want a full-blown cinema experience or just an average display at a consistent quality.

For high-tech enthusiasts, the list of specifications may be something you’ll spend ages pondering over. The list of features may make sense to you, and it will be exciting. However, if you’re among the less technology-proficient, you might look at some of the language used and feel like you have stepped onto a different planet altogether.

So, what do you need to look for when choosing a laser projector? What makes one projector different from the next? Do you need to spend thousands of dollars buying the best product on the market or will an entry-level product suffice?

Let’s take a look at some of the bestsellers and how they differ. More importantly, let’s see what you can expect to be getting by reviewing some of these laser projectors.

Best Laser Projector – Comparison Table

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If you don’t feel like reading the comprehensive descriptions, take a glance at the most prominent specifications in this short and informative list we compiled. If you already know what you’re looking for, this should save you some time.

Best Laser Projector – Reviews

On the other hand, if you’re entirely new to the world of laser projectors, you’ll want some extra info. Here are our reviews of the products you found on the list above.


Dell DLP Projector - Laser diode - 3D - 4000 ANSI lumens - Full HD (1920 x 1080) - 16:9-1080p - LAN - with 2 Years Advanced Exchange Service
  • Projection Method: Front
  • Minimum Focal Length: 20.91 mm
  • Maximum Focal Length: 32.62 mm
  • Maximum Diagonal Image Size: 25 ft
  • Optical Zoom: 1.5x

This versatile and affordable projector is suitable for home, office, and even classroom use. It’s simple to set up with plug-and-play functionality. It’s suitable for your home movies, business presentations, or classroom assignments.

The projector also has a Super Eco mode, giving you a longer bulb life of up to 15,000 hours. This device comes with a power cable, a VGA cable, and remote control for smooth operation.


The vast, HD images will be perfect for classrooms and conference rooms; it can operate 24/7 while keeping the quality on a high level.

This device will be great for business, teaching venues – and your living room, if you’ve always dreamed of a home cinema.

Throw Distance

Dell brought a projector capable of throwing a large image from a close distance. This device is capable of throwing a 300-inch screen from a range of just over 2 ft, meaning that the gadget creates a sizeable, bright picture from a medium throw distance. You should be happy using this projector in any-sized room.


This gadget is USB, VGA, and HDMI compatible. As long as you have a USB port and an HDMI cable jack, you’re good to go. The VGA cable is not always a standard on the more advanced equipment, but it’s useful nevertheless.

Brightness and Display

This compact, portable machine uses DLP technology based on reflective surfaces to produce high-quality images. With this tried-and-tested method and a vertical lens, it provides optimal viewing.

Dell brings a stunning 4000 lumens, as well as four color modes, each corresponding a different light environment. Each one also produces jaw-dropping results.

– 2-year warranty with the possibility of expansion
– Long laser lifeHas 3D functionalityBuilt-in speakers of high quality
– Selecting inputs is not convenient
– The remote control design is complicated

2. EPSON EV-100 LightScene

This beautiful projector by Epson will fit in any room with its innovative design. The engine creates a laser light of 2000 lumens; due to the 3LCD technology, it creates colors and white brightness for vivid, detailed images.

EV-100’s lamp life is up to 20,000 hours, and you can utilize the economic mode to rise it to 30,000 hours!

You can enjoy zoom and focus, as well as fancy features such as highlighting and blending. It leaves space for creativity, making this projector excellent for any user.


If you don’t like the look of conventional ‘boxy’ projectors, you will enjoy the sleek design of Epson. Besides being great for conference rooms, it can be used in spaces such as museums, restaurants, and galleries.

It will also be ideal for anyone trying their hand at visual design due to a myriad of options it gives to an imaginative user.

Throw Distance

It can project images from a distance of 1.38 – 2.19 ft. This means that the Epson projector has your back whether you’re using it in a small or large room. You can also zoom in and out, which is an excellent feature to have in a classroom or conference room.


There are several options for connecting devices to your EV-100. You can do it via HDMI, USB, an Ethernet cable or by inserting an SD card.

If you want to emphasize the sound, there exists an audio jack for connecting external speakers.

Brightness and Display

When set on its dynamic color mode, Epson produces 2000 lumens of light – it creates both color and white lumens for a highly detailed image.

The projector also features 3LCD technology. This is a high-tech design, known for a bright, clear, and vivid display.

– Discreet design
– Quiet mode available
– Flexible connectivity thanks to the HDMI cable
– 3-year warranty
– Limited connectivity, as it has only 1 HDMI jack
– No 3D support


Casio XJ-A257 Ultra-Slim LED WXGA Projector with Wi-Fi + Psc Lens Cloth (3, 000 Lumens)
  • Bright 3, 000 Lumen hybrid LED light source with 20, 000+ hour lamp life
  • The revolutionary hybrid light source S clear and brilliant color reproduction for all projectors - even in daylight.
  • Thanks to the direct on/off function, waiting times and warm-up and cool-down phases are a thing of the past. Due to the hybrid light source This projector is also made for continuous use applications.
  • Vibrant 1, 800: 1 contrast ratio with a native 16: 10 aspect ratio and 1280 x 800 native resolution perfect for presentations.
  • Each unit is made-in-japan for quality and comes with a 6x6" Projector supercenter microfiber cloth.

This portable projector uses a mixture of LED and laser technology to be the perfect device for business people and lecturers on the go. To emphasize that feature, the gadget comes in a carrying case!

The LED & laser technology means you won’t be changing lamps every couple hundred hours, and makes the projector super easy to maintain. You can even connect it to your smartphone and project whatever you want, whenever you feel like it. On top of all this, it features no mercury, making the device eco-friendly.


This incredible product is light enough to carry anywhere you go. The set up is simple enough to be a 3-minute job. It offers crisp, light corner-to corner-clarity for your viewing pleasure.

It is ideal for old-school classrooms and business halls. Of course, you could use it at home if you wish, too.

Throw Distance

With a distance of 1.15 to 2.30 ft, you can get an image anywhere from 20 to 300 inches in diagonal. Therefore, the size of your image depends solely on what you need at the time – this product remains versatile from every angle!


The device features AV, VGA, USB, and HDMI compatibility, meaning it will connect to any gadget you wish.

There is also a port allowing you to control the projector directly by your PC. Plus, the wireless option allows the surrounding devices to do the same.

Brightness and Display

The 3000 lumens will be excellent for environments when light is constantly changing and presenting obstacles.

– Super portable and light
– Excellent image resolution
– Comes with a great speaker
– Compatible with smartphones
– The fan is quite loud


For a laser projector with such a high brightness, this one is extremely affordable, easy to set up, and use. With its image quality and up to 20,000 hours of lamp life, it makes for a very handy gadget for a wide array of audiences.

It is flexible to mount while staying light enough to move around – this, along with the readily available lens shift, makes it great for many uses. It creates a large image, but you can zoom in and out to your liking.


The specifications of this one make it most suitable for classrooms and business environments. However, if you’re looking for a projector on the lower end of the price range to use at home, this could be the one for you.

Throw Distance

The projection distance of this gadget is 1.3 – 2 ft. The shorter through is made up for by the image quality, and it makes it a bit more convenient.  Put it on the largest distance, and it still maintains it.


Like most projectors, this one connects through an HDMI cable. After all, it is the all-encompassing connectivity mode. Besides that, you get the more old-fashioned USB and VGA, as well as a jack for adding extra audio devices.

Brightness and Display

With incredible 5,000 lumens, it gives a clear, bright, and detailed image. They promise to provide a 1080p quality, something that even more advanced projectors fail to do.

The image will display with clarity and sharpness in small rooms. It operates better than your usual 3LDS projector and has a dramatic contrast option for an extra boost.

– Sharp, detailed display
– Built-in speakers
– Flexible mounting options
– The remote control is complicated to use
– Rapid replacement of parts lasts only a year


LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector (2017 Model - Class 1 laser product)
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution; Standby Mode : Less than 0.5W
  • LG Smart TV Enabled. Contrast Ratio-150,000:1. 100 inch at 4.7 inch (from back side to screen)
  • Ultra Short Throw projectors deliver vivid imagery within a very short distance of the projection surface. Set it just 17 inches from a wall or screen to get 100 inches of bright, vivid viewing
  • Up to 1,500 lumens and 20,000 hour laser lamp life. Noise - 26/28/30dB. Aspect Ratio - 16:9/Just Scan/Original/ 4:3/Zoom/Cinema Zoom
  • Laser Class: Class I; Laser Output power: 0 mW (zero mW)

This short throw projector can be placed very close to the wall and give you perfect image clarity. You can also position the projector further away for a bigger image without harming the quality – it’s your choice. Versatile and easy to operate, you will set up this device with minimal effort.

It offers full HD functionality and comes with the manufacturer’s magic remote for faster and easier navigation. The quick on and off function saves energy and time.

The product has built-in speakers. However, if you want an even more of a boom, you can pair it with an external Bluetooth device.


The simplicity of use and the best possible quality allow for a professional feeling anyone can enjoy.  We would recommend this projector to anyone with the budget and a desire for a home cinema.

Throw Distance

It depends on the distance you place it on. If you put it at 8’’ it projects onto a maximum screen of 120″ in size. On the other hand, if you wish to set it closer, minimum of 3’’, you will get an even sharper, albeit smaller, image.


Using this device means you can connect it via HDMI, USB, and LG smart TV. On top of that, it supports both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Brightness and Display

The 1500 lumens sound like a low number in comparison to the previous ones but remember it’s a short throw projector. It will still display in full HD, making it ideal for home use. Consequently, it gives you the cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.

– Up to 20,000 hours lamp usage
– Perfect for smaller spaces thanks to the short throw lens
– Bluetooth and wireless enabled
– High image quality
– Not suited for brighter lit areas
– The image quality decreases with distance


LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector - 2500 Lumens, Black
  • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution at up to 2500 lumens brightness
  • Up to 150" Screen size
  • HDR10 compatible; Standby Mode: Less than 0.5W
  • Lg Smart TV enabled. Power Supply (Voltage, Hz) - 100V – 240V @ 50~60 Hz (PSU Built-in)
  • Bluetooth sound Out.Power Consumption:280W (Max)

This 4K device offers ultra high-definition and is the brightest projector LG brought to the market.

This projector provides you with immaculate the image quality and brightness. It’s safe to say that it can’t get any clearer. This industry-standard product is suitable for home use or larger displays, promising to deliver cinema-quality viewing.


Whether you’re looking for a fancier youtube watching or a full home cinema, this is the product you are looking for. Having experienced this quality, you won’t return to less.

Throw Distance

It depends solely on how far you place it. You can get an image from 40 to 150 inches placing it at a distance of 3 to 14 feet. Basically, you will be able to use it in a room of any size.


Like most respectable projectors, it comes with HDMI, USB, and LG smart TV connections enabled. For extra versatility, it supports both wireless and Bluetooth.

Brightness and Display

The projector offers 2500 lumens of brightness, providing you with vivid, detailed images of whatever you happen to be watching. This projector displays in UHD and will function for up to 20.000 hours without a bulb change.

– HDR10 compatible
– Ultra-high resolution
– Compact device with a carry handle
– Extremely versatile
– The smart TV functionality isn’t well-developed


Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector,130" Black (S718QL)
  • Present in amazing detail with 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution for 8.3 million pixels of stunning video and images
  • Place the S718QL less than four inches from the wall and watch it present a 100-inch display
  • Laser technology lasts for up to 10 years and allows for instant on/of
  • Using your office network, you and your audience can present wirelessly from up to 4 different devices simultaneously

The Dell ultra short throw claims you can place the projector just four inches away from the wall and get 100 inches of ultra-high definition image!

This projector is superb in high definition output, allowing you to display to various devices at the same time. It comes standard with Dell’s two-year advanced exchange warranty.

The projector comes with a Dell laser system which lasts for up to 20,000 hours. There is also an extended warranty package available from the manufacturer, from 3 years up to 5 years.


The Dell projector is top of the range and backed by Dell’s service and warranty. As its range suggests, it fits even the smallest of rooms, making it the perfect device for those with more modest spaces and high expectations.

Throw Distance

Projection size goes up to 100″ at only 4 inches of distance, meaning you can use it in your living room. However, if you place it further from the projecting area, you get an even larger image, making the device quite versatile.


Dell’s projector features both the new-age HDMI and traditional USB connectivity. It allows you to present to four different devices simultaneously.

Brightness and Display

The projector offers 5,000 lumens of light, making it the brightest product we’ve tested so far.

Thanks to the 4K UHD display technology, this projector produces an ultra high definition of image boasting in quality and clarity.

– Can get extended warranty
– Ultra-high resolution
– Lamp-free laser technology
– Not 3D compatible


The Optoma, while on the higher end of the price spectrum, is a projector to be reckoned with. This 4K ultra high definition product has PureMotion frame interpolation. This technology gives you the ultimate fluid viewing.

This easy to install projector displays amazing color and has a vertical lens shift.  It eliminates motion blurring and offers the best frame processing. Optoma laser projectors use only the highest quality lasers to bring you the best picture images and the highest energy efficiency. Optoma projectors also boast the most consistent color display over time.


Due to both the price and the high quality it features, we recommend this project for professionals, mostly. If you’re a newbie tech-lover with a deep enough pocket, though, go for it!

Throw distance

The range throw is adjustable to your desire. You can project from 1.39 to 2.22 ft, making it compatible with a range of spaces from a simple living room to a theater room.


As one may expect, it features HDMI and USB connectivity. By using the most HDMI compatibility, these HDR compatible projectors allow you to see more texture and detail than any other projector. This gives you the most life-like viewing experience.  

Brightness and Display

The projector offers 3000 lumens of light, making it one of the brighter products available.

This Optoma will provide you with the richest and fullest images while you’re relaxing in the comfort of your home. Projection is at full HD quality with superior color display and image clarity. It also has a real depth perception, which gives a real-life feel to the images portrayed on screen.

– Instant power on and off function
– Ultra high definition with depth
– The ultimate home cinema experience
– Not 3D compatible


Acer’s 4K UHD is excellent both for commercial uses and building your own home cinema. When used as a home entertainment system, it is capable of displaying large images in a variety of colors. The smooth motion feature will be an extra if you enjoy watching sports or action, too!

This easy to install device provides a broader image with fantastic color and clarity and boasts an extremely quiet fan. This excellent projector is intuitive and projects a simply incredible picture.


The specifications of this product make it great for classrooms and business environments. However, if you are looking to upgrade a current movie room, know that Acer brought that game to the next level.

Throw Distance

Projection at ultra-high definition offers brilliant and superior image clarity. With a range of 1.39 to 2.22 ft, it works both for smaller and larger rooms without compromising the quality. You will also be able to zoom in and out if you want to relish in the high quality.


It supports HDMI and USB connectivity, but it also connects to older video recorders, and you may connect the projector to your PC. It is indeed an all-in-one device. Plus, there are two jacks for connecting audio equipment – and you get two speakers to do just that.

Brightness and Display

With a maximum of 3000 lumens, Acer promises excellent images, no matter the conditions. However, they boast handling black scenes the best, and many other 4K lasers failed to do so. Their entire advertisement revolves around the image quality, and they are not lying.

– Extra rich colors
– Ultra high definition
– Comes with speakers
– An incredible home cinema experience
– No 3D support for Blu-ray

Best Laser Projector – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, we’ve compiled this buyer’s guide to help you out. We hope this will help you understand which areas require focus and which are optional.


Depending on whether you are purchasing your projector for home use or business presentations, this may have a sizeable impact on your purchase decision. While technology is developing almost faster than you can produce these machines, it is not always necessary to go for the newest model.

In short, the higher the lumens, the better the picture quality, especially when we are talking about bright images. This, along with the number of pixels, determines the quality of a produced image.


As technology advances, so too do the connectivity options of these devices.

More manufacturers are trying to streamline products so that they can offer a universal fit. You are likely to find that most devices still use USB ports, but always be sure to check the connectivity settings beforehand to ensure you are not left without the right option after you buy. HDMI is the best choice for universality right now; go for this if possible.


If you intend to use your projector at home, you most likely won’t be too concerned with either the size or the weight of the projector. However, if you plan to travel with the device, you may want to think about the portability and safe movement of the product.

Some products come with handy travel bags, while other manufacturers offer additional convenient options for business people and movie-lovers on the go.

While you may not want to invest in the extras, we would highly recommend purchasing the original manufacturer’s equipment in the form of travel bags along with your projector. They will provide a safe carriage of your new projector and give you many hours of productivity.


Most entry-level products focus more on the visuals than on sound. If you plan to use your gadget mostly for business or in classrooms, then this may be well-suited and sufficient.

However, if you are looking at projectors for home use and are aiming for the ultimate entertainment experience, you may want to think twice. Look for the products that offer built-in speakers as well as having the option to connect with additional external devices for extra sound quality.

Once again, consider the connectivity that is being offered in the case of optional extras. Many manufacturers may specifically claim to be compatible with other products in the market.


There is nothing more annoying than when you are sitting in a presentation, and the noise of the projector fan is all you can hear.  

Nowadays, thankfully, more and more manufacturers are considering this point and upgrading the quality of the fans installed in projectors.

The fans in laser projectors keep the bulbs cool, giving them a longer life. However, this may lead to more noise. Be sure to check out the products that you are considering for different bulb modes, and listen for the sound of the fan. If you can noticeably hear it, perhaps try alternative products to see if there is something quieter available.


Some projectors are specifically designed for a shorter ‘throw distance.’ This accounts for the amount of space between the projector itself and the canvas onto which the image/presentation is projected. For smaller areas, it is advisable to consider the short throw options, as these give an incredible quality display at very close range.

Some more advanced products offer a short throw distance, while simultaneously giving a brilliant image quality from afar. It is wise to check the projection specifications upfront to be sure; do so once you have a good idea of the space you will be using the projector in.


Longer-lasting bulbs are a wiser option to go for. Bulb replacement can be costly, so considering the products that advertise a longer life or, better yet, eco modes is a smart choice.

Products that have more than one mode are worth considering. If there is an eco mode available, you can choose to use less power when conditions allow. This ensures you get a longer life from the bulb and saves you money in the long run.

The Verdict – Which is the Best Laser Projector?

While so many of the projectors we tested out do deliver, one stood out: the LG 4K UHD projector, which really knocked our socks off. The sound quality, together with the bright and crisp picture, is unbelievable. The experience was memorable, and it truly felt like we were at a big event, and not in the comfort of our living room.

While everyone has their personal favorites, the specs can’t lie. However, make your choice based on your needs and budget, and be sure to enjoy whichever you end up purchasing.

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