Epson 640 Home Cinema Review – Fantastic Entry Level Projector!!

Epson 640 Home Cinema Review

Epson have a prominent place in the projector market, because they are a trusted brand name, and because, excluding a few mistakes along the way, they’ve managed to create a very advanced and affordable range. So, I was excited to find out whether the Epson 640 Home Cinema, was a product everybody needs to own, or one they should avoid. After getting a hold of one, and brought it home to test it out, and this Epson 640 Home Cinema Review is something buyers can use, to make a more informed buying choice.  (Official Site)


  • 3200 lumens of brightness
  • Keystone Correction
  • Nice range size
  • 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio
  • Easy set-up
  • Long lamp-life; 6000 hours in ECO mode and 5000 hours in normal mode


  • No lens shift
  • Only 1 HDMI port

Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

Well designed projectors are very lightweight and compact, because people tend to want to transport them away from the home, to work, or further afield, for entertainment purposes while on vacation. The Epson 640 Home Cinema is 14.6 inches in length, by 14.3 inches of width and its height is 6.2 inches, with a 7.6 pound weight. At these measurements Epson have succeeded in making a projector, anyone can pick up, and take out with ease. The design is typical Epson, in that it’s very pleasing to look at, and while simple, it’s functional.


As with all Epson projector products the set-up is easy; you just plug in and adjust the image, because it’ll throw one up immediately. After the set-up, which I did in 5 minutes, I expanded the screen-size, to the maximum 300 inches, and put in a movie. I was checking for any distortions, like dark spots and rainbows. Rainbows are slight discolorations that appear in the corners of the screen of some projectors, at maximum screen size, or maximum zoom. I’m happy to report no rainbows appeared, and the picture was crisp and clear with tiny distortions once the zoom reached 100-1. This is pretty normal though, even on the best projectors, so no problems there. 

The 3200 lumens is a fair amount; there are some projectors with more, but there is no agreed upon assessment of what a lumen of brightness amounts to, and consequently, one manufacturer’s 3200 lumens can perform like another manufacturer’s 3000 lumens. So the best way to see how many lumens you have, is to keep the curtains open, and look at the picture. As luck would have it, this particular day was very bright, and so perfect for seeing how lumens perform. 3200 should be enough, for a clear image even on a sunny afternoon, and I was pleased with the lumen performance. The picture was clear.

One annoying thing about this projector is the 1 HDMI port. I would have liked to connect 2 HD devices to the 640, but that isn’t possible. For buyers using it for movies or video games this won’t prove a hindrance, but I have a lot of devices. Although I’m pleased to say there is a specific mode for games, and it performs well, with vibrant colours; the response time of the Epson 640 Home Cinema is also very good, and really takes games to the next level. This is thanks to Epsons 3 chip technology which is installed on the Epson 640 projector 

The absence of vertical image correction makes the adjustment of images a little harder than it should be at times, but I’d say the easy overall operation makes up for that. For example, there are four color modes owners can shift through at the touch of a button, for a radically different experience from one movie to the next. Really the only major downside of this projector is that its native resolution is not full HD 1080p, it’s 800×600 instead. If this is important to you, maybe this projector isn’t one you should buy, but the performance of the pixels is excellent. 

Final Verdict:

I can see that Epson tried to offer a medium priced projector with some advanced features, and largely they succeeded in this. I liked that the picture didn’t distort as the screen got larger; It may not have an HD 1080p native resolution, but some that do, distort in zoom and max screen size, so aren’t that good for cinema anyway. The lumens perform very well, it’s easy to operate, and game mode is amazing. The 10,000-1 contrast ratio assists Epson’s 3 chip technology in creating an experience you might expect with a higher priced projector. Well worth buying. 

Epson Home Cinema 640

Note the Epson 640 is no longer available as newer version Epson 660 now is.

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