top projector screens

Best Projector Screens Review 2020

When you are planning to get a screen for your projector to watch movies or any other entertainment session outdoor or maybe inside your home, there is a lot of consideration of projector screens will come into your mind. Resolution serves as the most significant criteria, but it is tough to judge a model based

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Best Classroom Projectors. We have tested in lab

Best Projector for Classroom Presentations 2020

Classroom projector is the primary tool of digital learning. That’s why we have come out with the buying guide. Only a cheap projector is not the best option for education institution because they can hinder the whole learning process. Our lab experts have researched almost 35 hours to figure out the best projector for classroom presentations.

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How To Select The Right Projector For Churches

5 Things to Consider to Select The Right Projector For Churches

Projectors are a vital tool of expression which is aimed at a larger mass of people. That’s why projectors are often used in educational institutions. Nowadays, it is becoming a trend to use projectors in churches. During the worship, people can have a worship background music. You may check this article to understand better. But

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best Short Throw Projector

Best Short Throw Projector 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

We have listed top 10 short throw projectors here with their features, customer reviews, feature details etc. They all worth the penny you pay. Top Short Throw Projectors: Top 10 Short Throw Projectors Reviews 1. Optoma GT1080Darbee Review – Best DLP Short Throw Projector for Gaming What We Liked Most About This Product Our lab

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Can A Projector Light Damage or Harm Your Eyes

Can A Projector Light Damage or Harm Your Eyes?

The answer is yes but only when it falls directly into your eye. Otherwise, the reflective does not affect your so the chances of any damage or issue is almost nil. If a projector is used in the way it is intended and it is used adequately with its accessories like screen, then there is

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Best Projector Mounts

Top 8 Best Projector Mounts for Ceiling and Wall

Projector mounts serve as a crucial accessory for a projector as it assists the device to get maximum flexibility so that it can offer the finest view to the user. In addition to a proper view, it also provides a lot of adjustments, excellent build quality, and effortlessness installation. But not all the models would

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Best monitor game development

Best 5 Accurate Monitors For Game Development

What Features You Need in Your Monitor To Develop a Game or Application? Resolution- When you are developing a game or application, you will naturally want a monitor with high resolution as it allows you to fit a lot of application in one space. You won’t have to increase the physical size to fit  2-3

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Cheapest 144Hz Monitors

Top 10 Cheapest 144Hz Monitors for gaming 2020

Which one is the best and Cheapest 144Hz 1080p monitor nowadays? Well, we have picked out the names of some of the most efficient monitors available in the market. And you will be surprised to see that all these come at a cheap rate and they are economical too. We have thoroughly tested all the

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Church Projector Installation and Setup Guide

A projector is necessary for a church. See why if you are wondering. Well, setting the church projector is easy, but a lengthy affair and you will have to keep all your tools ready before commencing on the setup process. Along with all the equipment, you should assess the area accurately where you want to

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how to mount a projector to ceiling

11 Steps To Mount A Projector To Ceiling In Your Home

People often forget the fact that buying a projector and bringing it home doesn’t end up the task of setting up a movie theater in the home. You have to set it up properly so that you can enjoy seamless movie session without worrying about anything. It is evident that when you install a home

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