How To Choose The Right Projector for your Business?

When it comes to finding the right business projector, many owners get puzzled as they feel clueless as they which things to consider. We agree it is a tricky job o find the ideal business model, but if you follow certain factors, then you can easily find the right product.

choose right projector business

Let’s look at all those factors;

  • Projection Technology – Well, DLP and LCD serve as the most common and potent choices for business projectors. The data image quality they bring out is quite outstanding. DLP technology is suitable for fewer graphics or linear data presentation as it lacks in bringing out the right amount of brightness. Although if you are looking for a casual presentation, then you can easily choose either of them.
  • Brightness – The data image quality depends upon a lot on the brightness level so it is crucial you should the right amount of lumens depending upon room and audience. If you are planning it for a small room with a limited audience, then 500-1000 ANSI lumens is quite adequate. For a medium-sized room with a decent amount of audience, it is better to stick between the range of 1000-1500 ANSI lumens. And if your primary target is a large audience in a massive room, then always go above 2500 ANSI lumens.
  • Resolution – Resolution might not look like essential criteria, but it will determine the clarity of the data images. For a proper business presentation, we will recommend you to get at least 720p as the native resolution. But full HD native resolution serves as the most appropriate resolution as it will offer optimum clarity and quality at the same time. However, the resolution you will get will also depend upon the resolution of your source media player.
  • Contrast Ratio – The contrast ratio may not be the most crucial factor to consider, but a good contrast ratio figure will help the projector to enhance the text quality. Not only text quality, but it also notches up the depth of a data image so it will be helpful for the presentation. As it determines the difference between the brightest white and darkest black, so it is best to choose the high contrast ratio. However depending upon the budget, environment, use, and room size you should have between 3000:1 and 20000:1 contrast ratio. You can also go more than a 20000:1 contrast ratio which will intensify the presentation quality.
  • Screen Size – It is always a smart move to get a projector with a wide image size range as it will provide a lot of options to choose from despite the audience size. Along with screen size, you should also make sure the clear screen or ideal screen size should also be comprehensive. You can try to get a projector that offers a clear screen size between 60-120inches.
  • Throw Ratio – Always check the throw ratio before purchasing a business projector. If you have a mid-size or small office space for presentation, then you should choose either a short throw or ultra-short throw projector presentation purpose. Otherwise, if you are going to showcase your presentation in a large hall or large-size conference room, then you can even opt for a standard throw projector.
  • Connectivity Options – When you are buying a projector for a business presentation, then you can only rely on the HDMI port of the projector. You need to have VGA, USB, audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, MHL, etc connectivity options available as you don’t know what type of sources will be needed. So make sure your business projector has a large number of connectivity choices, and it supports different types of devices as well as formats.
  • Flexible Installation – The projector you will choose should have flexibility in the installation process. Basically, it should have different types of mounting facilities so that you are not restricted to only a single type. Moreover, the projector should be easy to set up which will facilitate a quick ready-up period before commencing on presentation.
  • Lamp Life – It is not an essential factor but having lengthy lamp longevity will curb the cost of ownership of the projector. Moreover, it will enhance the durability of the overall projector.

This guide can help you further. All the best!


Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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