Best Pico Projector 2020: The Ultimate Guide (Movies, Gaming, Cheap)

Are you looking for the best pico projector 2020? These pocket projectors are small and compact enough to take with you anywhere for applications like movies, TV shows, presentations, and gaming. You can find different options including built-in batteries and speakers, and connectivity/input options like HDMI and USB.  

We’ll review some of the best mobile projectors on the market. This can help you pick the right one for your needs like YouTube or streaming videos, and PS4, Xbox, or Wii games.  

Best Pico Projectors Comparison Table

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Best Pico Projector on the Market Reviews

1. M5 Mini Portable Projector by AAXA Technologies


The M5 Mini Portable Projector is small and compact, which makes it easy to take with you to work, school, camping, etc. It also contains a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides a runtime of 70+ minutes. This is enough juice for the series finale of Game of Thrones.  

The unit produces a bright 900 lumens produced by digital light processing (DLP) optical engine and long-lasting LED source with Vibrant Color Tech.

The pocket projector provides 1280×800 HD native resolution (WXGA) and maximum input resolution of 1080-pixels. This helps to provide crisp and clear images in full HD.    

Direct File Playback is available through built-in media player and speaker. This allows you to use the projector right out of the box.

The M5 projector offers several connectivity options including VGA, HDMI, USB, and Micro SD. This, in turn, makes it easier to connect to devices for content like movies and TV shows.  

It also offers a wide 150-degree projection that even works well in low-light conditions. M5 accessories include a remote control and mini tripod.


    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • 900 lumens
    • 20,000 Hours LED
    • Native 1080-pixel resolution
  • Connectivity: VGA, HDMI, USB, Micro SD


    • Very bright/quiet
    • Easy to use
  • Powerful projector


    • Shipping/packaging
    • < 900 lumens
  • Bad option for big rooms

2. Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector by Anker


This Mini Projector from Anker resembles an Amazon Echo speaker. The unit provides a crisp and clear image with IntelliBright algorithms for 100 ANSI lumens. The projector’s seamless aluminum is durable yet lightweight at 15 ounces for better portability.  

The Anker projector also projects images on screen/wall up to 100-inches. It’s also a good option for dim environments, so it’s ideal for power outages, camping trips, and so on.  

The smart projector also provides 4 hours of continuous video playback. You could enjoy long films like The Godfather: Part II and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

The Nebula Capsule includes a 360-degree speaker. It plays sounds in all directions while watching movies or TV shows; It provides the best audio experience for everyone watching the videos.

Nebula Capsule has several applications. They include movies, TV shows, and console gaming,

The soda can-shaped projector also supports Android 7.1 and media apps but doesn’t support Chromecast. This allows you to enjoy content from platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.  

Other models of Nebula smart speakers are also available. They include Mars, Mars II, and Mars Lite.  


    • 360-degree speaker
    • 100-inch picture
    • High Contrast
    • Wi-Fi
  • 4 hr. video playtime


    • Hours of battery life
    • Sits on many surfaces
  • Travel accessories


    • Shipping/packaging
    • Not very bright
  • Doesn’t work w/ Google Pixel phones

3. iDG-787W Mini Portable Projector by iDGLAX


iDG-787W is a Mini Projector provides a portable design and affordable price. It has a compact size and weighs just 2 pounds.

iDG-787W offers HD Native Resolution and contrast 1000:1. It includes improved LED Display tech to produce a wider range of colors. The bulb has a lifespan up to 20,000 hours to reduce lamp swaps and operating costs. It results in images that are clearer/crisper.

You can project images onto screens up to 100-inches wide. It also features a built-in speaker so you can use the projector without a stand-alone speaker.  

It’s a good option for applications like home theaters and game consoles like PS4, Xbox, and Wii. However, it’s not recommended for PowerPoint presentations.

An HDMI cable is bundled with iDG-787W. This allows you to connect to mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. It also supports inputs like VGA, SD, and AV. You can also use the USB port to charge your mobile device.

The iDG-787W’s fans keep the unit cool when operated to optimize the images and sounds provided. You won’t have to worry about noise and heat and reduces the need for future maintenance.  

The speaker also includes a 3-year service warranty and technical support.


  •         HD-ready
  •         Compatible with iOS/Android devices
  •         HDMI cable
  •         Video game compatible
  •         Image size up to 100-inches


    • Quality picture
    • Good price/value
  • Good for games, cartoons, etc.


    • Fan is loud
    • Customer service
  • Hard to get in focus

4. Mini Portable LED Projector by LoongSon


The Mini LED Projector is compact and weighs about 0.6 pounds. This makes the unit portable so you can bring it with you anywhere.

The projector has many applications like relaxing before bedtime, parties, hiking, camping, and travel. It’s a good option when it’s not practical to bring a TV with you since the unit is powered by a power bank.

The LoongSon projector works with various interfaces including HDMI, USB, and SD. This allows you to connect it to devices like iOS/Android phones, tablet, laptop/MacBook, and media players like Roku stick and Chromecast.

The mini projector is a “green” option since it includes ABS plastic & bridgelux LED light so your eyes and health and protected.

The pocket projector also includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day return policy. This helps to protect your investment and makes the smart projector a risk-free option.      


    • 1-year warranty
    • Applications like home, camping, etc.
    • Interfaces like HDMI, USB, SD, etc.
    • Very compact and lightweight
  • Connects to iPhones, Android phones, tablets, laptops, etc.


    • Creates TV-size projection
    • Good projector for small home
  • Easy to carry


    • Bad resolution
    • Low-end projector
  • Like a toy

5.  DLP Pico Video Projector by ELPHAS


This DLP projector is compact and portable. It has a mini size and weighs just 0.6 pounds. This allows you to take the pocket projector wherever you go easily. You can also use the unit as a smart TV.  

The Pico Video Projector provides multi-screen tech that lets you use multiple devices to project content like images, video, and games using cables like USB, lighting, and Type-C. They include iOS and Android smartphones.  

The ELPHAS projector projects onto screens up to 130-inches, which provides more flexibility than other units on the market.   

Input options include USB, HDMI and Micro SD. You can connect the projector to devices like DVD players, laptops, and gaming consoles.

The 5200mAh battery allows you to watch movies over 2 hours. A tripod is bundled with the projector to increase the unit’s flexibility.

The EPHAS offers an 18-month warranty for the projector itself and a 2-month refund/replacement guarantee.


    • 5200mAh, long battery life
    • Factory warranty
    • Multi-media input
    • Compact/portable
  • Multi-screen sharing


    • Easy to use
    • HD resolution
  • Good value


    • Complex
    • Not good for iPhones
  • Dark sports

What is a Pico Projector and How to Pick One?

Here are some of the main features to consider when searching for the best pico projector 2020:

Media Player

You can often connect the projector to a media player. This is ideal for sharing music, images, video, etc. A media player can provide several benefits including the use of different file formats.

Some pico projectors also include a built-in media player. This prevents the need to purchase a stand-alone unit, which adds to the overall cost of using a projector.  If there’s one less thing you have to get your project up and running, that’s a good thing.


Since these mini projectors are mobile, you should consider the number of connectivity options you have like HDMI, USB, Micro SD, etc. This is important since you’ll have particular options based on where you use the pico projector.

“The more, the merrier” rule generally applies so look for units that have multiple connectivity options.  That will make the projector more versatile.


Portability is certainly one of the most important factors to consider when picking a mini projector. Look for ones that are super-light at 1-2 pounds or so. The units should also be small enough to fit in a laptop bag, briefcase, purse, etc.


A LED bulb is long-lasting so is one of the most important features to look for when buying a projector. For example, you can find some bulbs that last for 20,000+ hours. This provides more value and reduces how soon you’ll have to replace the bulb.


Today there are 4 main technologies to look for when picking a pico-projector:

DLP: Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors use small mirrors located on a chip. An LED source then directs light. This is one of the most popular technologies used for mobile projectors and is used by several companies like Samsung and Optoma.

LCoS: Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) is a small LCD panel that uses a LED source to filter light. This is a popular technology used today.

Laser-LCoS: This uses the LCoS filter, but a laser is the light source. Lasers are bright/efficient and always in focus.

Laser-Beam-Steering: This new tech uses a laser and small mirror for directing light. The Speckle effect affects the image negatively and causes small dots on the image.


Both issues are related. Make sure to consider the resolution of a particular unit before selecting it. Another feature to look for is 1080-pixel Max. Input Resolution. This is quite high for a mini projector but isn’t offered for all units.


Ones like a tripod and remote make it easier to operate the pocket projector. This will likely boost the price tag of the mini projector but is worthwhile in terms of convenience. You can more easily project images using the machine without using stacks of books on a desk, for example.

A remote is also a helpful accessory. Sometimes you won’t want to stand by the projector whenever you operate it. Not only is this inconvenient but it also could affect the visibility of the wall/screen where the image is projected. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid.


How much does a pico-projector cost? It depends on various factors including the brand, quality, technology, features, and others. You should probably start with a basic model if you’re purchasing your first unit. It not only will have a lower price tag but also will be easier to use.   

There are many other factors to consider. They include the brightness, battery, resolution, connectivity, and accessories. All of these factors will affect the total cost of the unit.

Projection Angle

This is important to determine the maximum size of a wall/screen you can use for projecting an image. This figure differs for different units. You’ll generally want a wider range to make projection easier in different situations.


Here’s another feature to consider when picking a pico projector. You have various issues to think about. What type of battery is included? Lithium-ion is one of the most common ones today, but other types of battery tech are also available.

Then there’s the battery charging. How long does it take? How many minutes of runtime do you get? You shouldn’t expect to get a full day of runtime. However, all things considered, an hour offers good value due to the battery’s size in particular.

You should also learn how long it takes to juice up the battery. Look for ones you can charge quickly so you can get the projector back online. That, in turn, will boost efficiency and lower downtime.


We’ve just some of the top pocket projectors on the market. We’re now ready to announce our pick for the best of the best: Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector by Anker.

Why did we pick this model? The soda can shape provides the projector with a stylish and durable design like Amazon Echo. Form should follow function, but this unit offers a design that isn’t a run-of-the-mill rectangle.

The image is also crisp and clear with 100 ANSI lumens. It can be projected onto screens/walls 100-inches wide.  

Then there are tons of content sources. They include Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and streaming/media apps. The 360-degree speaker blasts clear sound in all directions. The Nebula Capsule by Anker is easily the best pico projector 2020. It’s out of this world!  

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