Epson VS230 – A Low Budget Gem


Epson is one of the oldest and largest manufacturer’s of multimedia projectors in the world today. The Epson VS230, priced at around $350, is the cheapest Epson projector that your money can buy. Given the price and brand, the device is worth a closer look. The device is marketed as a low budget projector that is mainly suitable for a business setting. It has many nifty features that are mainly designed to cater to a corporate environment. For example, it allows for presentations via a USB device. One has convert a powerpoint presentation into picture files and then slide through the images. However, this does not mean that the projector is not good for home use. It boasts of powerful 2800 lumen LCD brightness which means that it can function well in slight to mid ambient light and can easily be used for watching movies or playing games.

EPSON VS230 Specifications:

3x Brighter Images: The Epson VS230 uses Epson’s trademark 3LCD technology which they claim can produce 3x brighter images than your average SVGA projector. Most buyers who have used this product swear by the higher brightness of this device which is instantly noticeable. 2800 lumens can be considered quite bright as the average lumen brightness in this range is about 2500 lumens.

HDMI and USB Plug n Play: This projector comes with Epson’s Simple Set-up Suite which makes setting up this projector a breeze. If you are using a USB to connect, then you can pretty much just plug in and play as there no additional setting required (except maybe a keystone adjustment). This makes it a suitable for users who have to give presentations on the go. Setting up the projector takes less than ten minutes, it’s basically plug and play. The USB connectivity makes things even simpler and allows for laptop free presentations.

Lamp Life: Epson promises a lamp life of 5000 hours in full-power mode or 6000 hours in power-saving (eco) mode. One of the best things about this device is that it costs only $99 to replace the lamp with a standard Epson VS230 lamp. This price is almost half of what you would pay for other projector lamps.



  • Laptop free presentations using just a USB stick.
  • Bright enough for lit rooms.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Easy set-up with auto vertical and horizontal image correction.


  • 6000 hours of lamp life (may projectors offer upto 10000 hours)
  • SVGA version not best for data/figures presentation. XGA version with higher resolution preferred.

Overall Impression:



Size and Design

It weighs 8 pounds with the product dimensions as 14.3 x 14.2 x 6.4 inches. The device is beautiful to look at and has a premium feel. The lens comes with a slide cover that protects it from dust and grime when not is use. The build-quality is superior and it remains on of the better looking projectors in the price range.




One word: BRIGHT! Also, the image projection has both color and white brightness. Having said that, the resolution on the device is only 800 x 600 which is high enough for most business presentations but can be problematic for some home users. As with most projectors, the speakers on the device do no produce the best quality sound. To get the most out of a movie or video,one has to set-up a separate sound device.




Like we mentioned in the beginning, Epson is a very reliable brand and this is one of their base products. The Epson VS230 will work best for first-time buyers for home and office use who are not looking to spend a lot of money. Although their are cheaper options available with no so reliable brands, the Epson VS230 is sturdy and solid for this price.

Final Verdict:

  • Is this a great device?
  • Can it serve as both a home and office projector?
  • Does it provide value for money?

The answer to all the above questions is a big fat YES! The Epson VS230 may not be a flagship state of the art multimedia projector, but it delivers well on what it promises and then does some more. It is second to none as a business projector in the sub $400 price range and functions reasonably well as a home projector. The higher resolution XGA version of this projector also features on our list of the best outdoor projectors you can buy. So if you are looking for a multi-functional projector with a low-ish budget, then the Epson VS230 may be the device for you.

Epson VS230

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