Polar FT4 Review

Polar FT4 Review – A Successful Fitness Watch?

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A Deep Dive Into Polar FT4

Thank you for looking at our review of the Polar FT4 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor, tested and reviewed by Tristan Haskins. Please note, the Polar FT4 is in the process of being obsoleted from the current Polar Fitness products range. It’s been around for many years and has proven to be a hugely successful fitness watch.

Times have changed and we’d now recommend either the Polar A300 or the Polar H7 heart rate sensor paired with your iPhone / Android smartphone running the Polar Beat APP. HOWEVER, it still remains an easy to use, self contained, highly accurate heart rate watch for those looking for a more traditional solution …

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So you want to train within a specific heart rate zone – you want to keep a track of calories burnt and you want a unit you can wear throughout the day as a normal time of day watch ?

Then the FT4 heart rate monitor could well be what you need. It has the essential HR zone, to train at the most suitable intensity – PLUS, it gives accurate calories burnt information, based on age, sex, weight and HR.

Polar started selling heart rate monitors in 1976. CardioCritic have reviewed the majority of Polar heart rate monitor watches & fitness trackers – using them for the first time in 1996

Post session review provides time spent in zone, average HR and calories burnt. For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple. Just grab it with you, put on the comfortable textile transmitter, and Polar FT4 tells if you’re improving your fitness.

Main Features and Functions

Just like the FT1 before, the Polar FT4 does nothing it shouldn’t and everything it should. If all you need is a great looking HRM with heart rate zone control and calories burnt feedback, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

The FT4 has one big advantage over the FT1…. it comes with the Polar Wearlink HRM strap. The Wearlink is slightly more comfortable than the T31 coded, plus it has SELF CHANGE batteries. Just screw the back off, watch unit or chest transmitter, and pop in a new lithium coincell (about £2) and you’re good for another 18 months.

  • Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
  • Displays calories burned
  • Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
  • All self change batteries

Replacement Models

From the new line up of Polar Fitness models we’d recommend either the Polar A300 with activity tracker, Heart Rate and smartphone connectivity, or, simply pair the Polar H7 HR sensor belt to your smartphone and make use of the Polar Beat APP.

  • Polar A300
  • Polar H7

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Next Model UP

This range is pretty much all but obsolete. The next model up was the FT7 which includes all the features of the FT4 with the addition of a ENERGY CONTROL pointer.

This nifty feature tells you if you are FAT BURNING or IMPROVING FITNESS. If you are working at approximately 50-65% of your MaxHR it will show FAT BURNING… once you push beyond that the FT7 will tell you that you are IMPROVING FITNESS.

The other difference is that you can send your training data to Polar’s webservice. The Polar FT7 can communicate with the PolarPersonalTrainer.com service via a Polar FlowLink device (USB data transfer module available as an optional extra)

Next Model DOWN

The next model down is the Polar FT1. The FT1 does NOT have a self change battery in the watch, neither does it come with the slightly more comfortable Polar Wearlink strap. However… if you don’t want calories and can live with this unit for the next 2 years… the FT1 is GREAT VALUE

Review Summary

Nothing. It does precisely what it was designed to do to meet the requirement of the customer it was designed for at a great price.

Looking for something different? Find out if the Polar M600 is worth the buy here! 

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