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fitbit charge review


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A Deep Dive Into The Fitbit Charge

This is the Fitbit Charge fitness monitor. It’s an activity tracker with a clear LED display. The Charge tracks daily activity and sleep patterns. It can also communicate with your smartphone for upload of training / activity data plus notification of incoming call alerts. The Fitbit Charge is reviewed by Tristan Haskins aka CardioCritic.

Upload directly to Smartphone

The FitBit Charge automatically and wirelessly (via Bluetooth) synchronises your activity data to your computer and  smartphones. It also tracks your progress in detailed charts and graphs keeping you encouraged and motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Track the quality of your Sleep

Track the quality of your SleepThe quality of your night’s sleep is almost as important to the activity undertaken throughout the day. The Charge like the other FitBit activity monitors gives you an indication of the quality of your slumber.Get a better picture of your overall health by using Charge to automatically track how long and how well you sleep. Sync your nightly stats to see online graphs that illustrate your sleep trends, and wake peacefully by setting a silent, vibrating alarm.An alternative approach to Fitness TrackingIn Feb 2017 Mio released the Mio Slice. The world’s first fitness band to include PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). Rather than “just” count steps, the Mio Slice is looking for elevated heart rate at regular periods throughout the day.

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As with all Mio’s products it features WRIST BASED heart rate. If you are looking for a motivational, innovative, stylish, water resistant fitness tracker that really does CHALLENGE you, take a look at the world’s first PAI powered fitness band – the Mio Slice.Mio Slice the world’s first fitness band with PAI score.

Top Alternatives

Next Model UP

The next model up is the Fitbit Charge HR with…. surprise surprise, built-in heart rate sensor.

Next Model DOWN

The model below the FitBit Flex. An activity tracker without a proper display. All your data is sent to your smartphone to the Fitbit APP for review at your convenience.

It’s a step counter, sleep monitor and vibrate alert wake up alarm. Please visit the authorised Fitbit store for more details and a price

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