Fastfox GM60 Review

Fastfox GM60 ReviewSelecting the best projector can be one of the trickiest things in life especially when we consider several brands on the market. One of the leading projectors that you should consider next time you need one for the classroom or home theater is Fastfox GM60 multimedia mini led projector 800×480 100 lumen. You can also use the device for family games, teaching your children or the classroom for project presentations and lectures among other functions. Before we compare it to any other brand on the market, let us look at its pros, cons and description.

Pros of the product

The low power consumption of the devices makes it energy saving

The high quality LED bulbs that come with the projector makes it durable

Allows for three projection methods namely rear, front and ceiling The projector requires virtually zero maintenance

It is ideal for both tabletop as well as ceiling mounting.

It features a long lamp fire that can operate up to 30000 hours

The device can project for a distance of 1-4 meters.

The keystone features allows you to correct the pictures of the projector

The 100 lumens can shine in any setting because the device uses fewer watts than any other projectors on the market. The gadget is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create a home theater.

Cons of the product

The device has a persistent watermark reading the word UNIC on its top right corner every time you are using it.


Product description

The 100% brand new as well as high quality device has a relatively long lifetime estimated up to 30000 hours. It supports up to 23 different languages including German, English, French, Spanish, and Japanese among others. In addition, it allows for keystone correction as well as changing from the 4:3 and 16:9 depending on your preference and occasion. When using the projector, you can use the manual focus adjustment to have a picture from 1.07- 3.8 meters and the projection screen size is 34-130 inches. With the projector, you can watch movies and games with friends and family with any hassle. You can connect this projector to a laptop, PC. TV set top box or any other devices with USB. For the input, the device supports HDMI, 2X USB, audio input, built in speakers, AV and VGA.

Once you place an order for the product, you will receive a package that comes with a power adapter, user manual, remote control and projector.

Price of the projector

The Fastfox GM60 multimedia mini led projector 800×480 100 lumen is one of the most affordable and efficient projectors that you will find on the market. You can confirm, with some of the online dealers for the best prices before ordering one.

In conclusion, Fastfox GM60 multimedia mini led projector 800×480 100 lumen is simply the best projector one the market. The device is energy saving, it comes with high quality LED lights and allows you to correct the pictures. You can use the gadget during a number of occasions including playing family video games, at the classroom for lectures or project presentations among others. You should not spend hours wondering where you can find the projector because a number of online store stock the product. Alternatively, you can check with some of the local electronic shops within your reach.

Ezapor GM60 Multimedia Mini LED Projector

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