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A Deep Dive Into Polar Loop

Thank you for visiting our review of the Polar Loop Activity Tracker / Fitness monitor. This latest product from Polar is the ideal entry to a new you. Great looks, discrete, easy to use, wireless connection to your Smartphone and most of all – HIGHLY MOTIVATING. The Polar Loop  activity tracker has been reviewed by Tristan Haskins aka CardioCritic

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There are very few people who wouldn’t benefit from wearing a product like the Polar Loop. It’s a smart looking, well made, discrete yet fashionable activity monitor. It can be worn 24/7 to help give you feedback on how active you have been throughout the day and also give feedback on the quality of your sleep. It does all this by utilising the clever accelerometers inside the wrist band. These sensitive little monitors know precisely when you’re sitting still, lying down, walking, running or sleeping. Your daily activity is wireless uploaded to a compatible smartphone like iPhone 6 or Sony Xperia (Android).

So.. who’s it for? It’s for anyone who wants to make sure they are not sitting to long. Anyone who feels that they might benefit from a subtle reminder now and then that they haven’t moved for over an hour. Anyone who might be motivated to see how little, or how much time they have spent lying, sitting, standing, walking and exercising every day. I sit for over 9 hours most days. The Polar Loop really did motivate me to get up form my desk, walk down the stairs of the office and just walk 5 minutes around the block… less time than it would take a smoker to suck on a cigarette. Who’s the Polar Loop for? EVERYONE !

Polar Loop Activity monitor with Smartphone connectivity

Polar started selling heart rate monitors in 1976. CardioCritic have tested & reviewed  most of the Polar heart rate monitors & fitness trackers released since 1996

Polar Specification from the Manufacturer

  • Polar Loop Activity trackerActivity Tracker with Smart Guidance
  • Activity and sleep tracker for anyone who wants to track their activity 24/7 and get guidance to reach activity goals.
  • Activity Guide helps you stay active all day long
  • Activity Benefit gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity
  • Displays daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day
  • Free guidance with the Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web service
  • Compatible with Polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors
  • Waterproof
  • Measures your activity even when swimming (without heart rate)
  • Track your total calorie intake and expenditure by connecting with MyFitnessPal app

Main Features and Functions

The Polar Loop is a well designed activity tracker in a market that has recently been flooded with competitive products like the Garmin Vivofit and Epson Pulsense. Before the Loop was released Polar had the luxury of testing and reviewing some of the activity tracking innovators like the Jawbone.

It is only natural that Polar have taken all the positive features of the FitBit and Jawbone and added their own unique fitness monitoring functions.

The fact that the Loop supports Bluetooth Heart Rate monitoring from an optional Polar H7 HR belt is useful as this guarantees that the calories burnt data is personal and representative of the effort put in throughout an activity.

  • Polar EnergyPointer – Gives you clear guidance on how to get into shape faster
  • Polar OwnCal® – Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.
  • Waterproof – Suitable for swimming. The loop is water resistant up to WR20.
  • Activity Guide – Helps you stay active all day long.
  • Activity Benefit – Gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity.

More Features


Body Measurement Features

Features Accessible from the Polar Flow App and Web service

Polar Flow App Details

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Top Alternatives

Next Model UP

The next model up from the Loop is the Polar A300. The A300 is another product in the wearable technology revolution coming from the Finnish fitness experts. The A300 is a more traditional “watch like” wrist unit with the added benefit of a daily alarm (vibration only) and interchangeable wrist bands to colour code your fitness monitor with your apparel and your mood. 

Alternative Products

The Loop is Polar’s entry level product in to the world of wearable activity trackers. There is no cheaper / less functional version of activity tracker available from Polar. If you are specifically after an activity tracker then the Loop is the one, unless you wish to look at other trackers from different brands like the Fitbit Flex 2 or Fitbit Altaor from Garmin the Vivofit 2 or Vivofit 3

  • Garmin Vivofit 2
  • Garmin Vivofit 3
  • Fitbit Flex 2
  • Fitbit Alta

An alternative approach to Fitness Tracking

In Feb 2017 Mio released their innovative Mio Slice. The Slice is the world’s first activity tracker to include PAI, that’s Personal Activity Intelligence. Rather than “just” count steps, the Mio Slice is looking for elevated heart rate at regular periods throughout the day.

As with all Mio’s products it features WRIST BASED heart rate. If you are looking for a motivational, innovative, stylish, water resistant fitness tracker that really does CHALLENGE you, take a look at the world’s first PAI powered fitness band – the Mio Slice.

  • Mio Slice the world’s first fitness band with PAI score


I think the one thing that does scare customers is the fact that the strap needs to be CUT to fit your wrist. This is fine if you have a stable weight… but it could be an issue if you are on a weight loss campaign as your wrists are certainly an area which will change radically as you drop the kgs. However, assuming you only LOOSE weight the self cut strap shouldn’t be an issue… just trim it down to the next marker… but if you PUT ON WEIGHT ??

The only slightly annoying issue I had with the Loop was it’s inability to constantly display time of day. It would be nice if there was a button sequence that could be pressed to LOCK the display ON. This would be useful when you need to keep track of the time, but don’t want to have to press the buttons every time one wants to check the time of day…..

If you're looking for something completely different, read about the Polar A370 here.

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