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A Deep Dive Into The Garmin Fenix 2

Thank you for visiting our short review of the Garmin Fenix 2 Outdoor GPS sports watch by Tristan Haskins aka CardioCritic.

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Key Features of the Fenix 2

  • Comprehensive, fully featured GPS ABC sports watch for fitness training and navigating
  • Optimised displays for different activities including cycling, climbing, running, skiing and swimming
  • Incorporates Garmin’s fast fix GPS for rapid location detection
  • ABC Watch – Altitude via a Barometric altimeter sensor. 3-axis digital Compass with auto calibration
  • Up to 50 hours use in GPS mode from a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With GPS turned OFF up to 5 weeks in time of day watch mode
  • Share tracks, waypoints, routes, and more via wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity .
  • Connect with other Garmin devices and upload your training data to Garmin Connect straight from smartphone

  • Closest Alternative

    The closest alternative ABC watch with GPS and heart rate with a true bias towards outdoor adventure and sport is the Sunnto Ambit 3 Peak. Although replaced by the full colour, touchscreen display of the Suunto Spartan Ultra, the Ambit3 Peak is still highly recommended (comment Jan 2017)

    GPS Sports Watch for Athletes and Outdoor Adventurers

    • High-sensitivity GPS positioning with fast GPS fix
    • Barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass with auto calibration
    • Intuitive user interface optimised for an array of activities
    • Advanced fitness features including Recovery Advisor, Running Dynamics and Race Predictor¹
    • Comprehensive Multisport support for running, swimming, cycling and more
    • Fully connected to optional sensors via ANT+ and your smartphone for LiveTrack² and Smart Notification³

    Combining the best features of Garmin fitness and outdoor watches, the fēnix 2 is the ideal Multisport training partner and outdoor navigator.

    Whether running, cycling, mountaineering, skiing or swimming, the fēnix 2 lets you easily switch between feature sets which are optimised for each activity.

    Switch from advanced fitness features – like a race against your Virtual Partner® and the recovery advisor after your training – to reliable navigation back home with TracBack®.

    You can also ensure you stay in touch via LiveTrack² and Smart Notification³, even while you’re out testing your mettle.

    For the Casual Runner and the Demanding Trail Runner

    fēnix 2 provides a comprehensive feature set for runners with pace, time, distance, interval training options, autolap and many more . To address the specific needs of trail runners, fēnix 2 provides a dedicated profile which shows additional data such as ascent, performance and vertical speed. All available profiles can be fully customised to suit the personal needs of the athletes.

    Support Multisport Athletes

    The fēnix 2 supports multisport athletes in all their disciplines and training environments. During open water and indoor swimming, the fēnix 2 tracks stroke count, intervals, distance, pace and more. During cycling the fēnix 2 provides detailed information on your performance and tracks cadence and power from optional sensors to complete your performance metrics.

    Advanced Fitness Metrics

    fēnix 2 is packed with cutting edge training features from Garmin, when used with a HRM-Run monitor it can give you stats about your form and fitness. The first is VO2 Max which gives you an estimation of your actual fitness based on your performance and various values of your heart rate. Track changes to your VO2 max to see your fitness gains and to compare with your peers. The fēnix 2 is even able to make a prediction on your race time based on your VO2 Max value. After your training the recovery advisor tells you how much time you need to recover from your last activity.¹

    Running Dynamics Features

    fēnix 2 incorporates sophisticated sensor feedback on your running form to provide multiple advanced running metrics. When used with the HRM-Run monitor¹, fēnix 2 reports your cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. These metrics are called running dynamics, and they show your running efficiency. Knowing about your running dynamics can help you to improve your efficiency over time.

    Have a great day Skiing

    fēnix 2 tracks your skiing and snowboarding performance the smart way. It automatically counts your runs and detects speed, distance and vertical drop so you get separate data for individual run statistics. Once you get onto the ski lift and up the mountain it presents you with the data from your last run so you can compare your actual data with former runs or your days performance. With the included fabric wrist strap you can even wear your fēnix 2 over your jacket. fēnix 2 also has a dedicated cross country skiing mode and you can use your fēnix 2 as a glove-friendly remote for the VIRB™ and VIRB™ Elite action cameras.

    Navigate Your Way

    fēnix 2 is the only watch that offers you the full package of navigation features by Garmin – The world’s most trusted name in navigation. fēnix 2 not only tracks where you’ve been, but it can also guide you into the wilderness and more importantly guide you back out again so you can feel 100% confident and safe with every step you take. It records a track log, creating a GPS “bread crumb trail” as you move. It also allows you to mark waypoints, such as your vehicle location, safe shelter, great viewpoints and other POIs (points of interest). With fēnix 2, you can create and follow routes, mark up to 1,000 waypoints and store up to 10,000 track points. You can even create your trip data on BaseCamp™, the free desktop trip-planning software from Garmin. Plan your trip at home, download the data to fēnix 2 and follow the navigation arrow to waypoints or the clearly visible route line to your destination. At the end of the day use TracBack™ to show you the safe way home.

    Stay Connected

    Share your great outdoor experience instantly, just connect your fēnix 2 to your smartphone and share your position with your family and friends through LiveTrack² and Garmin Connect™ 2.0. Smart Notification allows you to wirelessly receive email, texts and alerts from your compatible iPhone®. Stay fully connected while you keep your precious phone stored safely in your backpack.

    Altimeter, Barometer and Compass

    fēnix 2 is equipped with a highly sensitive barometric altimeter and compass which get automatically calibrated using its GPS receiver to pr ovide most accurate data. The built-in barometric altimeter provides elevation data to accurately monitor ascent and descent, while the barometer can be used to predict weather changes by showing short-term trends in air pressure. The 3-axis electronic compass keeps your bearing whether you’re moving or not. For precise ambient temperature reading, pair it with our optional wireless Tempe™ temperature sensor.

    Built to Endure the Roughest Conditions

    fēnix 2 combines a steel reinforced thermoplastic housing to help it survive shocks with a protective curved mineral glass lens to resist scratching. It boasts a crisp LCD display with a red LED backlight and a robust polyurethane wristband. An alternate fabric wrist strap (with hook-and-loop fastener) is also included with your fēnix 2 so you can strap it on top of a heavy jacket. fēnix 2 has a water rating of 5 ATM (50 meters) and has a battery life of up to 50 hours in GPS mode (depending on settings) and up to 5 weeks in watch mode.

    Wristwatch Convenience

    Rugged and attractive, the fēnix 2 is also a highly accurate timepiece that can be worn every day. It includes settings for alarms, chimes and vibration alerts. It also functions as a timer, stopwatch and world clock. But above all it’s the ultimate statement for your sporting performance and outdoor lifestyle.

    Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt from Texas has been the best-selling author in 2014. He was the most appreciated writer in 2015. Different organizations have honored him with different awards and memberships as well. He is a tech shop owner and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering.

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