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A Deep Dive Into Omron ECG HCG 801

As with all home use medical equipment, the Omron HCG810 portable ECG monitor is not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis. This Omron HCG810 has been reviewed by CardioCritic.

It must not be used if you are fitted with a heart pacemaker.

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Main Features and Functions

  • Portable and compact
  • The ECG analysis provides information on heart rate, rhythm and the ECG waveform
  • 30 seconds measurement
  • Direct review of results on clearly readable, high resolution screen with backlight
  • Cordless (no need to wear electrodes, no difficulties with cables)
  • Very user-friendly, PC download through SD memory for 300, date and time stamped, measurements
  • Includes internal analysis software (13 analysis codes) to show the results directly to the user
  • OPTIONAL: ECG Viewer Software and cardreader

ECG Monitoring from Your Pocket

Heart problems don’t normally happen when expected or planned. They can occur anywhere, anytime and the chances are your doctor won’t be around. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a reading of your cardiac episode that you could show to the GP.  

Such a reading, from an accurate and medically certified device, could assist them to diagnose serious problems and help to prescribe and monitor optimal medication levels. Unfortunately, carrying around a large ECG monitor is not an option.

Even if they were lighter and smaller, they’re slow to set up and very complicated.  The solution would be a pocket sized, medically accurate, portable ECG machine. Thankfully, OMRON has the solution > The Omron HCG-801 portable ECG monitor.

Looking for a Blood Pressure Monitor

Something we get asked about every day is whether these devices can also measure blood pressure. No, they can’t.

These ECG devices monitor the electrical activity around the heart. A blood pressure monitor measures the diastolic and systolic blood pressure while the heart pumps and rests. We have a selection of some of the most popular blood pressure monitors here.


With the OMRON Portable ECG Monitor HCG-801, a recording of about 30 seconds can be made when symptoms occur whether at home or away. These recordings can then be shown to the doctor, who can examine and use the information to assist in correct diagnosis of symptoms.

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Andrew Wyatt

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