Set Up A Projector and Laptop For Presentation

How To Set Up A Projector and Laptop For Presentation

Gone are those days when whiteboards and paper handouts were utilized for presentation purpose as new-age projectors have taken over the meeting room. However, it isn’t entirely easy to set up a projector and laptop for presentation. But if you follow our curated process, then it will be easy for you to get the job

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Best Projectors for Churches

Best Projector for Churches in 2020 – with Buying Guide

Why do you actually need a projector in church? First, let me start this article by answering this question. Over the last few years, teachers from Bible classes have also begun to use this big screen projector. A recent research shows that it is more efficient to keep the attention of your audience by showing

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6 steps to Set Up A Projector

How to Set up a Projector – 6 Simple Steps

A projector might look simple from outside but setting them for watching your favorite content can be little tricky. You have to set the projector according to your size of the place. To help you out we have formulated some simple steps which would relieve you from brainstorming on how to set up your projector.

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Fix Ripped Outdoor Projector Screen

How to Fix a Torn or Ripped Outdoor Projector Screen

Rips and scratch are common when it comes to an outdoor movie screen. Regular usage of the screen can do a tremendous amount of damage to the screen. Have you faced the same situation? Entirely clueless how to repair those torn or rips? Thankfully there is a simple process to fix them. Just you need

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how to Set Up Outdoor Movies Theaters

A Guide to Set Up Outdoor Movies and Backyard Theaters

It is a fantasy for many people to host a movie in their backyard or in the driveway and chill out the whole night by watching a film in the breeze of a summer night. Moreover, it is a cult American adventure everyone wants to experience especially when the summer season rolls out. However, setting

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nebra anybeam smallest laser pocket projector

Nebra AnyBeam: The Smallest Laser Pocket Projector In the Market

There were days when projectors used to come in large sizes with substantial body weight, and it was almost impossible for everyone to move it. But technology has gone for the rescue as it has transformed the enormous size to a palm-sized device. However, not all pocket projector has been able to make a good

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BenQ W2700 review

BenQ W2700 Projector review – One of the BenQ’s Newest 4K Model

BenQ always was in the list of top projector brands with various models. They always bring the latest features and successfully ruling the projector market with some other big names like Optoma, Epson, Viewsonic etc. But they were somehow leg behind when it comes to affordable 4k projectors. However, they have other 4k models on

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How Many Lumens are Needed For an Outdoor Projector?

Setting a projector in the outdoor is one thing but getting an appropriate amount of lumens is the most tricky part. Lumens depicts the intensity of light thrown by the projector or in simple terms it determines the brightness level of a projector. Outdoor projection requires a lot of brightness as the projection is always

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Why You Should Use Projectors in Churches

The perks of using projectors are not only restricted to houses, offices or classrooms but they also offer various benefits when used in churches. Here is the list of some benefits of using a projector in churches: Wide Display Projectors help the churches to display any image of any size they want without spending a

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How To Choose The Right Projector for your Business?

When it comes to finding the right business projector, many owners get puzzled as they feel clueless as they which things to consider. We agree it is a tricky job o find the ideal business model, but if you follow certain factors, then you can easily find the right product. Let’s look at all those

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Top 10 Best Laptops Under $600

Note: Please note that the price may increase or reduce. All of the mentioned laptops are below $600 at the time of writing the article. Who doesn’t want such a laptop which has all the features one could imagine off! But, it is totally impossible to find such one and that too at an affordable

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