Epson EX9200 Review – Underwhelming Wireless

epson ex9200 review

In the old days projectors used to display slides, but they have come a long way since then and it’s not an overstatement to say that everything has been leading up to modern projectors like the EX9200. Every feature of the EX9200 is of the highest quality and it suits a wide variety of uses, except the wireless, which ironically is meant to be its most important feature.


  • WUXGA resolution (1920-1200) offers 4.5 x SVGA resolution giving users full 1080p pure HD
  • Completely wireless (limited functionality): You can connect any device to this projector without wires including your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer
  • 3200 lumens of colour brightness and 3200 lumens of white brightness make HD quality images possible even in sunlight
  • Easy Image Alignment
  • 3 chip technology for clearer more amazing quality images
  • A massive 3x wider colour gamut than most other projectors
  • An industry best 10,000 hours of amp life in normal mode
  • Connect and charge: You can even display presentations, show photo’s or stream movies from a smartphone or tablet while your charging them.
  • Fast, easy set-up


  • A little loud when you first turn it on, but only for a very short time then it quiets down
  • Wireless is a bit underwhelming. You cannot use it to project videos. It can only to project documents/photos or ppt presentations.
  • Other than this, there are no other real con’s here. I even feel guilty about bringing up the brief noise, having seen the quality of the images.

Overall Impression

Size and Design

It is difficult to believe that a projector that does this much is also portable and easy to carry around, but Epson thought of that too. At only 16.1 inches in length by 14.2 inches in width, with a depth of 6.2 inches, the Epson EX9200 can be picked up and taken underneath the arm on any journey. And at only 9.4 pounds, it does not represent a heavy item to carry around. It looks pretty good too, not that anyone will really notice the design once they see the clarity of images produced.



These days it’s common for an individual to have more than one device and the sheer amount of wires involved in hooking them all up can make a room look messy. With the Epson EX9200 wires aren’t needed. Connect almost any device wirelessly and display pictures and data immediately.

It’s not built to be a home entertainment projector, but the Epson EX9200 performs better than most of them on the market. It performs better than most HDTV’s, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if people who buy this, decide to get rid of their TV set entirely. The kind of images you get from WUXGA Full HD 1080p resolution is so crisp, vivid and outstanding that you’ll notice things in films you’ve owned for years that you’ve never noticed before. Add on Epson’s 3 chip technology to this, and the colours become even more life-like and pronounced and detailed.

For business presentations, the EX9200 performs outstandingly. With 3200 lumens of colour brightness and 3200 lumens of white brightness, even in the bright sunlight on an afternoon in the office, all images will be displayed to complete perfection. You might wish to use an app on your phone to design a presentation containing pie charts and flow charts. The next day you could come into work, wirelessly connect your phone to the EX9200, and begin your presentation safe in the knowledge that even your smallest words and figures will be visible no matter what the weather was that day. You could even connect your phone through the USB connection and charge it while making the presentation. So if you ran down the power on your phone the night before, you’ll still be able to do your presentation.

If you have many engagements scheduled for a particular day, simply use the instant off switch to immediately power down the device, and go. With the carry-on case supplied free with each projector, it’s easy to take with you, and very light to carry.


Final Verdict

The image quality here is better than the vast majority of high-end ceiling-mounted business projectors, but the Epson EX9200 does not come at a high-end price. Considering the fact that you won’t need a TV set after buying this and you can also do presentations, display pictures, show charts and play games, all in glorious HD 1080p quality. This is a very reasonably priced system.

Epson Pro EX9220

Andrew Wyatt

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