The Brightest Projector Ever Made – Barco Alchemy DP2K-32B

The Brightest Projector Ever Made - Barco Alchemy DP2K-32B

We’re talking huge brightness here folks. 43000 Lumens of pure unadulterated lights of heaven vision. It’s the Barco Alchemy DP2K-32B and it’s the brightest projector ever built that you can buy and use for your home. It’s also used in many cinemas so when I say it gives you the cinema experience it really does. It costs a chunk of change too, but it was decades in the making and someday soon we’ll all have something like this in our homes. Want to hear all about it? Me too

Screen Size

This is made for a select few who have large open spaces like back gardens or function rooms. It’ll give you images up to a massive maximum of 105 feet. Optimum quality is achieved between 20 feet and 105 feet. So it’s not a Projector you’re going to be using in your living room or the bedroom. And, it’s not a Projector for people who live in small houses. It’s a monumentally huge cinema Projector for real movie and gaming fans.

43000 Lumens

The brightest ever made. Here’s what those Lumens give you

1. View outside in natural light on most afternoons. On all except the sunniest days and even on these you’ll get some kind of where picture whereas you’d get none on almost every other model.

2. View outside in the evenings without worrying about how much light there is outside.

3. View in function rooms with the lights on or off.

In other words you don’t need to be concerned about light because you have enough brightness to cope with almost any viewing situation.

Better than 1080p

Whats better than 1080p? This is. The native resolution here is 2048×1080. So we’re talking 2K resolution on the brightest Projector ever made. You actually get 2,211,840 pixels which is higher than DCI 2K and Cinemascope 2K. It’s better than at the actual Cinema. And the end result is a glorious picture full of intense detail. By the way, a Projector like this is not entirely out of most peoples reaches. Technology is expanding so fast at the minute. 4K and 8K have been here for a while now and 2K will soon become very affordable. As of now though, it is the reserve of those who have the cash to spend on luxury products like this.

2K 3D

2048x1080p Full 3D is also possible here. You get 60 frames per second in each eye making the 3D very fluid and fast. There aren’t many distortions at all despite this being a single-chip DLP and none of the color spots common in the 3D that you might have seen on lower priced models.


This is not merely a Projector. It’s also a media player so you can hook your laptop up to it and download as many movies as you want. There are two storage drives. The first holds 1.9TB of information and the second holds 3.9TB. That is enough for a vast collection of movies. You can also download movies directly through the Barco Alchemy DP2K-32B App. Even transfer all the pictures from your phone over to the storage drives for viewing on a large screen.

Barco Web Commander

This comes free with the Projector and enables you to do all kinds of stuff. You get a dashboard that shows the status of the Projector. You can check your storage from there and Lamp Life. You can also check your recordings and your scheduled recordings. Yep, you can hook this up to your cable box and record shows live from TV weeks in advance.


So there you have it.The brightest Projector ever built. I don’t think anything will beat this for a very long time. 43000 Lumens means you can watch it anywhere at anytime time. Provided you can fit it in, with it being a large screen Projector. The picture isn’t bad either with it’s 2K 2048x1080p resolution which is expandable up to 8K. Record movies live, play games and schedule recordings from TV. There’s enough space here to transfer your whole movie collection onto this model. Outstanding picture, terrific storage, great brightness and 3D. that’s the Barco Alchemy DP2K-32B.

Guiness World Record

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