How to Automatically Setup Multiple Projectors at a Time

You may need to use multiple projectors together whether you want to watch movies on projector or giving a business presentation. Today we will discuss how you can automatically set up multiple projectors without putting colossal effort? We will take the help of Anyblend, a software created by VIOSO. Even though it is currently limited to

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What Is A Short Throw Projector

What Is A Short Throw Projector and How Does It Work?

Short throw projectors are a new breed of devices that are changing the way you used to place your projector far behind your sitting area. You might have noticed this unique feature when you went to buy a projector for home theater setup, and you might have wondered about it. Nowadays almost every projector is

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Best Star Projector & Home Planetarium

Best Star Projector for Your Home – (Updated)

Have fascination to fill your room with stars? Want to create a relaxing environment for young children? Looking to intensify the mood of your party? Or Thinking to add a new lighting effect to enhance the aesthetics of your new decor? Well, whatever you seek, getting the best star projector is a logical answer. After

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