Epson 2045

Epson 2045 Review: Should You Buy It?

You deserve to enjoy watching your screen regardless of the content being displayed. A good projector will help you achieve that.

That’s why we thought we should have a look at the Epson 2045 projector and show you what it offers and see if it suits your needs.

Epson is a company from Japan that has served its customers since 1942. Aside from projectors, they also manufacture computer printers and other imaging-related tools.

Epson 2045 is known for its integrated speaker, portability, and excellent light output. Most entertainment businesses love using it because it is portable.

It can work together with smartphones, AV sources, streaming sticks, and tablets, thanks to its wireless streaming technology.

Its picture quality is at the high-end level and will bring you a movie-like atmosphere on your screen.
Adjust it according to your needs and preferences. It has excellent noise reduction control to minimize any digital noise.

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A Deep Dive Into The Epson 2045


The Epson 2045 projector has been designed for home entertainment. It is wireless and projects images in HD 1080p, which is great for your home theater as it has wonderful picture quality. Its wireless streaming makes this projector extremely comfortable and easy to use. 

Epson 2045 Tech Specs and Features

Here are the Epson 2045 tech specs for you to review:

  • HDMI hardware interface 
  • Two HDMI ports 
  • White brightness of 2200 lumens 
  • Widescreen viewing 
  • 35,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • Wireless streaming 
  • No rainbow effect
  • Auto vertical keystone 

Who Is It Designed For?

Epson 2045 is suited for anyone who is looking for a projector to use for home entertainment. Its uses are many including movies, games, and even educational purposes.

This projector produces excellent picture quality every time. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. This Epson product is a great choice for those planning a personal or business event.

Gamers that enjoy outdoor gaming will thoroughly enjoy this projector, especially due to its smooth projecting abilities without a noticeable lag. It projects brilliantly in a bright or darkroom, making it perfect for moving from place to place.


  • Built-in speakers
  • Easy to use
  • Full HD 1080P Resolution
  • Offers 3lcd technology
  • Connects to other devices wirelessly


  • It’s remote is not illuminated
  • The fan is quite loud

An Overview of Features

Epson 2045 has several amazing features that make it stand out from other brands in the market. This powerful projector can be used for various purposes including entertainment and education.


The Epson 2045 offers a color brightness of 2200 lumens. It also provides a white light of 2200 lumens, just like the Epson 2040.

If you want, you can change the brightness and accuracy of the color points by adjusting the saturation. Skin tones might appear less accurate after performing color settings as they may appear dark red.

Control its brightness by setting the contrast options. It comes with a remote, which helps you to manage the projector effectively.

Wireless connectivity

This projector has a wireless connection, which enables you to stream content wirelessly through Intel WiDi and Miracast. It could be the best option for playing video games and watching movies, among other exciting activities.

Awesome picture quality

The image quality is on point with accurate colors. It has a cheap replacement bulb and a Miracast for mirroring Android phones.

You won’t strain to look at your screen due to poor picture quality. Whether you use Epson 2045 for educational purposes or entertainment, you will be thrilled by the excellent picture quality it offers.

You can use your projectors in your house or outside and still get the best view. With its brightness and the bouquet of colors, this projector will meet your needs.

Connectivity options

Enjoy several connectivity options from the Epson 2045. You can either connect it with your devices using wireless connectivity or opt for its HDMI ports.

Enjoy streaming wirelessly via MiraCast, Roku, WiDi, or Chromecast.

Four aspect ratio options

This projector has four aspect ratio options, which are normal, auto, zoom, and full. Unlike the previous version Epson 2040, this one does not have the anamorphic mode, which means you cannot use the anamorphic lens attachment.

If you notice noise in the satellite signal, adjust your overscan level so that you can cut off the edges of the pictures.

It is recommended to use options auto, off, 4% AND 8%.

Picture adjustments

The Epson 2045 has various advanced controls inclusive of the four picture models (Cinema, BrightCinema, Dynamic, and Natural). To optimize you can adjust the hue, brightness, and saturation by using the featured 11-step color temperature dial and the 6-point color control system.
Should you find the digital noise uncomfortable, you can adjust it using the MPEG noise reduction feature.

Built-in speaker

Epson 2045 comes with a built-in speaker. It easy to set it up and enjoy HD entertainment from this projector

Creative 3LCD Technology

If you are planning to watch action scenes, you will enjoy every one of them, thanks to the innovative 3LCD technology.

Dynamic contrast ratio

Do you love watching various scenes under different contrasts? The Epson 2045 will not disappoint you as it has a contrast ratio of 35,000:1

Wireless connection

You don’t have to worry about the hassle of connecting cables to ports to use this projector. Since it supports Intel WiDi and MiraCast, you can stream wirelessly from your laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.

Flexible connectivity

The Epson 2045 has two HDMI ports that you can use to connect cables. It’s crucial to have other connectivity options aside from the wireless connection. You can use these ports and a cable to link your projector with other devices.

What’s Included?

The Epson 2045 is packaged with a small IR remote. Even though this remote doesn’t have backlighting, it has playback controls and dedicated input buttons.

With this remote, you will directly access other functions like memory settings, image enhancement tools, color mode, and frame interpolation options, among other things. You can also use this remote to pull another Home Screen and choose a source option. This is possible because the remote has a Home Button.

It is also possible to go directly to the Auto Iris, Color Mode, Power Consumption, Main Menu, or the 3D Setup. Make use of the top panel sports menu if you misplace your remote.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 3D Projector

The most critical aspect to consider of any 3D projector purchase is whether or not you plan on utilizing the 3D projection feature, to begin with. Often times a similar projector without the 3D projection capability feature will cost less, sometimes considerably less.

The overall projection brightness of the unit is important in 3D projectors. In fact, perhaps more so than with their 2D counterparts.

With 2D projectors, low brightness output can certainly affect one’s ability to have an enjoyable viewing experience in any scenario in which the room environment is bright. Basically, with a low lumens output on a 2D projector, it becomes advisable to utilize the unit only in darker environments.

In regards to 3D projectors specifically, a bright lumens output is almost mandatory. In order to view the 3D projection from a device compatible with 3D broadcasts, one must employ wearing active shutter glasses. When wearing these types of glasses to view a 3D cast the image is going to appear dimmer in contrast to viewing 2D content without the glasses.

One final thing to consider is whether or not a pair of 3D-compatible viewing glasses is already owned. In the case of this Epson 2045, no glasses are included and must be purchased separately.

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Epson Home Cinema 2045 – Solid 3D Projector for the Money

If searching for a 3D projector to potentially purchase and don’t necessarily want to break the bank the Epson 2045 projector may be the one not to overlook.

Epson touts their 2045 projector as designed out of the gate to function as the purchaser’s home entertainment hub.

The home theater projector market is not short of purchase options for various models from different makers.

The Benq HT2050 and the Optoma HD142X are just a couple of competing devices with similar features and price range. Not to neglect to mention these two aforementioned 3D projectors are worthy products that stand on their own two feet, so to speak.

That stated, overall, I personally like this Epson 2045 projector. Opening the box for the first time I noticed that everything necessary just to get started was included: the unit itself, power cord, remote, and a CD which serves as the user’s manual. As previously stated, no Epson 2045 3D glasses are included and must be purchased separately. I knew this beforehand and so wasn’t concerned.

What veered me in the direction of satisfaction with my purchase of an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2045 was the overall value I felt I received.

Review Summary

The Epson 2045 is a great projector that can meet your entertainment needs. Whether you want something to watch movies or play games, this is all you need.

For the money, the Epson 2045 is a solid 3D projector in my opinion and one worth considering for those who aren’t looking to spend an exorbitant amount of money on one. Picture clarity taken as a whole is nice, the potential size of the screen output is almost ludicrously large, the unit feels rather durable, it is relatively feature-rich altogether. At the price point these units sell for, yes, I wouldn’t hesitate to make my purchase all over again if given the choice.

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