Bluetooth Projector Devices – Quick FAQ

bluetooth projectorA bluetooth projector can provide additional wireless functionality to your existing projector. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to add bluetooth capabilities to a device that doesn’t come with wireless support. Hence it’s probably best to ensure that the device you have your eyes set on supports bluetooth.

Benefits of using a Bluetooth Projector

A DLP projector with wires reduces the portability of the device. It also leaves all the wires exposed which may look a bit unsightly. Most reputed bluetooth projectors have signal range of about 20ft, thereby greatly increasing the portability of the device. Also, without the need to set-up the cables, one simply has to use the Windows Bluetooth Set-up Wizard to begin the presentation (you may have to turn on the bluetooth switch on the projector as well)

How to know if my projector supports bluetooth?

If you don’t have the time to go through the manual, a quick way to find out if a device supports bluetooth is to look for the blue “B” sign on the box. If you see the word “wireless” mentioned on the box or the manual, it is very likely that your projector supports bluetooth or WiFi.

What do I need to run a bluetooth projector?

It’s very simple, you need a video source that supports Bluetooth. That is, a laptop or computer with bluetooth capabilities. Secondly, you need a projector with wireless capabilities.

How to convert a normal projector to a bluetooth projector?

If you purchased a wired projector or have an old projector, it is possible to add bluetooth or even WiFi functionality to the device. However, like we said, it’s not going to be easy and will require buying a new device along with installing softwares on your laptop/computer.

Summing Up:

Like the saying goes, “Everything is great with bluetooth!”, so we have bluetooth speakers, headsets, cell phones and television sets among others. Keeping with this trend, a bluetooth projector can also be a worthy investment. For the extra few $$$, you get both the aesthetics and the functionality.



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