iRULU Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector Review

iRULU Portable Multimedia 2600 Lumens Mini LED Projector with VGA USB SD AV HDMI for Home Cinema Theater, Child Games or Business Presentations and Meetings Black
In the modern projection market, consumers tend to have two choices: heavier units with versatility, multiple connections and advanced features, or smaller more compact units, with less features, that you can more easily carry around. iRULU have tried to come up with something inbetween. That is, a projector with some great features, but also one that can be transported with ease. I wrote this iRULU Portable Multimedia 2600 Lumens Mini LED Projector Review, to let buyers know whether or not they succeeded.


  • 3 high speed color wheels
  • 20,000 hour lamp-life (one of the highest around)
  • Stereo Sound with built-in speakers
  • Maximum resolution 1080p
  • Streams from mobile devices
  • Very easy set-up
  • Extremely portable


  • Screen size beyond 130 inches produces distortions


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

The measurements of iRULU Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector are 10.2 inches in length, by 3.7 inches of width, and its depth is 3.9 inches, so its not the lightest projector on the market but its definitely in the top 10%. The weight is 4.8 pounds out of the box, and including the box it weighs 6.2 pounds, so buyers will be able to easily move this between rooms, and transport it to other places like work or friends houses. The design, is a simple oblong shape, with curved edges and a large vent at the front. It’ll look good in any dining room or office.


There’s hardly a set-up here at all to speak of, with the process being basically to turn it on, and go. When set-up is complete you’ll see you have a screen size of up to 200 inches. I would urge buyers to keep the screen size at 130 inches or below, otherwise some distortions will occur, although it should be pointed out, that 130 inches is larger than most projectors with this amount of portability. So, it’s a pretty good deal.

The native resolution is 800×480, which is not HD, but its close, and the iRULU Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector has a maximum resolution of 1080p. This means it is capable of showing 1080p full HD pictures, when connected to an HD device like a Blu-ray player. In practise, this will amount to slightly less than 1080p HD quality, because without going into jargon, a projector with 800×480 native resolution, will not translate the signal fast enough for perfect 1080p. It should however be said that close to 1080p, on a portable projector with a 130 inch screen size, is incredibly good. 

The iRULU Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector is 2600 lumens, which means you should not try to view in bright sunlight, so if you’re in the office, close the blinds. Generally, for viewing in sunlight, you need a projector with 3000-3200 lumens, and a good lumen performance level, so if you have an aversion to dimly lit rooms, these are the projectors you need. 2600 lumens is still ok though, and you’ll be able to see the excellent quality images this projector produces, on cloudy days, and in the early evening. 

You’ll be glad to know that the iRULU Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector has 2 HDMI connections, which surprisingly is not the standard in the industry. Lots of projectors still have only one, which is not acceptable in the modern age, when people often have more than one external device. Speaking of external devices, the iRULU also streams from tablets, laptops and phones, which makes watching movies and doing office presentations easier. 

The iRULU Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector has 3 color wheels but I won’t bore you with the technical explanation of these, except to say they serve to speed up and enhance the way the projector produces colors on screen. So, you can expect bright, vibrant, crisp colors at all times. Another major plus point are the speakers; the iRULU has stereo sound that performs well, so unusually for me in a review, I’m not going to recommend buyers purchase speakers to go with this projector.

Final Verdict:

The iRULU Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector comes at a very reasonable price for a practically 1080P HD device, which provides stereo sound. It also has 2 HDMI connections, and a 130 inch screen size, without distortions. The 2600 lumens is not as good as some porjectors which offer 3200, but it’ll allow you to view without closing curtains, on all but bright days. The portability is there, and streaming is fast. A great little projector. 

iRULU Video Projector

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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