Exercises to Get Your Heart Pumping While You’re Stuck at Home


Exercises to Get Your Heart Pumping While You're Stuck at Home

Being stuck in lockdown makes it difficult for lots of people to get the same level of exercise that they normally do. However, in spite of the added difficulty, it is still possible to give your heart a good workout while stuck at home. Here are some exercises that you can still do while locked inside.


Push-ups or one of the best exercises to do while you are stuck at home because they don’t require any special training or equipment. Anyone can utilize push-ups in order to stay in shape and build their chest muscles. Not only will you find push-ups a useful strength-building exercise, but they are also an effective cardio workout, especially once you are able to do more of them in a single session.

If you aren’t used to doing push-ups, start slowly. Trying to do too many during your first session will only lead to some intense muscle soreness the next day. Once you have built up your strength a bit and are able to reliably complete a number of push-ups, you can up the difficulty by investing in a weight vest.

Golf Practice

For people who play sports as their primary form of exercise, the current lockdown presents a serious challenge. With most sports, it is difficult or impossible to train or practice while stuck indoors. However, there are exceptions to this rule and there are some sports that you can continue to practice while in lockdown.

One of the most obvious exceptions to this rule is golf. Anyone looking to practice their golf game in lockdown might want to consider investing in a golfing simulator like one of these from SkyTrak. These simulators provide a realistic alternative to traditional golf and can be a powerful training tool for any aspiring golfer, even during the lockdown.

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Dumbbell Exercises

The dumbbell is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment out there. When most people think of the dumbbell, they instantly think of the bicep curl – the standard weight-training exercise. But this is just one of many exercises that you can do with a dumbbell – there’s a whole world of strength and muscle building dumbbell exercises for you to explore while in lockdown.

A common misconception about dumbbells is that they are only useful for exercising the arms. In fact, they can be a very useful tool for anyone who is trying to build out their leg muscles. The dumbbell squat is one of the most effective leg exercises out there and is a fantastic compound workout. In order to do a dumbbell squat, you simply need to do a standard squat while holding a dumbbell. The added weight will require your body to work harder and can, therefore, enable you to make more gains.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks, sometimes known as star jumps, are one of the best-known exercises that don’t require any additional training or equipment to do properly. Jumping jacks form a core component of many HIIT and cardio workout routines. Not only are jumping jacks easy to do without any equipment, but they also require relatively little room. This is an exercise that just about everyone should be able to do, even if their accommodation is the size of the average closet.

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that you can’t keep working out and keep your heart pumping. No single exercise is going to be able to hit all of the most important muscles in your body at once, especially if you don’t have any home gym equipment to utilize. However, by combining the exercises outlined above together you can easily give your body a proper cardiovascular workout while stuck at home.

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