Best Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

Are you searching for the ideal laptop with a backlit keyboard? But do you know what is a backlit keyboard and how it is beneficial to us? If not, then let’s take a look. You may skip it and go to the review of top 5 laptops with backlit keyboard. What is a backlit keyboard? A

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Best Cheap Laptops under $200 Reviews

The days are gone when you had to accumulate a lot of money for buying a good laptop. It is only possible because of the top laptop manufacturers who are now providing laptops at a more reasonable price. But the tension, regarding choosing the best one has not gone. You might not be careful regarding

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Best 5 Laptops For Playing Sims 4

Drooling to experience Sims 4 on a new laptop but entirely clueless which laptop would be ideal for running it smoothly? Well let me tell you, to run Sims 4 you don’t need a highly expensive or fast notebook, you just need a laptop with a right set of hardware. So depending upon the minimum

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What You Should Look For When Buying A 4K Gaming Monitor?

Purchasing a gaming monitor might seem like a smooth sail, but there are a lot of considerations that come into play to assist that smooth sail. Once you dig deeper, you will come to know that you will have to consider many factors which will ultimately lead you to your desired 4k gaming monitor. Are

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what is a 4k monitor

What is A 4K Computer Monitor and What Does 4K Mean?

The word ” 4K  ” must be known to you as it currently serves as the latest rage in the market and everyone going gaga over its quality. But what does the word 4K means? Are you aware of all the details? We guess you are not aware of the whole. So when you are

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How to Choose a Gaming Monitor

How To Choose A Gaming Monitor?

Would it make sense to play The Witcher 3, Fortnite, PUBG or COD: WWII on an average monitor? Well, I guess you would surely dislike it this fact. So this paves the way for gaming monitors that are genuinely designed to get the best out of every game so that you can have best gaming

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Cheapest 4k Monitors for Gaming

Best 5 Cheapest 4k Monitors for Gaming in 2020

You will admit to the fact, that you have been lingering for a 4K monitor even when you own a 1080p monitor. It is due to 4K monitor eye-popping visual performance which can’t be matched with anything else. However, you often resent yourself from that dream because you don’t want to spend a fortune on

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Best HDMI Cable – They Are Not All Equal!

TV technology has changed a lot, from needing a lot of wires to achieve HDTV to only one wire. With the development of technology, we have grown to see the cables lessen throughout the years. Furthermore, with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), you can have all the signals needed without the additional wires. Still, with

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Can an Android phone be a projector? Is there such app available?

Is there any app that can make an Android phone a projector? The answer is simple ‘ No ‘ because the Android phone doesn’t come with hardware configure and lens to project visuals on a projector. However, there are phone projector apps that can transform an Android phone as a media source of a projector.

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What Exactly is the Dot Projector? Why it is used in iPhone X?

Currently, Apple’s Face ID is the rage in the market as it has given a new authentication standard to Apple smartphone owners. Although it is based on the previous Touch ID technology, but it utilizes the brand new TrueDepth camera system to unlock your phone based on your facial recognition. Basically, the notched up area

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ViewSonic PA503S Projector Specifications & Review

For the classrooms and the meeting rooms, the ViewSonic PA503S proves to be a great addition as it provides many impressive and amazing features. With a great visual performance that helps in improving the presentations. The lamp life is quite impressive. The projector comes with 3600 ANSI Lumens of brightness so it doesn’t matter whether

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Things You Need To Consider To Build A Backyard Cinema

What Things You Need to Consider to Build A Backyard Theater

Nowadays people want to watch their favorite movies under the open sky. Are you one of them? If so, we have a nice guide for you! We say you can build your own backyard cinema and recreate the memory of watching movies in the outdoors with your family. But before you start drooling, you need

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