EUG X89 LED Review – Ideal For A Low Budget

EUG X89 LED Review

The EUG X89 LED is a projector that offers 3D support while featuring 1280 by 720p resolution, which is great for movies or your home’s entertainment. The projector is what many people would call an entry-level model, although it packs quite a punch in terms of its multiple features, and its affordable price. It appears to be a device designed to keep up with the major players in the projector market.

The EUG X89 served my gaming needs quite well. It featured 3D high contrasts in various scenes and bright images that were also sharper than other LED models that I had reviewed before. Moreover, its HD capability provided great picture quality, with images being more refined. Given its low price, and the host of features that the projector boasts, it is easy to see why one would recommend it to potential buyers.

EUG X89 LED Specifications:

LED functionality- the EUG X89 LED boasts wider color ranges and more saturated pictures. The LED also keeps motion blur to a bare minimum.

2600 Lumen lamp- this additional feature ensures brighter, crispier images regardless of the lighting in the room. The lamp is also expected to last up to 50,000 hours, implying several maintenance-free years.

HDMI/VGA ports and AV connectivity- by featuring multiple ports, the EUG enhances connectivity to different devices and offers HD quality images.



· Easy to install and use

· In-built Android system for better viewer experiences

· Long lamp life

· The two 5-watt speakers offer great sound quality


· Heavy projector for its size as compared to similar projectors

· Prone to overheating

· Users can only make minimal adjustments on the device

Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The EUG measures 37 x 28 x12cms (H x W x D) and weighs 9.9 pounds (3.5 kgs). The sheer weight of the projector makes it only suited for limited use as it cannot be moved around with ease as compared to other devices that are significantly lighter. However, provided you do not consider carrying it around a lot, it can serve as an ideal home theater.

However, its design features dual HDMI, which enhances its functionality. Moreover, its dual USB ports make the projector an idyllic device for multi-tasking. The TV port included at the back of the device facilitates connectivity with an external TV display for crispy videos and images. The EUG X89 LED build quality and power are sufficient for most home users’ needs.

4starsPerformance: The EUG X89 LED can be connected to multiple devices. For instance you can connect it to your gaming console, PCs through its VGA port, DVD, cable TV, android phone or even a set top box. This ensures that users have a varied application of the projector. Additionally, its 10-watt speaker offers an above average listening experience. Such acoustics (sound quality) are very useful, especially for buyers who do not have external speakers to hook up to the projector.

Based on a different EUG X89 LED review on Amazon, the X89 is a also a multi-faceted device, meaning it can serve your home’s entertainment needs, act as a teaching aid, and facilitate your conference or presentation needs. This makes the projector a very versatile tool meant to satisfy a user’s divergent needs.

The device’s 16:9 aspect ratio makes for clearer pictures while also supporting 3D images. The image display size is also impressive. maxing at about 100 inches. The projector also produces a low hum while on, implying that you would not have to contend with a noisy projector in the EUG X89. This makes for an unobstructed viewing experience. While the device does get warm owing to continued use, it’s not a concern that would be too worrisome as it easily cools down once it’s turned off.

Moreover, the 5000: 1 contrast ratio makes the projector’s images impressively bright and vivid. When compared to a high definition TV, the picture quality is of equal, if not better quality. However, for better image quality, it’s advisable to adopt moderate lighting, which might imply having to draw your curtains. This is because brighter surroundings seem to wash out the images, thus impairing the quality of the view.

Nonetheless, the projector is quite heavy for its size. People who are constantly travelling from one city to another may have a difficult time carrying the 3.5kg projector on their trips. This is somewhat limiting as it can only be used at home or office without requiring constant mobility. This constraint may dissuade some shoppers from going for the EUG X89.

5stars-300x53Price: At around $400 a unit, the EUG X89 offers surprisingly great value. One would expect that for a device at such a price, the manufacturer would cut corners to make up for the low pricing. This is not the case, as the EUG X89 LED review has shown- it is a robust projector offering great image and video quality. If you are on a budget but still need to invest in a projector, the X89 LED would be a good model to include in your shopping list.

Final Verdict:

Packed with a host of unique features, the EUG X89 might just give the big players in the projector market a run for their money. Infact, we like this projector so much that we have included it into our list of the best LED projectors. We also intend to review more EUG projectors in the future. Aside from the relatively unknown brand and lack of portability, the X89 is a nifty little addition to the current array of available projectors and if you are willing to give a new-ish manufacturer a shot, the EUG X89 might be worth your consideration.

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