Cheapest 120Hz Monitors for Gaming Review – Best 4 of 2020

Trying to get an affordable monitor for your gaming rig? Well, if you have a powerful rig then forget about buying a 60Hz monitor as you won’t be able to offer you the visual experience you desire. Getting the best 120Hz monitor would be more fruitful and will provide a better gaming experience. Don’t worry,

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Best Extension Cord For 2020 [Complete With Reviews & Comparisons]

Extension cords can be frustrating at times, but unfortunately, they are essential components you need to buy for your house. Unless you’re living in an apartment built in recent years, you house probably lacks enough power outlets. This means in whatever manner you may try to avoid adding an extension cord in every room; you

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Safe Hoverboard Brands For 2020 [Complete With Reviews & Comparisons]

“Hoverboard” is the attractive new term that leaves one thinking of the 1980’s cult movie Back to the Future. The accurate description is a self-balancing scooter powered by large lithium-ion batteries. The popularity of the hoverboard allows the rider to remain upright while being propelled forward, backward or to swivel around. The kids love it

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DVI-I vs DVI-D: What Is The Difference?

Digital Video Interface (DVI) output is a common way of connecting an external video display to a computer or audio-visual system with a standalone graphics card containing a DVI output port. DVI produces an RGB (Red-Green-Blue)-based video signal in either a digital or backward-compatible VGA analog output. There are distinct differences in utility based on

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