iHealth Air Wireless Review

iHealth Air Wireless Review

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  • Spotty connectivity and inability to record continuous data may not justify the price tag.
  • There are some issues with the unit’s Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Has many standard features for users who want to spot check health vitals.
  • Battery life lasts between 2-3 weeks per recharge.

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A Deep Dive Into The iHealth Air Wireless 

Want a more in-depth view of your health stats? You can use activity trackers and fitness bracelets. But they can only do so much.

If you want a better view of your health like the oxygen levels in your blood, you may need something more. The iHealth Air Wireless device is a great way to spot check your pulse and oxygen levels before and after a workout.

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This product is for anyone who wants to monitor their SpO2 and pulse rate. However, the device is really meant for spot checks. So even the recording factor doesn’t support continuous sessions. Nor would it be a good fit for anyone who wants to monitor vitals while they sleep.

But people who want to supplement their existing health management at home may benefit from this. Unfortunately, some users found this device to be very inaccurate. While others claimed it was very accurate in comparison to their doctor’s office.

The discrepanciesin accuracy may be due to user error or quality control, but there’s no way to know for sure.

What Is It?

The brand iHealth has a line of user-friendly products that make it easy for the average consumer to take an active role in their health management. Many of the products are also FDA and clinically approved.

What’s Included?

So, what’s in the box? The answer is everything you need to get started. Aside from the wireless pulse oximeter, you also receive a USB cable for charging the built-in rechargeable batteries. You also receive a lanyard to keep the oximeter close at hand.

Don’t know how to work the unit? Or maybe you just want to get started as soon as you can? The device comes with both a standard user manual and a Quick Start guide.

Overview of Features

This unit is packed with visual features. Simply pair it with your smartphone and use the app to see visual representations of your information like the plethysmograph for your heartbeat. It also calculates a perfusion index that is a numerical visual of your pulse strength.

In addition, log onto the iHealth Myvitals app to see your SpO2 and pulse rate data. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. But there is no corresponding desktop app to manage device data.

Unfortunately, the app’s logbook doesn’t support long continuous sessions. So, the recordings will only reflect snapshots for the day. And the data update period is up to 15 seconds long.

What this means for you is that if you have the device on for 30-minutes at a time, the app will record one estimated point for the entire time. So, it won’t record the entire 30-minute session.

When you first use the device, it will record one point of data. It doesn’t support continuous recordings, so it won’t track how your readings may change by the second or minute over the course of that 30-minute session.So, it can record multiple spot check sessions, but it lacks the ability to support one continuous one.

Despite potential problems with the app, the LED display is very simple and sharp. It only gives the relevant readings as it measures them.So,you don’t have extra information to wade through.

However, if you want more in-depth information, you may need to look to the app. It’s also not a backlit LED display, so some people may find it difficult to read it in certain lighting.

Review Summary

Finally, this is a great device for spot checks. And being able to use an app in conjunction with it is also a plus that not many other devices offer. However, there is a bit of a problem in the execution of the unit.

The readings are not always reliable or accurate. And while that may be okay for casual use, anyone who wants to use it for serious monitoring may be in for some problems.

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