Epson Home Cinema 2045 3D Projector – Is it Effectively Up to Par?

Introducing the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2045 3D Projector

Epson Home Cinema 2045
One immediately noticeable aspect to the Epson Home Cinema 2045 3D Projector is that it’s fairly portable as far as home theater projectors are concerned. Weighing a modest 6.9 lbs. virtually no one is likely to have any real issue with lugging or moving this unit around.

Even though relatively lightweight, the Epson 2045 is still capable of emitting very bright images. Featuring 2200 lumens of brightness for both the color and white light output, this projector has the ability to display a 3D projection at a brightness level that will likely prove adequate to most users when viewing through active shutter glasses.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 3D Projector

The most critical aspect to consider of any 3D projector purchase is whether or not you plan on utilizing the 3D projection feature, to begin with. Often times a similar projector without the 3D projection capability feature will cost less, sometimes considerably less.

The overall projection brightness of the unit is important in 3D projectors. In fact, perhaps more so than with their 2D counterparts.

With 2D projectors, low brightness output can certainly affect one’s ability to have an enjoyable viewing experience in any scenario in which the room environment is bright. Basically, with a low lumens output on a 2D projector, it becomes advisable to utilize the unit only in darker environments.

In regards to 3D projectors specifically, a bright lumens output is almost mandatory. In order to view the 3D projection from a device compatible with 3D broadcasts, one must employ wearing active shutter glasses. When wearing these types of glasses to view a 3D cast the image is going to appear more dim in contrast to viewing 2D content without the glasses.

One final thing to consider is whether or not a pair of 3D-compatible viewing glasses is already owned. In the case of this Epson 2045, no glasses are included and must be purchased separately.

Epson Home Cinema 2045 – Solid 3D Projector for the Money

If searching for a 3D projector to potentially purchase and don’t necessarily want to break the bank the Epson 2045 projector may be the one not to overlook.

Epson touts their 2045 projector as designed out of the gate to function as the purchaser’s home entertainment hub.

The home theater projector market is not short of purchase options for various models from different makers.

The Benq HT2050 and the Optoma HD142X are just a couple of competing devices with similar features and price range. Not to neglect to mention these two aforementioned 3D projectors are worthy products that stand on their own two feet, so to speak.

That stated, overall, I personally like this Epson 2045 projector. Opening the box for the first time I noticed that everything necessary just to get started was included: the unit itself, power cord, remote, and a CD which serves as the user’s manual. As previously stated, no Epson 2045 3D glasses are included and must be purchased separately. I knew this beforehand and so wasn’t concerned.

What veered me in the direction of satisfaction with my purchase of an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2045 was the overall value I felt I received.

Epson 2045 Pros –

    • 332” maximum projection size. Seriously.
  • Inherent MiraCast and Intel WiDi wireless streaming support when paired with compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well as MHL support for streaming videos with electronic devices like a Google Chromecast, as just one example.

Epson 2045 Cons –

    • No wired RJ-45 Ethernet port for LAN, or locally area network, connectivity support.
    • Using the brightest lamp mode configuration setting results in moderately audible noise from the fan.
  • While the internal speaker will suffice when the volume is turned up considerably it is also nothing to write home to mom about like most internal projector speakers. Luckily, I already have a fairly decent 5.1 home theater surround system where I use my Epson 2045 and this isn’t any real issue for me.

Epson 2045’s Benefits & Features

Size & Design

At 6.9 lbs. and a footprint roughly consisting of measuring 11” wide by 4” tall and with a depth of 9”, this 3D capable projector exists as for the most part quite portable. There are more portable options for projectors but in comparison to the majority of decent home theater projectors, this particular make and model stands as portable, in general. The case enclosure is gold & white in color and looks rather stylish to me. Setting it up for the first time in front of my projection screen I was reasonably impressed by its feel in my hands. It seems adequately durable.


I really like the picture quality of the Epson Home Cinema 2045. Colors come across as both rich and vibrant. In fact, the model supports full-color reproduction of up to 1.07 billion colors. The picture quality likely doesn’t suffer from the unit supporting a 35,000:1 contrast ratio either, I’m sure.

There is native full 1080p HD resolution support. This is better in comparison with cheaper projectors that don’t support native 1080p resolution and so when using certain connected electronic source devices with them such as a laptop, for example, one would be forced to downscale their output’s display in order for the output projection to render properly.

The argument can certainly be made that 4k resolution provides for a much more detailed image and would make a logical decision as the ideal projector to purchase presently. There certainly are projectors available for retail purchase right now that will output a 4k image. However, I must mention that please keep in mind a projector that outputs up to a 4k image will cost considerably more.

Screen Size

Projecting to a wall or screen at a 2.98 ft. distance from the lens of the Epson 2045 will yield a 34” size image projection while 35.89 ft. separation in distance allows for a 332” size image output. 332” screen size potential is huge for most any projector.

The projection lens sports a 1.0-1.2x manual zoom ratio and I’ve noticed that there is no major shortage of controls for adjusting the picture output. If you want to fine-tune the projection you aren’t likely to be disappointed with this home theater projector.

Another feature the Epson Home Cinema 2045 has is its dynamic auto iris. This is basically a device positioned between the lens and the lamp and quickly takes samples of the brightness of the projections and then adjusts accordingly to affect the amount of light that is allowed to pass out or not, in essence, improving contrast.


The projector has a single integrated 5-watt speaker. It’s not altogether terrible but as previously stated, it certainly doesn’t stand out as exceptional. I discovered that I needed to adjust the volume close to the maximum output level in order to hear over any real amount of noise in my living room sufficiently. Fortunately, no big deal to me anyway, as the unit has 2 x RCA inputs for stereo, left & right. Hooking it up to my home theater surround audio system was a cinch.

Epson 2045 Reviews

I scoured the internet curious as to what other users of this projector thought about it. What I discovered was that most people, like myself, were rather pleased and impressed with the projector. Check some out:

One customer said – “Decent Image in a Small Package – Replaces My Monster Epson 8345″

Another stated – “Amazing picture quality, works well even if not completely dark.”

Another wrote – “the picture is great and very easy to set up”

Final Verdict

For the money, the Epson 2045 is a solid 3D projector in my opinion and one worth considering for those who aren’t looking to spend an exorbitant amount of money on one. Picture clarity taken as a whole is nice, the potential size of the screen output is almost ludicrously large, the unit feels rather durable, it is relatively feature-rich altogether. At the price point these units sell for, yes, I wouldn’t hesitate to make my purchase all over again if given the choice.

Epson home cinema 2045

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