Dell M115HD Projector Review

Dell M115hd review

Dell is more prominent as a manufacturer of high quality desktops, laptops, and tablets. Therefore, the firm’s involvement in the development of projectors would cause one to expect the same kind of resolve and attentiveness in creating high quality products. The Dell M115HD Projector is a high definition projector that offers unique value to customers.

The Dell M115HD Projector is also an affordable projector offering sharp picture quality. After conducting an in-depth Dell M115hd review, it was easy to note that its image quality was sufficient for my presentation needs, although this may vary from person to person. It projected the lights just as I expected. The contrast of the images was also at an acceptable level. The Dell M115HD Projector may be a budget projector, but it sure does provide great value for the sum invested in it. Here are the features and the impression the device creates in a user’s mind.

Dell M115HD Specifications:

Multiple connectivity- the HDMI, VGA, and USB connectivity makes the Dell M115HD Projector a versatile projector that users can maximize by connecting with other devices and thus enhancing its functionality.

Keystone adjustments- this additional feature helps to realign images distorted due to tilts on the projector. Although it takes about a second to adjust, it restores the picture quality without much of a fuss.

LED lighting- the Dell M115HD Projector boasts an ideal light source (LED) that helps to preserve the lamp and keeps it running for longer without necessitating replacement- a vital part of keeping your maintenance costs low.



  • Small, compact and lightweight at just 0.8 pounds
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Long lamp life, estimated at 30,000 hours
  • HD quality images


  • Small display size maxing at 80 inches
  • Low audio quality
  • Absent zoom control


Overall Impression:

5stars-300x53Size and Design: The Dell M115HD Projector measures roughly 4 x 10 x 11 cms. and weighs about 0.4 kg or 0.8 pounds, making it the ultimate lightweight projector. This makes it easy to carry or transfer to different rooms. A tutor can find this a great value-adding feature, as the projector is light enough for hassle-free use and transport. Moreover, the projector can fit snugly in your travel case, meaning you can take it with you on your vacation, business trips, or out of town training seminars.

The design of the M115hd also features a USB slot, microSD card slot, and HDMI port. These complements make the projector a multi-functional device that can even connect to internet-enabled devices owing to its Mobile High Definition (MHL) support. The latter provides an interface for connecting mobile devices to projectors and related receivers.

4starsPerformance: The video in my Dell M115HD Projector review was very well defined, The image contrast was also bearable at 10000:1 ratio, although not what one would call top of the line. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity was a breeze and I did not have to use cables to benefit from the function. This wireless setup can be very useful when you need to make a business presentation and do not want to deal with protruding cables. Even while playing games after integrating the projector with your PS3 or other gaming device, you can expect above average picture quality, with colors that are more pronounced without interfering with your gaming experience.

The projector is also not weighty; meaning carrying it is easy. Thus, it can make for an ideal travel companion. Further, given its small palm-fitting size, it’s easy to drop the projector, which can damage it. As such, it may be prudent to invest in a tripod, an accessory that will minimize your mounting concerns. Lumen lamps can be quite pricy to replace and may be a significant consideration to make when gauging the performance of a projector. It was pleasant to know that the projector lamp could last for 30,000 hours without requiring a replacement- a huge bonus.

However, the projector often gets somewhat hot for anyone’s comfort. By keeping it in bright mode, you risk getting the device hot, and who knows what might snap in the projector? Heat is not a good factor, especially when dealing with electronics, as it can melt connections inside a device or cause a shorting in the circuitry. Just be wary when operating the projector’s various modes to avert possible risks. Furthermore, if you need a complementary tool for your small presentations, say involving only a few people, then the Dell M115hd is a good option to consider. However, if your need to hold presentations in large halls, then you might want to consider other alternatives as the brightness of this projector is significantly low, thus lowering visibility and clarity.

Overall, the image quality was good owing to its 720p, with colors appearing clearly and the contrast rating helping to provide a good balance between picture quality and clarity. Although the picture quality is remarkably clear, the brightness is a bit low, which is a bit of a letdown. The 450 lumen lamp does not seem to offer sufficient brightness, especially in brightly colored rooms. However, this small hiccup can be addressed by operating the projector in dimly lit areas or drawing curtains for a better viewing experience.


5stars-300x53Price: For around $399, the Dell M115hd provides sufficient value for its cost. As a pocket projector, it can function as a business presentation tool and fulfill your personal entertainment needs at home or on the road. Evidently, it’s an affordably priced device that can fit into the first time buyer’s budget or one looking for an inexpensive projector that offers high quality features.

Final Verdict:

Dell has come up with a unique offering in the M115HD as most manufacturers shy away from producing LED powered projectors. With 30000 hours of lamp life, you can expect zero recurring costs with this projector, but the low brightness may be a concern. If you intend to use this projector in areas with low ambient light (indoors, small conference rooms etc.) then the Dell M115HD shall fulfill most of your requirements. For use outdoors or during the day, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Dell M115HD

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