Dell SE2717HR Review

A Deep Dive Into The Dell SE2717HR

The Dell se2717hr monitor has been available in the market since March 2017. The computer monitor is ideal for gaming and daily home and office computer use.

The monitor blends the aspects of style, size, performance, and quality at affordable prices. It has not undergone hardware upgrades since it was introduced in the market.

However, users are able to upgrade the monitor’s software whenever an update is available. The seasoned and beginner computer users can efficiently operate the plug and play monitor. Its buttons are well placed and easy to use.

Who’s It For?

The monitor is built for a wide range of users from across the world, thanks to the monitor’s on-screen display languages. The display languages are Chinese, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

The stylish monitor is designed for online and offline gamers. You can also use the monitor in graphic design.

Homes and offices could also benefit from using the Dell SE2717Hr monitor. If you are glued to a computer screen for extended hours, you need this monitor to help protect your eyes during the extended hours of computer use.

Video lovers can also watch from the monitor as it delivers quality pictures in motion.

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What We Like About Dell SE2717HR

The Dell SE2717Hr delivers quality graphics ideal for graphic designing, video watching, and gaming. The monitor has faster refresh rates of 48Hz and response time to deliver the perfect gaming and watching experience.

It is configured with AMD FreeSync features for gamers. The monitor offers FHD resolution, IPS technology.

The Dell SE2717Hr monitor has an exclusive shape which adds beauty to your home and office as it accentuates your décor. The monitor’s anti-flicker backlight delivers quality pictures even in the darkest environment.

We love that the monitor delivers exclusive performance all at an affordable price. The monitor also has different gaming modes making it suitable for different console games.

What We Don’t Like About Dell SE2717HR

Most users are dissatisfied with the fact that the monitor does not allow wall mounting. It is also a major turn off that the monitor only has a single VGA and HDMI input ports.

Another weakness of the monitor is that it does not have inbuilt speakers. The monitor has a stand that can be rotated to fixed positions.

Unlike other similar monitors, you cannot rotate the Dell SE2717Hr to the portrait mode. It has limited connectivity options which limit the experience of a gamer.

The monitor has unlabeled buttons to help you customize its settings.

Things We Like
  • The Dell SE2717Hr has different gaming modes that a user can choose from.
  • You can easily set up the monitor as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.
  • Its Controls are easy to use in configuring the monitor’s settings.
  • The widescreen provides a quality picture from a wide viewing angle.
  • The Dell SE2717Hr monitor delivers quality pictures, graphics, pixels, and image transitions.
  • You can update the monitor’s software at any time to increase its performance options.
  • The monitor accentuates your interior décor by providing an option for hiding your cables.
  • Your eyes are protected by the Comfort View Feature5 of the Dell SE2717Hr monitor.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The monitor does not support VESA mounting hence the need for an adjustable stand.
  • After a long-time use, the monitor might start displaying scan lines.
  • You will need to get external speakers since the monitor does not have inbuilt speakers.
  • The monitor has only one HDMI and one VGA input mode.
  • The Dell SE2717Hr monitor does not have USB and audio output ports.

What’s Included?

The Dell SE2717Hr monitor’s delivery box is designed to reveal its contents. Among the items delivered in the box include the monitor and some necessary cables to set it up.

The cables include the HDMI and VGA video cables. You also get a quick start guide in print and a video manual on a CD to help guide you in setting it up.

A warranty card is also available in the box when it is delivered. An IEC power cord is also provided in the box. An upright bolt is available to allow you to mount the base and set up the Dell SE2717Hr monitor.

Overview Of Features

The Dell SE2717Hr monitor delivers the pixel quality of 1920p x 1080p. The resolution is perfect for gaming, designing, video watching, and daily usage.

The monitor has a display size of 27 inches and an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It has a weight of 12.87lbs supported by a stand that allows for tilting.

The response time of the monitor is recorded at 6ms with a maximum refresh rate of 48Hz. The monitor supports VGA and HDMI connectivity.

The monitor’s AMD Free Sync eliminates the possibility of screen tearing. The Comfort View Feature5 of the monitor helps in protecting the eyes of a user.

Review Summary

The Dell SE2717Hr monitor helps you work and play your games in the mode that you like. The screen display is top-notch.

Dell provides protection for your eyes, even in the long duration of computer usage. The monitor helps reduce eye fatigue through the LED monitor’s anti-flicker screen, making it suitable for gamers, readers, and daily computer users.

Dell designers might have chosen to omit some essential features like USB and wireless connectivity. However, this Dell se2717hr Review has highlighted some of the reasons why the Dell se2717hr is worth the price.

The product is highly recommended for a wide range of computer users.


Does the monitor have mounting holes?
Unfortunately, the monitor does not have VESA mounting holes. It has an adjustable stand.
Does the monitor have inbuilt speakers?
The monitor doesn’t have any inbuilt speakers.
How many USB ports does the Dell SE2717Hr have?
The monitor doesn’t have any USB ports for keyboard and mouse.
What connectivity options does the Dell SE2717Hr support?
The monitor supports VGA and HDMI connectivity.
Does the monitor Support wireless connectivity?
The Dell SE2717Hr monitor doesn’t support wireless connectivity.
Can I use the monitor with a MacBook?
The monitor is delivered with the appropriate HDMI and VGA connectivity cables. The cables are compatible with all devices that have VGA and HDMI connectivity.
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