Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Series, OMS120H2 Review

Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Series, OMS120H2 Review
The “Elite Screen Yard Master 2 Series OMS120H2” is a portable projection screen designed to transform your outdoor viewing experience. Featuring a foldable frame, the Yard Master OMS120H2 is a screen best suitable for picnics, barbecues or any other imaginable outdoor activities. Its suitability is derived from its ease of use. All you got to do is unfold the frame, attach it to the main projector and you’re good to go.

Main Features of the Yard Master 2 Series OMHS12OH2:

To begin with, it features a pretty good size which is perfect for a slightly large crowd like friends and family. The image width is 105 inches while the image height is 59 inches. It is further characterized by a 16:9 aspect ratio plus a 120 diagonal viewing size.

The black masking borders of the Elite Screen Yard Master 2 Series evoke a sense of style. The function of the borders is to enhance the overall quality of picture contrast.

It comes with a Cine white tensioned projection material which features a broad light dispersion. The Cine White works through a mechanism known as diffusion uniformity which creates a contrast between black and white. This further creates a true colour rendition which results in smoother and crisp images.

This Yard Master Series is coupled with a heavy duty frame construction suitable for all weather types.

The light-weight aluminium folding with detachable T-legs provides ease of assembly. What’s more, the single piece frame design ensures that the frame unfolds effortlessly. Assembling the screen projector takes a few minutes with no tools required.


Rope, stakes and support rings have been included to provide additional stability and support.

It features a soft pad carrying bag that helps portability.


The Good:

  • The Elite Screen Yard Master 2 Series OMS120H2 is a new and improved model that features NFPA 701 Flame Resistant Certified Screens Fabric.
  • It is easy to set up
  • It features excellent quality materials with a top notch design.
  • The light weight feature enhances portability.

The Bad:

  • The screen is does not feature a wrinkle free design. However, during viewing the wrinkles are not easily recognized.
  • In an event where your screen is stained; you will face a difficult task of removing the stain.

Bottom line:

The Elite Screen Yard Master 2 Series OMS120H2 is a fantastic addition to your subsequent outdoor presentation accumulation. What’s more, it features a professional look which suggests that it can be used in a formal setting. Transform your outdoor theatre with Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Series OMS120H2.

Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120 inch Outdoor Projector Screen

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