Bluetooth Connectivity with a Wired Normal Projector?

bluetooth projectorCan a normal wired projector be converted to a Bluetooth projector? Yes it can be done. Wired projectors are soon becoming a thing of the past and anyone buying projectors in 2016 should surely go with a wireless option. But what about people who bought a normal wired projector years ago and would like Bluetooth connectivity on it now? Well, there are options for them too.

1.  Nyrius ARIES Pro Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter-  The Nyrius ARIES Pro is possibly the best option to convert a normal projector to a powerful wirelessly streaming Bluetooth projector. The device comes for about a price of $250 which is a bit steep. However, given the device provides both long-range and high-definition (1080p) streaming and comes with an infrared remote, it is a lot of good things packed into one.

2. C2G / Cables to Go 29354 TruLink Wireless USB to HDMI Kit  The C2G 29354  uses its own technology known as Ultra-Wide Band technology (UWB) and all the required video drivers are installed in the host device. There are two variations available to this kit, you can use both the VGA (lower resolution) version or the HDMI (high-resolution) version. Most projectors shall be compatible with this kit as long as the projector has a USB port. The set-up for the device is also relatively simple and some drivers need to be installed on your PC/Laptop that’s streaming the video or presentation.

3. GOgroove BlueGATE TRM Bluetooth Transmitter- As the name suggests, this device is a Bluetooth transmitter that can help you connect your non-Bluetooth projector to a device that has Bluetooth (say, your laptop for example). So it becomes necessary for your video source to have Bluetooth capabilities although your projector may not have them.

4. NEC Bluetooth USB Adapter – If you own an NEC projector then the NEC Bluetooth USB Adapter is probably your best option. Unfortunately, it looks like the device has now been discontinued but there are used options available on eBay.

FINCO(TM) Full Hd 1080p Wireless Hdmi Adapter / Miracast Dongle/ Ezmirror / Dlna / Airplay / Real Time Display Function, Free Wifi Receiver, Compatible with Android Os / Ios / MAC Os / Windows Device (White)

5. Komatsu KJ-100B AirProjector – Komatsu is a Japanese producer who manufactures the AirProjector, it is an expensive device and comes for about $1000. It is designed essentially to provide wireless connectivity between devices that don’t come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. In the US, the device is distributed by distribution company KATUN. However, the device seems to have been discontinued as there are few online buying options. Still, eBay can be tried for a used/refurbished version.

If you are not particularly interested in a Bluetooth projector, WiFi or USB streaming is also an option and there are many such devices in the market today.  As far as Bluetooth streaming is concerned, the devices mentioned in this article are the popular ones, if you know about some others, please let us know via the comment box.

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  1. I have a non-wifi projector (ViewSonic), Apple TV, Blue Ray player, Roku and currently pull movies off of my hard drive onto my TV using DNLA. Would this divise make all of my items usable through my non-wifi projector?

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