Best Workout Earbuds – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Does the thought of hitting the gym wear you out? While exercising and workouts have a number of health benefits, it is still something we'd rather put off until the next Monday.

But as you know the powers of music can turn a heart and quite the same way good pumping music can get you to head to that gym every day. The earphones, make the job a lot easier. You can listen to your choice of the music without worrying about the people around you and have your own fun time!

A good pair of headphones is hence a must have for your workout equipment. It will keep the motivation and adrenaline levels high, give you a good rhythm to keep up with and may even make your daily session something you'll look forward to at the end of every day.

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Workout Earbuds

The Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset is not just affordable but the top quality headphones you will find in the markets today. Really easy to use, customize and just the right fit, these have a long battery life. The set is also compatible with the Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+.

Next, the Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones are comfortable, fitting and quality headphones. They also come with the unique heart rate sensor that helps you keep track of your performance. Sweat-proof and made from the top quality material, these have a five-hour battery life. You can also get connected with the other fitness apps via Bluetooth and take your performance to another level.

If you are looking for more power output and good bass, then the Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones are just the ones you should check out. The battery lasts over 12 hours and you can enjoy complete, uninterrupted connectivity through your workout sessions. In case it ever runs out, just connect it to the USB port for five minutes and you can get up to an hour long battery; no more excuses to set new records!

The MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones comes with the memory wire and over the ear fit technology; so you won’t ever have to worry about adjusting the headphones or ensuring they are the right fit. Water and sweat resistant, this is the perfect pair for taking with you to the gym every day.

Finally the JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds, these are great if you are looking for an affordable option. The headset is waterproof and resistant to breakage. The battery lasts for twelve hours and it even comes with an indicator that lets you know just when to plug it back in.

2018's Review of the Best Workout Earbuds

#1 Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android – Blackout

Let’s start with the best headset in town, the Jaybird X3 Bluetooth headset. Now this one gives you the best of both worlds. There’s great sound quality, perfect size and the price is quite a catch.

The buds are compact in size, give you superb quality sound and are very durable and water-resistant. With the Jaybird X3, don’t sweat the small stuff, the buds are built to be tough against the weather extremities and nano-coated to dive away all the water or sweat.

The best part about the Jaybird X3 is the superb fitting. The tips and wings keep the earplug firmly – yet comfortably – in place and this also makes this ideal for all types and sizes of ears.

The battery lasts up to eight hours so, that’ll keep you fueled for your gym time, every day. Plus, the charging time is only about 15 minutes! Talk about convenience.

Really tough on the exterior, the headphone also allows good personalization of sounds.


  • Perfect fit
  • High-quality sound
  • Battery lasts 8 hours
  • Charging time 15 minutes only
  • Sandblasted and injection molded metallic exterior
  • Waterproof


  • Not very comfortable

#2 Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones

Next, we have the Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headset. This one comes with a heartbeat sensor, NFC pairing and easy connectivity to some of the well-known fitness apps like Endomondo and RunKeeper.

So forget about just some good songs and music, you also get to monitor your heart rate and workout performance. Plus these headphones are moisture and weather resistant and hence, ideal for your daily workout routine.

Very comfortable and the right fit for all ear sizes, the plugs sort of form a seal inside the ear to keep them firmly in place. If things ever get rough and sweaty, you can still relax, they won’t fall out.

There’s also the Volume-optimized EQ for giving you amazing sound quality and a balanced audio whether you prefer things loud or quiet. You get up to five hours of battery time and a USB charging cable; so connect it on the go with your laptop or charger and get a full recharge no matter where you are.


  • Amazing fit
  • Water and sweat proof
  • Very comfortable and quality headphones
  • Bose signature sound quality
  • Great connectivity with other fitness apps and Bluetooth


  • A bit unappealing due to the protruding design
  • You may not like the Bose signature sound quality

#3 Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Enjoy over twelve hours of battery life with the Powerbeats3 wireless in-ear headphones. If you ever run low on the battery, simply plug it in for a five-minute power charge and enjoy a whole hour of uninterrupted music.

Water and sweat resistant, these come with secure fit ear hooks that make these perfectly fitted to the ear, so you can enjoy a full-on workout session. With an extremely comfortable fit and quality crispy clear sound, this is the top choice for bass music fans. It comes with the USB charging cable, carrying case, manual guide, and warranty card.

The noise isolation is superb and you will find yourself in the mood for working out in no time at all. The earbuds are very comfortable and light in weight and the pair is built to last. There’s a separate power button that will help keep them turned off when not in use.

So your battery will last longer and your headphones will always perform better than ever, no matter where you take them.


  • Long battery life
  • Perfect fit
  • Sweatproof
  • High-quality and clear sound
  • You can select the right size of ear tips


  • You may take some time getting used to the gadget
  • Not totally waterproof

#4 MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire

Check out this IPX5 certified for moisture resistance, MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 headphone. The buds rest securely on the ear, thanks to the memory wire that keeps them tucked in place so you can jog, workout or simply go about your day.

Comfort is something MEE audio Sport does take seriously; the earbuds are very comfortable so you can wear them for hours without getting annoyed or tired. Noise isolation is on point too, nothing around you would distract you and you can just focus on the beat and do your thing at the gym.

The best part, you get a year-long manufacturer’s warranty, so in case anything goes wrong, that’ll have you covered.


  • Good noise isolation
  • The right fit for all
  • Affordable


  • A bit low in quality
  • The memory wire may be a bit bothersome

#5 JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds

The JLab Audio Epic2 comes in six color options. That gives you an array of choices to select one that just matches your workout gear.

The fit is comfortable and suits all ear sizes and even during the most rigorous the workout session, they won’t fall out. Plus the headset is heavily resistant to breakage and moisture. In fact, you can even give it a good wash after each session at the gym to keep it nice and clean!

The battery compartment is sealed and coated with microelectronics and that keeps it safe from water damage.

The battery lasts for up to twelve hours and that can give you up to two to three days for an average workout session. There’s also an indicator light, that will give you a heads-up as soon as it needs a recharge.

JLab Audio Epic2 ensures that there are never any compromises with sound. You’ll always get crisp, clear and uplifting sound thanks to the 8mm drivers that are over 50% as large as the others in the league.

So be it at the gym or your everyday routine, this headset is bound to give you a good head start to the day. You can also take calls and listen to music round the clock.


  • Very comfortable fit
  • Superb sound quality
  • Water and breakage resistant
  • Twelve-hour battery life


  • Sound quality is not up to the mark
  • Not very durable

Good Workout Earbuds – Key Considerations

Before you pick off the first earphone that catches your eye, we would recommend you to take a look at our buying guide here. No matter how tempting the set may seem, it is always wise to know some bits and pieces about these earbuds, so that you can get the most benefit out of it.

Some of the key elements to consider are as follows:


The headphones should last, that is unless you go for a cheap knock-off quality brand. This is particularly important when using these during a workout, as the workout sessions may get aggressive. So there's a higher possibility of getting them accidentally knocked off or striking them against something there.

Hence the best of these headphones are resistant against scratches and strikes and are likely to survive the tough conditions.

The Right Fit

What can be more annoying than an earphone that keeps falling out? The best of the earbuds, do not require frequent adjustments. They stay put and fit well to the ear.

While you may find a number of types and options, it is better to go for the lighter weighted ones, for the workout. These are more comfortable, easier to fit and carry.

Since you will be burning up a whole lot of calories during the workout sessions, that may actually lead to a whole lot of sweating. So the least you'd expect from your headset would it to be water resistant.

Sweat Proof

Water resistance also comes in handy in case of an unforeseen drizzle as you jog around the block or get some accidental water exposure.

Noise Proof

Ever come across a noisy headphone? The ones that give off an audible annoying buzz, that is quite distracting, to say the least?

Yes, those can be quite a turn off especially when you are trying your best to concentrate on your gym routine. Thankfully technology has taken care of everything today. You can easily find headsets with noise isolation that give off no buzz or hum that can upset those around you.

Plus the noise proofing also helps keep out the external sounds from getting to your ear. This way you will be able to concentrate much better and that will give you the privacy you need at the gym.

Lasting Battery

The minimum, minimum life of a good headset should be at least 4-5 hours. This way you will get enough time to work out and get to and get back from the gym with your favorite music. Many of the top-rated headsets have much longer battery lives and hence last a good couple of hours without requiring a recharge.

Plus, the charging time is really important too. Some of the older versions take tame to charge, and that can be a bit of a hassle if you are not ready with them for the next day in time. But some latest versions can get a full battery recharge in just about 15 minutes.

So if you ever forget to charge the night before, you can simply plug them in and have them ready just in time for you to leave.

Sound Quality

If you have thought about buying a good headset, good quality sound just wouldn’t hurt. Since you are getting the earbuds for your workout routine, it may not be a major factor but it can have a great impact on your concentration and in keeping your cool.

The rough or low-quality sound is never appealing to the ear, and while you are at it, it wouldn't hurt to test out the sound quality or if you are making the purchase online, then reading some of the user reviews will help a lot.

Wired or Wireless?

Thanks to technology we now have an open choice amongst the Bluetooth headphones and the wired types. The choice depends on your comfort.

The Bluetooth headphones for one, come free from the hassles of tangles and give you the liberty to exercise as freely as you like. You don’t even have to carry your phone or iPod in your pocket for as far as the connectivity goes you can stay connected to your device even if it rests in your backpack.

On the downside, these need to be recharged; at least once a day.

Whereas, the wired headphones don’t need a recharge at any time. Plus they cost quite less and have good sound quality. Yes, tangled wires may be an issue, but you can always make a way through. On the downside, you will have to carry that phone or MP3 player in your pocket or close.

Again it’s really about the personal preference when it comes to the selection of the wired or Bluetooth headsets.


Whether you are new to the gym or bodybuilding means serious business to you, a good jam will keep you motivated for making the most out of it at the workout. The best workout headsets are extremely good at fitting, have great sound quality and are also noise proof.

So be it jogging, pushups, or taking it a step further on the treadmill, the earbuds have got your back. Read more about the benefits of music while exercising here.

Music is indeed food for the soul and if that can make you head to the gym, it's all a win-win.

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