Epson ES1000 Portable Projection Screen Review

epson es1000 portable projection screen review

The Epson ES1000 Projection screen is a light and easy-to-carry projector accessory that is designed to meet the multimedia presentation needs of modern professionals who are constantly on the move.

Main Features of the Epson ES1000:

The screen is based on an extremely lightweight and compact one-piece design and has an overall weight of 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms). When open, the projector measures 43.35 X 2.44 X 34.50 inches whereas when closed, the Epson Projection screen measures 4.25 X 2.44 X 34.50 inches. (W X D X H). It forms its own portable carrying case which measures 34.5 inches long and is equipped with a convenient handle.

The Epson Projection Screen is relatively easy to install and the entire procedure can be achieved quickly and it has the added benefit of having a small footprint and can be set up on virtually any tabletop surface.
The uniquely designed screen, which is based on a free-standing design has a native aspect ratio of 5:4 though it has an expandability feature that allows it to accommodate different aspect ratios. It can also be expanded to display in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio or widescreen letterbox 16:9 aspect ratio. The screen displays images and videos up to 50 inches diagonally.
The brilliant white screen material has a 0.9 gain factor thus ensuring even image intensity over a 180 degree viewing angle. This feature is especially useful when the screen is used in a conference room enabling the audience seated at different angles to be able to follow the on-screen presentation.
The Epson ES1000 projection screen is compatible with most multimedia projectors and comes with a manufacturer’s limited warranty period of one year.

The Good:

1. It is sturdily built.
2. The screen is compact, portable, and extremely lightweight. This coupled with the fact that it forms its own portable carrying case makes the Epson Screen a perfect presentation accessory for users who are constantly on the move.
3. It works with the most common multimedia and can be used in a domestic setting or in a business conference.
4. It’s one of a kind single-piece design that allows quick and easy setup. The screen folds up just as easily.
5. The Epson ES1000 screen material has superb reflective properties and its brilliant white color augments this feature.
6. The screen material has a gain factor of 0.9 which enables it to maintain brightness over the entire 180-degree view. This feature makes the screen the perfect option for conference rooms.
7. Its portability allows it to be easily stored in airline cabins or even the bus overhead storage bins when on the move.

The Bad:

1. The screen is only supported by rubber feet and its scissor support mechanism only works when fully extended as it lacks an intermediate locking position.
2. It has no height adjustment facility.

Bottom line:

The Epson ES1000 Projection screen is a great robust multimedia screen that is extremely lightweight and portable. It provides great value for money.

Epson ES1000 Ultra Portable Tabletop Projection Screen (V12H002S4Y)

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