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Cheapest Digital Piano Under $300 Reviews

If you are a new aspirant or a beginner or a parent trying to introduce musical instruments to your child, you would be surprised to see the variety of options that are available in the market today.

Although with the advent of Digital/Electronic pianos, learning piano has become easier and affordable for a lot of people. Learning piano doesn’t come off very easy and so is the process of buying one for yourself. The market is now flooded with the best quality digital pianos, so finding the one most suitable for you, is a tedious task as Digital Pianos come invariant shape, size, and forms, along with a wider range of prices. In this article, we will be focusing on all the Cheap Digital Pianos available for under $300.

If you are short on time, check our recommended Top 5 Cheap Digital pianos under $300:

NameAuthor Rating
Alesis Recital Pro digital piano under $500
Alesis Recital★★★★✰
Yamaha PSRE263 cheap digital piano
Editor's Choice
Yamaha PSRE263
Casio CTK2550 digital piano for beginners
Casio CTK-2550★★★★★
cheap Hamzer Portable Electronic Keyboard
Hamzer Keyboard★★★★✰
Korg tinyPiano
Korg tinyPiano★★★★★
The ONE Smart Digital Piano Review
Smart Piano ★★★★✰
When it comes to searching for the Cheapest Digital Piano with the best features under a restricted budget as low as $300, we will have the option of buying a used keyboard as well (but this will further keep us dicey on its workability). However, if you must buy new and really want to try something cheaper, there are a couple of keyboards available on the market within the range of as little as $300.

And, to make things easier, you must know that as a beginner, you don’t need a high-end product with numerous features, rather a simple instrument with enough playability and features to get a hang of the overall learning process.

Choosing the most affordable and quality digital piano under the restrictive budget will also vary and depend upon the stage of the learner. For example, the entry-level products might fulfill the requirement of new aspirants with all the basic features in a bargain price whereas these pianos don’t really have anything to offer for intermediate or advanced level players who want their piano to have features using the most advanced technology, with a wide range to select from without compromising on the aspect of looks and design.

We hope that our in-depth study will at least enable you to get a better picture of the available products and help you find the cheapest possible keyboard with top features, in order to meet your expectations.

Best 5 Affordable Digital Pianos under $300

1. Alesis Recital – A 88 Key Digital Piano

Alesis Recital Pro digital piano

  • Standard 88 premium full-size semi-weighted keys with touch adjustability.
  • The in-built “Lesson mode”, divides the keyboard into two areas with the same pitch and volume.
  • Works best on D batteries
  • It also comes with a power adapter and stereo outputs to connect to other sound devices.

This is an exclusive piano by Alesis Recital featuring the standard 88 Full-size semi-weighted keys with touch adjustability. Although it doesn’t come with any other accessories, 88 full-size semi-weighted keys are very rare in this price tag. This is the only option available in the market today for a weighted keyboard under $300.

This Alesis Recital Keyboard, claiming to have so many advanced features, appears to have some major issues relating to some of its basic features like Volume control or inbuilt speakers, etc. Although it’s one of the best seller products on different e-commerce sites like Amazon, we would still not recommend this to anyone until they rectify these basic issues.

2. Yamaha PSRE263 – A Cheap one From Yamaha

Yamaha PSRE263 cheap digital piano


Top Features at a Glance
  • 61 Key standard instrument
  • Light weighted portable instrument
  • A comprehensive library of 400 instrument voices
  • 130 auto accompaniment styles

This Yamaha’s PSR-E263, a 61 Key instrument featuring a wide variety of sounds and functionalities, is the best entry-level portable Keyboard available in the market below the $300 price range. Coming from a well-known piano brand Yamaha, famous for manufacturing just about every kind of musical instrument, this instrument also comes with detailed and high quality. The keyboard is compact, light-weight design and battery power allows you to take your instrument with you wherever you go. Duo mode allows two people to play together on the same instrument by creating two middle C notes. This way, enjoy playing the piano with friends and family!

The bundle comprises of a Yamaha’s PSR-E2636 portable Keyboard, Knox Adjustable Double X Keyboard Stand, Knox adjustable X style Keyboard Bench, Tascam TH-03 multi-use studio-grade headphones, and Yamaha’s electronic keyboard survival kit 1B.

Overall an ideal starting package from a renounced brand like Yamaha. Perfect for budding aspirants for learning piano and future musicians. It is the cheapest Digital piano from Yamaha, fairly priced for the quality it offers, we highly recommend this product for all aspiring musicians.

3. Casio CTK-2550 – A 61 Key Portable Keyboard

Casio CTK2550 digital piano for beginners


Top Features at a Glance
  • 61 full-size keys
  • Inbuilt 400 sound tones and 150 fun rhythms
  • Dance music mode to play and remix
  • Lesson lite system makes learning music fun

This portable piano from the renounce brand like Casio comes with some great features. A complete keyboard with 61 full-size keys and 400 tones set out perfect musical exposure for beginners. Chordata Play App integration is another great feature of this piano, which enables you to connect to your Android or IOS devices. Though it comes with an AC Adapter, it is capable of working on batteries too, so you can play music anywhere. This is one of the best digital pianos under $300.

Coming from a brand like Casio, this keyboard doesn’t seem to be meeting the expectation and standards of the same. It acts more like a toy than a keyboard. Though amongst Casio’s affordable digital pianos, we wouldn’t recommend this piano for learning the professional keyboard.

4. Hamzer Portable Electronic Keyboard

cheap Hamzer Portable Electronic Keyboard


Top Features at a Glance
  • 61 standard size Keys
  • Comes with a great range of flawless authentic sounds
  • Includes 255 Timbers, 255 rhythms, 61 Keyboard percussions, and 24 demonstration songs
  • The inbuilt speaker system as well as stereo outputs and headphone jack for an external speaker system
  • LCD Display for easy setting control
  • Record and playback using microphone and headphone

Hamzer produces professional-quality musical instruments with a great number of features. Coming from a brand of such reputation, this bundle of portable keyboards is loaded with necessary features to get started with. This bundle offers a good affordable beginner digital piano for learning and enjoying your musical experience.

The bundle includes a keyboard, adjustable metal keyboard Stand, Stool, Headphones, Microphones, and User Manual.

A product with all the basic amenities and loaded features at this affordable price, is a catchy deal for an electronic keyboard under the 150-300 price tag. We would highly recommend this beginner’s piano to all the new aspirants.

5. Korg Tiny Piano – A Digital Toy Piano for Your kids

Korg tinyPiano

  • 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys for natural touch
  • Fifty in-built demo songs to let you enjoy music even if you are not playing
  • Twenty- five in-built sounds that let you learn while playing
  • Very compact and lightweight, easily portable
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Comes with in-built speakers
Best gift for your music-loving adorable munchkin. This mini Digital Piano by Korg is one of the best musical instruments available in the market to introduce to your little one. Accurately pitched and true in tone, this cute mini piano will instill a love for music in your little one.

This is a toy piano. Check out the video below if you don’t know the difference between atopy piano digital piano:

Though expensive compared to other toy pianos on this list, but coming from a brand like Korg and looking at its beautiful design and other details, it’s definitely not a toy; and is pretty much an original musical instrument. Overall this tiny little mini Digital piano by Korg is very cute and would be readily accepted and loved by your music-loving child.

6. Smart Piano Keyboard – from the One Music Group

The ONE Smart Digital Piano Review


Top Features at a Glance
  • 61 Key non-balance keyboard, to get the feel of a real piano keyboard
  • Maximum polyphony 128
  • 417 tones through “The One Smart Piano App”
  • An additional feature of 61 red keys LED light and light strumming
  • Light-up music sheets, integrated video lessons
  • Auxiliary input and output for recording and further connectivity
  • 25mm microphone interface

This Smart Piano keyboard is specially designed for beginners whether a kid or an adult with various added features making it the best Digital piano for the money. Light Smart Keyboard serves the best learning experience in an enjoyable way. With light-up keys, a beginner musician can start to play music in minutes and learn from various modes.

A great learning keyboard with a unique addition of light-up keys. Though expensive when compared to all other listed products, this Digital piano from Smart is the best beginner keyboard under 300 dollars available in the market today. The only drawback is it doesn’t come with any other accessories that would require further investment. We believe, if you can afford it, then better opt for something that comes with a complete starter package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will it be a wise decision to purchase a cheap piano for $200-$300?

If you are a beginner or trying to introduce your kids to the musical instrument then it makes absolute sense to go for a piano of cheaper range, to get accustomed to the instrument.

But, if you want to buy pianos for professional purposes, we recommend you not to buy a cheap piano. You can get a high-end digital piano under $2000.

Q: Which one is the best digital piano under $300, in a word?

Yamaha PSR-E263 is the best keyboard available under $300

Q: What is the best digital piano for the money then?

Piano set out for the beginners with all basic amenities to get started with.

Q: Do we get any good electronic Keyboard for 150-300 dollars?

Yes, there are various options available in the market within this price range.

Q: Do you need expensive 88 weighted keys Digital pianos, to begin with?

No, you don’t really need all 88 keys, to begin with. You can start learning by using a lesser and cheaper version of 61 keys.

Q: How many keys should a keyboard have for beginners?

A keyboard can have as many as 88 keys and as low as 25 keys. A standard Digital piano has 88 full-size keys, but for a beginner minimum of 61 keys or more is required.

Q: Do we get any 88 keys weighted keyboard under $300?

Though not much there are a few options like Alesis Recital keyboards, which offer 88 full-size semi-weighted keyboards for the price below $300. But, we suggest you buy 88 key digital pianos at least for $500.

Q: Is it necessary to have a weighted keys feature?

Weighted keys feature does help you to get a feel of real acoustic pianos, but it’s definitely not one of the basic necessities to start your training with.

Q: What is the best option, to buy a cheap new one or used expensive ones?

It is usually a better idea to buy a better-used keyboard than go cheaper in the new keyboard market. However, if you must buy new and really want to try something cheaper, there are a couple of keyboards available on the market within the range of as less as $300.

Q: Do we have a piano for under $100?

Yes, Casio CTK- 2550 is one such portable keyboard available on Amazon for less than $100.

Q: Should an advanced-level pianist buy a cheap piano?

For an advanced level pianist, price matters only as far as he/she is getting what is desired. If a piano is able to fulfill their need, then there is no harm in buying a cheap one. But ultimately, their aim should be to work and play on original acoustic pianos (which are quite an expensive deal).

Q: How much should a beginner’s Digital piano cost?

The budget of a piano will always depend upon individual priorities. Although a beginner’s Digital piano should not cost more than 300-1000 dollars. You can later opt for an advanced featured piano to play a seriously advanced-level piano.


We hope that our in-depth study for finding Cheap Digital pianos for a budget as little as under 300$ will give you some insight as to what to expect from these low-budget beginners pianos when you are planning to buy one for yourself.

Although, we highly recommend and advise you to do your research beforehand, depending upon the factors important for you.

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