Elite Screens Manual B, 100-inch Screen Review

elite screens manual b 100 inch m100h reviewFrom a 4K Ultra HD viewing capability to a simple auto-locking system; the Elite M100H is a manual projection screen that has been designed to perform. Its 16:9 aspect ratio offers an ideal widescreen perfect for today’s home and office presentations. The Elite Manual B is a single configurator with endless possibilities.

Main Features of the Elite Manual B M100H:

In this day and age, Ultra HD display serves as the new “buzzword” in the world of screen projection. Ultra HD screens deliver sharper, crisper, and high-fidelity visuals. The Elite Manual B is a 4K Ultra HD projection screen that offers a high dynamic visual range support with groundbreaking picture quality. A TV is good for casual viewing but when it comes to the ultimate movie and theater experience, nothing beats the Elite B projection screen.

Elite Manual B features a 100 inch (diagonal) Max White screen supported with a black back. When defining an excellent projection screen; the importance of a black back cannot be stressed enough. A black back screen material prevents light penetration which results in an enhanced resolution coupled with high definition graphics.

The Elite Manual B M100XWH screens are characterized by 16:9 aspect ratios and a 49-by-87-inch viewing angle. This offers an ultra-wide viewing area of 180 degrees.

The Elite Manual B features a neutral gain ratio of 1.0. A projection screen’s gain is basically a measure of its reflectivity. High gain ratio screens reflect greater amounts of light but in return face the problem of hot-spotting and decreased viewing angle. Low gain ratio screens offer an optimum theater experience but at the expense of a limited amount of light reflection. To completely avoid the side effects of lower gain and higher gain screens, it is important to go for a neutral gain ratio of 1.0. The Elite B Manual is characterized by a Max White screen of 1.0 gain which evenly distributes light in all directions.

It also features an aluminum contour frame surfaced with black velvet: this aspect prevents projection overshoot and in return retains precise definition.

The screen also comes with an auto-locking system that provides variable height settings for ultimate flexibility.


It features a screen lanyard for easy operation: this allows the screen’s pull-down handle to be reached from high areas.

Elite Manual B comes with a mounting kit which comprises of (2″ Screws x 2, Drywall anchor x 2, “U” Bolt x 2, Hex nuts x 8). Optional 6″ and 12″ L brackets are also available.

The Good:

1. It offers a wide viewing area with perfect diffusion uniformity.

2. It features a dual installation design: it can either be plugged onto a wall or a ceiling.

3. The Max White is a durable screen material that can be washed with soap and water.

4. The two-year warranty that comes with the screen is an aspect worth mentioning.

The Bad:

1. Considering the fact that Elite Manual B is a high-performing projection screen, it should have featured a remote control instead of a manual operation system.

Bottom line:

When it’s all said and done, the Elite Screens Manual B, 100-inch 16:9, Elite M100H stands as one of the best projection screens in the market. It takes home with its 4K Ultra HD viewing capability. Kudos to Elite for making a superb projection screen that fits within an advanced display projection environment.

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