LG PB63U Review – Replace Your Old TV

lg pb63u review

Many projector brands and models in the market today offer customers with varied options. The pricing also tends to vary based on the manufacturer and the specifications in each projector. The LG pb63u features some neat specifications that make it an ideal addition to your entertainment needs or as a teaching aid.

As a starting point, the LG pb63u was quite impressive in terms of its performance. I can attest to a better experience than I’ve had with other brands. For instance, when watching a movie, the picture quality was bright and appealing, although one would need to draw the blinds, which would darken the room, thereby making for a better viewing experience. LG is a household name in the manufacture of led-projectors, and the build quality on the pb63u highlighted this fact. My LG pb63u Review also confirmed the same. Here’s a look at some of the qualities that really stood out:

LG PB63U Specifications:

Inbuilt TV tuner- this makes for a great value addition, meaning your projector doubles as a TV. Moreover, it ensures viewers of a convenient way to watch their favorite content on one device, while also enjoying brilliant imagery.

LED lamp- this light source is also a worthwhile addition as it facilitates greater picture quality while minimizing the appearance of blurry images. Led lamps are also known for their long life, meaning it will be a while before you have to replace the lamp on the pb63u. The LG pb63u is arguable the best in its class. Expect upwards of 30,000 hours out of this projector. That’s enough to last you up to 40 years, assuming that your daily usage is about 2 hours.

Multiple connectivity- the pb63u also boasts of a VGA, USB port and HDMI. The HDMI provides a great user experience that eliminates the need for multiple connecting cables. It enables users to connect various devices like a laptop, an Xbox or other gadgets. With a thumb drive connected to the USB port, you can also view your photos on the device.



  • Long lamp life
  • Light in weight at only 1 pound.
  • Excellent image quality
  • Hassle-free set up process



  • No zoom function-this makes it somewhat difficult to adjust the project to the size of the viewing screen.
  • The 1 watt inbuilt speakers are barely audible.
  • The focus tends to shift, meaning you have to keep refocusing the projector.


Overall Impression:

5stars-300x53Size and Design: The LG pb63u measures 6.2 x 1.3 x 4.1 inches, making it very slim and portable. This quality is also enhanced by the projector’s compact design and lightweight feature (at barely 1pound) meaning it can make do with a lot of carrying around. Additionally, its wireless capabilities also means you can connect other devices to the projector at ease without the need for bothersome wires. In fact, a head to head comparison between the LG pb63u and other products in its class, such as the Optoma ml550 reveals the pb63u as a clear winner in terms of functionality(sharper images) and features. For instance, its TV tuner, and WIFI capabilities incorporated into its design, put the pb63u far ahead of rival projectors.

Interestingly, the projector comes in a trendy and handy carry case that can pass for a purse. Therefore, LG makes a unique fashion statement with this accessory.

Overall, this projector is truly tailored to convert your home into a mini-theater. It’s 100 inch display size provides acres of viewing space that users can maximize, especially when making presentations of viewing images or motion pictures.

5stars-300x53Performance: The projector’s 720p resolution provided a crisp(bright and clear) images, a feature that was also enhanced by its 1280×800 resolution. This implies that even if you have to use the projector in a room that is not well lit, you can still experience incredible picture quality. Its 500-lumen lamp also enhances the viewing experience. In fact, even if your are making a presentation on a tanned wall(which may not be very ideal), the picture quality is still great. An LG pb63u review on Amazon indicates that some people are so impressed with the picture quality that they end up buying more than one projector to gift their friends.

Furthermore, the pb63u can be used in rooms that vary in size. For instance, it can be used as a presentation tool in small offices, or as a teaching aid for bigger rooms. Better still, the auto keystone feature on the projector adjusted the image quality and minimized discoloring when it was tilted at an angle- the appearance of reddish or bluish color on the screen.

A few drawbacks of the projector included the change in focus on the projector, necessitating periodic refocusing to keep the projector in line. Additionally, the 1w speakers did not make for much in terms of an audio experience, but hey, they sure beat having no sound at all. Better still, you can simply connect some external speakers and you will be just fine. Occasionally, the fan may run loud, especially when you use the projector for a couple of hours. However, if you happen to connect it to external speakers, they will drown out the fan noise and keep you from being distracted. Other than that, it functioned as required.


At around $550 on Amazon, the LG pb63u offers a great deal that few competing offers can match. When you combine such pricing and low energy costs, the LG pb63u stands out as a unique and valuable addition to your presentation at work or viewing needs at home.

Final Verdict:

The LG PB63U enjoys positive reviews from most of its users, although the low brightness remains a concern (blame it on the LED lamp). We won’t recommend using this projector in areas with a lot of ambient light, but if you intend to use this projector indoors (classrooms, bedrooms, small conference rooms etc.) then buying this device makes a lot of sense. Owing to its 30000 hours of lamp life, the projector features on our list of the best LED projectors below $1000. So, rather than go for a 60 inch plasma TV that would be very pricy, how about an alternative in the pb63u that provides equal or even better value at a lower price?

LG Electronics PB63U

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